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Grand Theft Auto Vice City - Cheat Codes (PC). This list compiled by Christian Jahnsen, September Cheat Code. Effect. Player cheats. THUGSTOOLS. All . 6 days ago Like all other Grand Theft Auto games, GTA Vice City includes optional cheat codes with which players can either make the game easier or. Grand Theft Auto Vice City - PC Cheats. To make these codes work in game type the code in block capitals whilst playing. Weapons Health, Armour & Police. All.

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Gta Vice City All Cheat Code Pdf

Dec 10, full list of cheat codes work with gta vice city,Grand Theft Auto pc games. Download for free and enjoy. cheat and code work on vice city of gta. Welcome to my Featured Guide for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Here you will find guides to all the balloon locations, rampages, unique jumps & bonus missions, including screenshots of all the areas. I've included checklists in pdf format, to help you keep track of your progress in the game. CHEAT CODES. Cheat Codes of Gta Vice city by Indrajeet - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File All traffic lights green greenlight All cars are faster gettherefast.

Glitches Bike Morphing There is a glitch in the game that makes it possible to ''morph'' with a bike. When this glitch has been done, it is impossible to get hit off your bike by another vehicle, or anyhting else. You can also pull off flips due to this glitch, as well as gaining other big insane bonuses. To activate this glitch, all you really need to do is jump on a bike at the same time as picking up a clothes pickup. First off: 1. Get to a Clothes Pickup 2. Place your bike in the middle of the clothes pickup, then position your bike so that the clothes pickup is sticking further out than the other side.

Cherry Popper Mission After downloading the IceCream distribution you must make as much deals as possible to collect income. Easy Way To Get The Hunter After you have defeated all the regular missions, and completed the assets for properties you can make money off, go to the police station on the first city and go inside, once inside turn left and go into the lockeroom.

There may be a policeman in there, if so kill him the alarm will be going off , in the back left corner there is a police uniform, walk through it to put it on. Once the uniform is on you can walk around inside the military base and the army men wont kill you don't kill them either. If you go in the front entrance, first smash trough the gate with a car, get out and on the far left there is a stair case that goes up on top of the first building, go up them, run straight until you run into the building, then turn right, there is a narrow walkway right on the edge of the building, walk down it, it leads to some stairs but don't fall off.

Go down the stairs and walk straight until you hit the fence, turn left and run down that way, somewhere along there is a door way in the fence, go through it, you should now be standing in front of an obstacle coarse. Turn left and run straight to the fence, and then run down the fence line, behind some buildings, there is a stairway that leads over the wall and right before that is another opening in the fence, go through that one as well.

Once through run all the way down the fence line and toward the end is the "Ultimate Secrete Weapon" looks like a Comanche to me. When you get in a wanted star may come on, if so don't worry, the guards only attack when there's 6 wanted stars when Tommy has the police uniform on.

Alternatively you could just fly there, in a helicopter and land next to it, it may not be there the first time, if not do a loop around the airport and come back and it should be there, either way make sure Tommy is wearing the police uniform.

You only can put two vehicles on it, but if you put two in there get another, take it the garage, drive right up to as close as you can get. Get out walk up to it until it opens. Jump back in you vehicle and drive in. You have to do it fast but I have 3 vehicles in mine.

Don't give up, in makes in a lot easy to get as motorcycle if you won't instead of looking for one. Good Luck!!! Ok, first you must go get the Hunter, If you don't have hidden packages, too bad then fly around look for that DoDo that has a banner on the back of it. Then shoot rockets at it. If you hit, it will make either 2 or 3 explosions and the last one is like the explosion from GTA:3 when you blow up the Triad Factory with the Trashmaster. Once you blow it up, the banner should just sit up there.

Sometimes it will be curved downward in different directions. Gunfire On Motorcycles You can shoot straight in front of you while riding motorcycles! Just push "O". Don't push anything else!! You can steer just fine. It works great with the biker missions! When you first start the race, they take off before you. But now you can blow their tires and there is no way they can win! Unlock Arena Games To unlock the arena games you have to go to the memprial stadium between and youll play one of the 3 games.

