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Acosta, Oscar Zeta - Chicano 01 - The Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo Brown on Brown: Chicano a Representations of Gender, Sexuality, and Ethnicity. Before his mysterious disappearance and probable death in , Oscar Zeta Acosta was famous as a Robin Hood Chicano lawyer and notorious as the. by Oscar Zeta Acosta. Before his mysterious disappearance and probable death in , Oscar Zeta Acosta was famous as a Robin Hood Chicano layer and notorious as the real-life model for Hunter S. Thompson's "Dr. Gonzo," a fat, pugnacious attorney with a gargantuan appetite for.

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Autobiography Of A Brown Buffalo Pdf

Oscar Zeta Acosta (April 8, ) was a writer, lawyer, and political activist. of the Chicano Protest Movement, Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo (), and. print Print; document PDF. This Page Only · Entire Study Guide · list Cite; link Link . Oscar “Zeta” Acosta's first novel, The Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo, is a. Download PDF. Main. PDF. Citation. EndNote The Autobiography of the Brown Buffalo [La autobiografía de bisonte pardo]. San Francisco: Straight Arrow.

Download PDF Read online. Before his mysterious disappearance and probable death in , Oscar Zeta Acosta was famous as a Robin Hood Chicano layer and notorious as the real-life model for Hunter S. Thompson's "Dr. Gonzo," a fat, pugnacious attorney with a gargantuan appetite for food, drugs, and life on the edge. Written with uninhibited candor and manic energy, this book is Acosta's own account of coming of age as a Chicano in the psychedelic sixties, of taking on impossible cases while breaking all tile rules of courtroom conduct, and of scrambling headlong in search of a personal and. Oscar Zeta Acosta April 8, was a writer, lawyer, and political activist. An autobiography, the The Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo has ratings and 62 reviews. Joel said: I read this book, many years ago, and i try to get others to read it. Search this site. Download Alabama: Download Egypt Journal:

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The autobiography of a brown buffalo.

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Oscar Zeta Acosta. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove The autobiography of a brown buffalo. Written in English. People Oscar Zeta Acosta.

Places United States , West U. Times 20th century. A A3. The Physical Object Pagination p. Number of pages Borrow Download ebook for print-disabled Prefer the physical book? Check nearby libraries with: WorldCat Library. He has worked in the office since he passed the bar exam 12 months before.

To get through the tedium of filing countless restraining orders for battered women and to deal with his inability to help the clients in a system that favors those with the money to pay high priced lawyers, the narrator has spent the past year watching television, taking tranquillizers, and drinking. When he arrives at work he avoids going into his office, unable to face the five women sitting in the waiting room. He assumes they have all been beaten by their husbands over the weekend.

When he finally goes into his office, he learns that his secretary Pauline has died from cancer. Pauline has supported him in his job and has helped him negotiate the bureaucracy. The narrator did not know she was seriously ill. He decides that without Pauline's support he cannot continue in the job. He leaves the office and heads back to San Francisco. On the drive he talks to himself and Dr. He remembers the time three years before when he was sick for months with mononucleosis.

During this time he met a neighbor in his apartment building, Cynthia, who was the sister of his friend Charlie Fisher. Cynthia introduced the narrator to marijuana and LSD. Through Cynthia he also met a couple, Alice and Ted Casey, a sailor.

While he was bedridden, Alice and Cynthia cared for the narrator by bringing him soup. Later he became friends with Ted and Alice, regularly visiting their apartment. The friendship ended when the narrator tested Ted's liberal views on relationships by broaching the subject of his sleeping with Alice while Ted was away on one of his trips. Ted acted as though he was indifferent and that it was Alice's decision but later, through a friend, threatened to cut off the narrator's balls. This ended the friendship.

Returning to the central focus of the narrative, the narrator arrives at Ted Casey's house and rings the bell. No one is home. He then goes to the office of his psychiatrist. Although the psychiatrist is meeting with a patient the narrator bangs on the door.

When the psychiatrist opens the door, the narrator tells him he is leaving. The psychiatrist patiently asks him to wait, but the narrator leaves.

Having stopped off to pick up some scotch and now already drunk, the narrator goes to Trader JJ's, a San Francisco bar he frequents. He has packed his belongings and plans to store them in the bar's basement.

Acosta, Oscar Zeta - Chicano 01 - The Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo

Inside the bar he talks with a mixed group of misfits who are his friends and form a community. They include Maria, a Jewish bisexual hustler and Jose, a struggling homosexual artist. The patrons of the bar function by insulting each other. Maria teases the narrator about a former girlfriend, June MacAdoo.

The two had dated for three months two years before. Shortly after June unexpectedly dumped the narrator, the narrator found out he failed the bar exam.

He studied for three months and retook the exam. This time he passed. He was still heart broken, however, and was no longer particularly interested in the law. After leaving some of his belongings at the bar the narrator visits Maryjane and Bertha, two friends. He regards the women as friends, having found he could not sleep with them because of impotence brought on by his broken heart.

