Windows Developer Power Tools Eclipse Web Tools Platformveloping Java Web Applications Technical Analysis: Power Tools for Active Investors. Java Power Tools delivers 30open source tools designed to improve the development practices ofJava developers in any size team or organization. Unit Testing tools including JUnit 4, TestNG, and theopen source coverage tool Cobertura. Continuous Integration tools such as Continuum. 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | Richard Rasala and others published Java Power Tools and Java Power Framework.

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Java Power Tools. John Ferguson Smart. Java Power Tools. pdf. ISBN: | pages | 22 Mb. ABSTRACT. The Java Power Tools is an extensive pedagogical toolkit that is designed for rapid development of graphical user interfaces, for robust IO with. Java Power Tools [John Ferguson Smart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. All true craftsmen need the best tools to do their finest work.

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This software combines probeset differences with exon information and provides users a comprehensive presentation of the AS events, thereby facilitating the subsequent wetlab experiments. It enables users to launch the most up-to-date version online and to analyze unpublished profiles locally. Owing to the mobility of Java language, the whole software can be launched in different platforms without restraint.

When analysis is conducted on the core probesets for a dataset of 10 arrays, which is a common scale in most experiments, each step described below takes only 5—10 seconds on a personal computer with Intel E dual core CPU and 2G RAM running Windows XP professional 32 bit version.

Java Power Tools (pdf)

However, since some steps Steps 2—5 require accessing to our annotation server, the processing time may depend on the internet connection. Users can improve the processing efficiency by installing a local copy of database and meta-probeset files. All the microarray data are processed on the user's own computer for the privacy protection.

No information is shared. To speed up data processing, the probeset-to-exon information is pre-mapped and saved in the database server.

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Users can choose the gene annotation they are accustomed to for visualization. Results are visualized by JFreeChart, an open-sourced Java chart library, which displays the line charts of probeset intensity distribution, splicing index, fold change, as well as area chart of exon information see below.

EasyExon can also employ other exon array-related software to expand its analysis power. For example, by automatically calling the Affymetrix Power Tools APT [ 29 ] at the background, easyExon can produce summary files when user uploaded.

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CEL files as input data. Moreover, each filtrated transcript can be displayed on IGB by clicking the hyperlink on the left panel of our application interface. This software exhibits several unique presentations and user-friendly elements by following five simple steps Fig.

It is easy to use, open source performance profiler for the Java platform. It can monitor application's execution and performance measurements.

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Mockito is a popular open source Java mocking framework. It helps developers to write clean, well-designed and loosely-coupled code.

Features: It can be used to write Behaviour Driven Development style tests with syntactic sugar facilitates It offers nice, easily readable syntax. It can be executed as a plugin in Ant, Eclipse, or Maven. It can also use to collect coverage data of integration tests. It is robust, proven, full-featured tool which can be integrated with other popular libraries and frameworks.

Build tools including Ant and Maven 2 Version control tools such as CVS and Subversion, thetwo most prominent open source tools Quality metrics tools that measure different aspects ofcode quality, including CheckStyle, PMD, FindBugs and Jupiter Technical documentation tools that can help you generategood technical documentation without spending too much effortwriting and maintaining it Unit Testing tools including JUnit 4, TestNG, and theopen source coverage tool Cobertura Integration, Load and Performance Testing to integrateperformance tests into unit tests, load-test your application, andautomatically test web services, Swing interfaces and webinterfaces Issue management tools including Bugzilla and Trac Continuous Integration tools such as Continuum, CruiseControl, LuntBuild and Hudson If you are a Java developer, these tools can help improve yourdevelopment practices, and make your life easier in the process.

Build Tools 1. Version Control Tools 3. Continuous Integration 5. Unit Testing Integration, Functional, Load, and Performance Testing Quality Metrics Tools Issue Management Tools


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