The Hooker Trick I have heard that people are having problems with the hookers. The Hookers will only get in your car in the early mourning while it is still dark. Watch out if a cop sees you he will come after you and you may not pick her up. After you pick her up there's only one place i know it will work. Go to Phil Cassady the big P and park in front of the shed with the Hummer in it. Don't do this if you have health from the pizza missions your health will lower to After your done get out and shoot her to get yout money back.

When passing the last checkpiont in the mission make sure you are behind and that you can see him on the screen and when the mission is over the Sabre Turbo should still be there after the mission and Hilary should not be in the car. Stoppie Bonus You will need a sports bike or a dirt bike for this one. When riding either of the bikes, gain some speed press and hold the hand brake R1 the brake square and the up arrow at the same time to preform a stoppie. The bike will lean forward on it's front wheel while you are stopping.

Easy Car Sniper To kill people really easily while they're driving Here's what you have to do. Get one of the sniper rifles and stand in the road or on the sidewalk and wait for a car or motorcycle to drive by, take aim at the driver or maybe a passenger and fire! If they were in a car their head will blow off and they will fall out of the car. Motorcycle Joyride Okay, if you want to have some fun on your new, shiny, stolen motorcycle then go down to Leaf Links golf course with your bike.

Go up the driveway and position yourself on the bike faceing the entrance to leaf links. Accelerate and go into the golfcourse on your bike. It is a Zebra Cab and it has a zebra paint jod and it is as fast as a police car. Press R3 to start the Taxi Driver missions. Big Boy Hummer! Go to Phil Cassiddy's trailer, and in the garage you will find a bad ass hummer!

Flaming Cuban Hermes The Cuban Hermes has a flame paint job and when you accelerate there is flames coming from the wheels. The reward car is a Hotring Racer. The bus stops are marked with a thin blue sign on the sidewalk. They can be hard to see when going too fast so you may want to take it slow. I don't think the bus ever fills up and no one ever gets off. Motorcycle Aerodynmics Whenever you are riding a motorcycle press up lightly pressure sensitive to lower your head and make your motorcycle accelerate faster and have a higher top end speed.

This works on all two-wheeled vehicles. Using the "hunter" helicopter makes this goal much easier to obtain. I bet you're just dying to find a sweeter way to kill baddies or normal citizens faster with these weapons.

GTA Vice City PC Cheats – keyboard Codes

Well, here's a tip. Arm the Python, Shotgun or Spaz Shotgun not stubby, it wont work as well as it should , and aim it at someone.

As soon as you fire, hit the L2 or R2 to change the aim to another person. Tommy will shoot the next person and wont bother to pump it or something. Rinse and Repeat, but keep in mind if there's no one else nearby, he's not gonna fire. With a python, you can take out 6 people in a little less than a second! Given of course he has a full clip and the people are nearby. Store More Motorcycles As long as you have a garage.

You can store up to five different motorcycles in it. You pull up to the door get off motorcycle and the door opens. Jump back on motorcycle and pull it in. Impossible Mission? The last mission that is ever avalible at Versatti's mansion after you take it from Diaz called "Protect the Valt" or something like that anyway appears to be impossible. It's not, when you first start out and have to kill Lance don't just run to him and start shooting, you WILL die.

Instead run back behind you into the room and start picking them off as they come. Now, the guys will never stop coming though, so you have to have a good sense of how many guys you can take on at once and how fast your reaction time is. The guys will reappear at the door every seconds so be quick but thorough.

Then start running after Lance, but be on that watch there atleast 20 guys on the way to the roof. Now on the roof there are guys and you are behind barrels. When you are finished then go back to the main room of your estate and kill the htree guys that the little movie show you walkin in. Then go inside it. Explore the rooms. Then go to the back of the club. There wil be an exotic dancer in there waiting for you! You do pay like 5 dollars for 10 seconds or so.