At their apartment the narrator finds not only the two women but Ted Casey. Ted is dressed in flashy cloths and bosses the two normally strong-willed women around.

No longer a seaman, he has become a successful drug dealer. The narrator drinks most of a bottle of champagne that has been spiked with mescalin. The four drive in Ted's Cadillac to an expensive Italian restaurant to eat.

At the restaurant Ted shows off his wealth and his power. The group eats and snorts coke.

The Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo Quotes by Oscar Zeta Acosta

After dinner the four drive to Trader JJ's. Maryjane and Ted leave the car but Bertha and the narrator stay behind. The narrator initiates a brief sexual encounter that ends when he quickly cums.

Bertha is sympathetic. The two then join the others in the bar.

In the bar the narrator calls June, his ex-girlfriend. At first she seems interested in seeing him but then tells him she is engaged. The narrator hangs up. More drinking and drunken revelry takes place in the bar. The narrator eventually passes out, bringing an end to the day. Chapters [ edit ] This section of the story takes place over the course of three days as the narrator drives away from San Francisco. Taking drugs and drinking while he drives, the narrator's thoughts focus on his childhood.

He was born in El Paso but grew up from the age of five in Riverbank, a town of less than 4, people in California's Central Valley. Together they crossed the border illegally to El Paso. The family lived in a two-room shack. The father imposed strict discipline and order based on the regulations of the Navy's The Seabee Manual. In the small town of Riverbank, the narrator and his only brother, Bob, were outsiders.

As Mexicans they were picked on by the Okies folks from Oklahoma , the poor whites.

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Other Mexicans also picked on the brothers because they were more recent immigrants. In addition to the Okies and the Mexicans, the third group in the town was the Americans, the relatively wealthy white families. Among the incidents from childhood the narrator remembers is a childhood crush. Jane Addison was a new classmate and the daughter of the owner of the factory where the narrator's mom worked.

He scratched her initials on the back of his hand as a love gesture. He was deeply hurt when he showed her the nearly illegible lines to her and she laughed. Later she told the teacher in front of the class that the narrator stunk.

After driving for two days, the narrator sees a beautiful blond hitchhiker.

Karin Wilmington is a rich hippie, on her way from Mexico to Colorado. The narrator recounts his life story to Karen, although he says he is Samoan and that his name is Henry Hawk.

This is one of several times in the story where the narrator assumes different identities, one of which is an Indian chief. The narrator and Karin find they have a friend in common, Turk, a crazy biker. The narrator splits up from Karin in Ketchum, Idaho but she leaves him a note inviting him to meet her at her brother's house in nearby Wilmington. In Ketchum, the narrator visits Hemingway's grave.

The narrator continues reflecting on his childhood. In high school, he played clarinet in the school band, was a starter on the variety football team, and was Class President. Yet he never studied and spent most of his time drinking with a group of four friends.

The friends also went to a whore house regularly. For over a year the narrator never went with any of the girls. Finally, his friends tricked him into sleeping with Ruby, the very attractive Portuguese madam. During his Junior year in high school, the narrator fell in love with a Freshman named Alice Brown. Although she walked with a slight limp caused by polio, she was incredibly beautiful and the narrator was instantly attracted to her.

The two began seeing each other but when her parents found out about the relationship they made her write the narrator a note saying she could not see him any more.

Alice tells the narrator that her stepfather, a Baptist minister, threatened to divorce Alice's mother if she allowed them to date. This was primarily because her stepfather hated Mexicans. The narrator and Alice continued seeing each other discreetly. During his senior year the narrator worked to have Alice crowned school queen. He was successful. At the winter dance where she was crowned he danced with her; unfortunately this led to her stepfather finding out about their relationship.

When the narrator took her home from the dance the town sheriff was waiting at her house. He had brought the narrator's parents as well. Pressure from the sheriff forces the narrator to agree not to see Alice. However, Alice and the narrator continued to see each other at school. Occasionally the narrator would have one of his white friends pick up Alice so they could attend a school dance together. After graduation the narrator, not knowing what else to do and having to wait for Alice to finish high school so they could marry, joined the Air Force.

He played in the Air Force band and was stationed at nearby locations in California. For a while, the two continued to see each other whenever the narrator had to leave but eventually he received a Dear John letter from her.

During this time, a friend convinced the narrator to convert from Catholicism to the Baptist faith. The narrator adopted the religion enthusiastically. He began leading prayer groups and he impressed members of the local congregation with his ability to testify to sin. Shortly thereafter, he was transferred to a post in Panama. In his free time, which was considerable, he worked as a missionary to an Indian tribe in a rural village. Gradually, however, his faith waned.

He went through the gospels and wrote out a list in favor and a list against what he read. The con list was far longer and the narrator gave up his belief. Afraid on confusing the Indians if he went back on his preaching, he continued giving them sermons on general themes such as brother lovely.


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