You can't really see anything besides a thong when you see the back view. Easy Street Races Well first of all you have to download the car showroom in Little Havana or wherever it is for 50 grand, sounds steep but its really not.

Then go down the curvy road at the side of the showcase, and pick any race you wish, but do the last endurance one if you would like 40 grand. Instead go to the Hooker Hotel up the road shortly and pick up the rocket launcher behind it. Go to the starting line and shoot right by the cars. They will blow up You might have to shoot 2 times though. Then all cars will be destroyed and you can go for a joyride if you want through the checkpoints as slow as you want even on a faggio, You can keep entering the race over and over doing the same thing, getting a mess load of cash to download other missions and safehouses.

It is very easy if you do this, instead of trying to compete in a hard race or any of the races for the cash. Then go inside, be sure to explore every inch of the place, every room, and opening. Second, go to Howlin Pete's Emporium, and shoot out the windows. Sometimes there will be a PCJ in one of them.

You should find somewhere a sparrow helicopter. Use the sparrow to fly around the malibu Club, you will find a couple of rooftop penthouses, when you're done with that go inside the Malibu club, after you are able to download it, and use a regular sniper to zoom in on the bartender, you must be very close to notice this.

American Cycle To get the angel go to the place where you had to race the bikers, and there should be a harley in front of the bar, get on, and press either L2, or R2.

Carry passengers to get hydraulics on all taxi-class vehicles. Earning Health Via Pizza Go behind the pizza restaurant near the beach and steal the pizza delivery moped and press R3 to start the pizza missions.

Successfully deliver 55 consecutive pizzas to increase your maximum health from to Press Circle to use the firehose to put out burning cars. Get to level 12 to become fireproof while on foot. Hooker Cheat Like in GTA 3, if you pull up to a hooker in a car, they will get in your car and give you health.

As soon as you get the maxiumum health kill the hooker and get your money back. Unique Jumps Are you having trouble getting some unique jumps? Maybe your car doesnt have enough room to accelerate in. So you should use a pjc , they have the best acceleration.

This leads to getting up to speeds quicker than any other cars. Also going off small jumps with narrow takeoffs like a stair case are hard to get up because a car sometimes doesnt fit.

GTA Vice City Cheat Codes

This is when the pjc comes in handy too. It's easy to fit on smaller jumps. This is for the people who want more than 1 car in a garage. First if you have a car or other in the garage then bring a car or a moter cycle ect. Then put your car in front of the garage door then get out and let the door open and then dive in the garage you have to be fast for it to work and now you have more than 1 car in the garage!

Ultimate Vehicle I managed to amass the packages today. The ultimate vehicle is called the Hunter and it is the Apache attack helicopter that goes after you during the last mission for the Colonel.

It fires two rockets at once with infinite ammo. As far as I can tell it is not bulletproof but it is armored. And it sounds awesome!

Drive along the sides of the building, located across the street from the makeshift ramp.

You will find the PCJ Motorocycle here and be able to try the missions. If you drive around for awhile and return to the same spot where you found the bike, sometimes different color PCJ 's will appear. Just use fists no weapons or the cop will pursue you and don't hit the cop. Access Downtown Early Using the Dodo code, find a fast sports car and look for the blocked bridge to Downtown.

Get up enough acceleration and fly over the obstruction to access the other area. Tommy will be thrown from the vehicle. Wheelie While riding a motorcycle, press the Down direction twice to do a wheelie. To stand while on a motorcycle, press the Up direction twice.

Each time you pick up a health icon it will fill up your health to a max of hp. Shootout Tires You can shootout tires using te sniper rifles to make the car more unstable for the drivers.

Get 'em Off Their Bike If you walk up to a motorcycle that's driving by you can drop-kick the rider off. Go Into Buildings There might be buildings that you can't go into from the front door, but I saw a screen shot with a flying helicopter, and on one of the buildings there were stairs, and a helicopter on the roof. So want I'm trying to say is, shearch on top of buildings for hidden places, not just on the ground. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. Note: If this code is enabled when there is damage on your car, the meter will be reset to zero without changing the visible effects of the damage.

You will get a chainsaw, grenades, laser scope python, shotgun, mp5, m4, minigun, sniper rifle. Weapon Set 4 Yes there's actually a 4th weapon set. Low Gravity Right r2 circle r1 r2 down l1 l2. Flying Boats R2 circle up L1 right R1 right up square triangle.

You will get a katana, remote grenades, python, shotgun, silenced uzi, m4, rockets, sniper rifle. Note: The game may freeze if you die in this costume. Press L3 or R3 to jump while driving. The least powerful weapons in each category will be unlocked. Just shoot while driving with the dodo cheat! Be sure to do this at the airport and you will never touch the ground as long as you keep on pressing the O button.

Ps: this works for all systems. Pedestrian Costume Right, right, left, up, l1, l2, left up, down, right repeat this code and cycle through the costumes. Jumping Boats Press R2, 0, up, L1, right, R1, right, up, square, triangle to make the boats jump high note:the jumping is different according to the boat, and doesn't turn off when you die.

Note: This will also restore your default costume. If you have any unlockables please submit them. Leap off the corner to the closest building in the window and you will fall in a small room with a real easter egg inside!

At this point, drive to a quiet spot and let the magic happen. The car will start rocking, and your "health" will grow from to Your pocketbook will take a hit though. This health-up only works until the next time you die. Super Speed in Tank[ edit ] Turn the tank's turrent around so that it faces backwards, and repeatedly fire rounds to send the tank speeding.

The news building is by the northern bridge entrance on the west island. You can enter the door of the news building and head up to the roof. Along with the news chopper, there's an easter egg you can get to. There's another buiding close by, but on an angle with the window closest to the edge of the heliport. Make a sprinting jump through the window and you should see an empty room with an easter egg in the middle. Bullet Proof Cars[ edit ] Admiral. Also fire-proof, explosion-proof, and collision-proof.

The Admiral is the white car Diaz drives in the cut-scene. Deliberately fail the mission by killing Diaz, Lance, or letting the Haitian biker escape with Diaz's money.

Once the mission fails, the Admiral's doors will be unlocked and you can drive it back to the garage of your choice. Naturally, you will need to download property that has a garage first. Sabre Turbo. Pick up a sniper rifle or assault rifle that allows Tommy to shoot through a first person view. During the mission "The Driver" this mission is available only after certain conditions are met, primarily downloading the Malibu Club remain at the Malibu Club and wait for the Sabre Turbo come for the race.

When it does, shoot the driver in the head and sieze it quickly before the cops come. The Sabre Turbo is faster than the Admiral, but is not collision proof. Easier Flight From Justice Cortez [ edit ] Once you reach the final mission for Cortez, it's a long mission of shooting boats and people, just do this: get 2 cars and park them in the pier next to the one to enter Cortez's missions, and put them in a way so that its practically impossible to get across through the pier it's easier than it sounds , and go do the mission.

When you start the mission a cutscene will come that shows a bunch of people trying to come through the pier you blocked, but they can't. They really would have if not done. Walk trew it and you will lose all your guns pick it up and you will have a larger amount of ammo. On water with a car: It sounds unbelievable ,but it's turned to believable. Never underestimate Gta , because since the new Gta everything has changed,now the cheat ride just before any water and type in sea ways.

Now you can stole an boat easier than normally and ride on the water with an quick getaway. Leave me!

Police freaks! Just type in 'leave me alone' and the police will certainly leave you alone. Note: There is over 50 cheats on Gta Vice city.

Go To Raffels clothes Store on a Bike. But You can Run lol Jog on the Spot. Mission G-Spotlight hint Submitted by: Big-T After you make your first jump through the office and get the first marker, ride off the side and go to police station and "borrow" their helicopter.

After getting the helicopter, all you have to do is fly around and land in the markers. This is a much faster and easier way of tackling this mission. Hint: Submitted by: Abd El Monem If you have found a rampage thet you are using the rocket lancher in it just shoot the same car to finish it Hint: Submitted by:Rajabullah If you have found a rampage thet you are using the rocket lancher in it just shoot the same car to finish it You drive a blown up vehicle: If you want to drive a blown up vehicle, go to the drivers side, pull the guy out.

Hints: Submitted by: Nitin Bohara To tweak your vehicle use the file handling. Make sure you backup it first. Make sure you stay in limit of the parameters. In Checkpoint Charlie it is very difficult to complete the mission using the speedboat. To make it easy all you have to do is to park an Infernus or Cheetah in the dock near the speedboat. Now you can drive the car on water and complete the mission. Hint: Submitted by: Levydee 1. That's not really a cheat but's a usefully tip i think.

Usefuly Game Bug!!! When you are folwed by cops go through a bridges beacause they drop off throught the bridge. NOTE: I try that just on unpached game. Hint: Submitted by: Bilal Go Gat Money get atank get job get out of thr tank and ritten [bigbang] get a new tank and do it what ever you wont when you done it 50 times you so mush mony and armo mail me at this adress bilalgorsi yahoo.

Hint: Submitted by: Pravin If you want to sprint constantly just press shift button and leave it Do this several times while you r walking till u reach your destiny. Hint: For milataryhelicopter: Submiited by: veeru enter into the milatarybase i. When prostitute gets out of the car kill her and get your money back. Quick cash: Submitted by: ankit It is a easy way to get some money first go near the mauli club with a pcg go to the grass just beside the club and accelarate your pcg as you go further you will find a hump just race your bike on the hump when your bike is in the air look at your money it will be increasing.

Getting health to ! Fly toward the "V. Hotel" or is it "D. Once found, you'll be able to see it almost every time it's there and you'll ask yourself why the heck you didn't see it in the first place! There are other interesting ones as well, but these are my fav.

The guy in the "Ammunation" store who sells you the guns also is wearing a jacket which has the Rockstar logo in the top corner, check it out with a sniper rifle for easy viewing esp. I'll just add that the little signs at the airport which look like small read and yellow prism shaped ramps on the ground can be used to do several good flips in a car, esp. Hint: Submitted by: AbdulMuqeet Arshad the best way to have money is that type 'panzer' 4 tank and then enter in it.

You will acquire the 2 fastest boats. Tip 2: when you have the cops on you and if you want to get rid of them simply go back to a save point and save it then you will not have the cops after you Tip 3: To help get rid of the cops, jump off any of the slow-mo movie cam jumps and if you land upside down get run and hide and they will not be able to find you for quite awhile.

Tip 4: To get a submarine stand by the boat house in the harbor face the water and do the caddy cheat. A small yellow submarine will appear in the water ,it also fires missiles.

Tip 5: if u wanna win a street race 2 make a lot of money get a rocket launcher and shoot the other cars while they r on the starting line. They will blow then u can drive around the course and win the cash. Tip 6: If u want to get easy cash just look for a cop chasing someone and start to punch the person the cop is chasing and u will get 50 bucks each time u punch the guy try not to punch the cop.

Go to the mall there is alot of cops chasing people there. Tip 7: In Vice City it seems the army trust the cops. Anyway to get the Rhino or the Hunter out the army base without being shot at, simply make sure you are wearing the cop uniform!

Works every time. Tip 8: In the shooting range in the downtown ammu-nation, get a score of 40 or more to have unlimited ammo on the pistol and you always have it -no matter how many times you are busted or wasted. A block away you'll find a pink apartment. Enter 3C and check out the bathroom. Tip Shoot the moon with a sniper rifle and watch it expand. Tip You can call the numbers mentioned in the radio commercials.

Tip Check out the hotel lights near the Malibu at night. Tip download All The Houses that u can and people will respect you and the street, even the cops will say hello.

Hint: Submitted by: Abdul Muqeet Arshad best way to save yourself from the polic. You know you can go races start a race then go near the strating point and just shoot a car the race will begin pause the game and tye big bang cars will explode and u will be first.

You'll just have 2 go round the track and earn money! Repeat it as many as times u want. Good Luck! Hint: Submitted by: Siddhant Mahajan To Get a police Helicopter go to the police station on the First side which is double storyed or more.

It is on a Four Way crossing. Climb the stairs from out side and you will get a helicopter. Hint: Submitted by: Arka While you are engaged in the racing mission in the Malibu club just type the code "comeflywithme" and other racer will race straight ahead with out taking any turns. Get a police car or ambulance whose vigilate missions you want to pass. More Money: If you enter a taxi, you will automatically get money.

Secret With Taxi: When doing a taxi mission not for Kaufman Cabs , if you drop someone off right when the timer is at , the timer turns off and you can take as long as you want to drop people off at their destinations. You can do as many missions as you want. It's an easy way to make a lot of money if you have the time and patience to do it. Pogo The Monkey And Degenatron Arcades: In the pizza joints and inside Kaufman Cabs, you can find these arcades but they are not playable.

Australian American War: On the Vrock radio station, you will hear an Ammunation commercial that talks about the Australian-American War. If you remember correctly from Grand Theft Auto 3, there was a caller on Chatterbox that talks about fighting in the Australian-American War.

Wow, What A Reward: After you complete all of the movie studio missions, a huge poster will appear at the Vercetti Estate of a nude Candy Suxxx and various pictures of her and the guy from "Martha's Mug Shot" will appear on your desk.

Now, just steal a coach and let them on. Now, when you get off, you will have an army of women following you around. Quite funny. Supercop: The supercop is a cop that can bust you in just about any place! You could be going as fast as you can on say a PCJ, with no cop in sight with a wanted level of course m and you will suddenly get knocked off and busted.

Or you can get a wanted level of some sort, 3 or more, and get in a Helicopter and rise as high as you can, and begin slowly moving forward to stay up there, but suddenly the door flies open and you come dropping out with a cop standing right next to you, gun down right at you and your Helicopter lying on top of you, busted.

There is no way to kill him at all. The supercop also has super human speed. He runs faster than the PCJ at top speed. The supercop is a menace to criminals worldwide!

We must find a way to stop him! Hint: Submitted by: Aidan 1. To get big bucks for a simple motorbike trick, take a PCJ and rid on the diagonal runway of the airport, from the end nearest the ocean, to the end near civilization, in order to gather good speed. Now Ramp up the steepest of the two ramps, and when in the air, press the 'wheelie' key until the bike is vertical, then press the 'stoppie' key to bring the front wheel down. Try this on any steep ramps.

Also, Try ramping on the 'ramp'-signs, but come in at an angle, and push the 'wheelie' button. This makes for a really awesome jump rotation.

I've gotten over degrees. How to get a stocker: Submitted by: Luke when you stop your car near a girl that will bring your health to , and she stops at you're car, drive up the road a little bit.

In Downtown at Hyman memorial stadium: Submitted by: zahir will be opened at To you can enter in the first door on the top floor. Hint: Submitted by: Siddharth Goswami In the game many times you don't know where to go for the next mission. So, easy way is to caught by police by increasing wanted level.

You can increase wanted level by killing people. The when you released from the police station a taxi is waiting out side, sit in it, it will take you to the next missions' destination. When you are in a vehicle and its gonna blow you up,type aspirine to stop it burning.

GTA Vice City Cheats & Codes for PlayStation 2 (PS2) -

Hint: Submitted by: kausik After downloading malibu club, u hav to accomplish jobs, such as Recruitment drive, Bank job. The job Recruitment drive, a little bit tough. Enjoy Vicecity! These lines are in the file handling. If you have any trouble using the cheat code please contact me.


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