AND APPEAL) RULES, S. No. Rule. Title of the Rules. Page No. . on a Government servant any of the penalties specified in Rule 11;. Rule 11 (iii) of the CCS (CCA) Rules, – Recovery of pecuniary loss . Part I, Central Civil Services, Group 'A', Download(11 KB) pdf. (e) any person for whom special provision is made, in respect of matters covered by these rules, by or under any law for the time being in force.

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Ccs Cca Rules 1965 Pdf

Ccs Cca Rules Epfoa. Ccs Cca Rules Epfoa - [Free] Ccs Cca Rules Epfoa [PDF] [EPUB] -. CCS CCA RULES EPFOA. Author: Phillipp. THE CENTRAL CIVIL SERVICES (CLASSIFICATION, CONTROL & APPEAL) RULES, In exercise of the powers conferred by proviso to Article and. –the various provisions and the rules relating to suspension and also decide whether a particular incident/case would warrant suspension or not;. –about the.

Order Number. Order Date. Grant of vigilance clearance for obtaining passport. PDF English. Central Civil Services Classification, Control and Appeal Rules - Guidelines regarding prevention of sexual harassment of women at the workplace - regarding. Simultaneous action of prosecution and initiation of departmental proceedings. Importance of following the due process in disciplinary proceedings-regarding. Procedure for grant of permission to the pensioners for commercial employment after retirement - revision of Form S, Sirohi and Qrs. UOI- regarding.. Consolidated instructions on suspension. Disciplinary jurisdiction of Election Commission of India over Government servants deputed for election duties. Simultaneous action of prosecution in a court and initiation of departmental proceedings. Imposition of penalty of reduction to a lower time scale of pay, grade, post or service. Suspension of government servants - Review of - Instructions reg.

Civil Appeal No.


Period of suspension to be treated as duty if only a minor penalty is imposed after conclusion of the disciplinary proceedings - Recommendations of the Committee of the National Council JCM -. Item relating to crossing of Efficiency Bar. Promotion to a higher grade or post - Clarification in regard to sealed cover procedure - Effect of warning, censure etc.

Confidential Reports - Writing off by officers under suspension.

Promotion of officers whose conduct is under investigation - clarification regarding. ARCs recommendation No.

Disciplinary proceedings - appointment of Inquiry Officers. Departmental Inquiries against Government servants - appointment of Inquiring Authority. Rule 27 of the C. A Rules, - question of fixing a time-limit for the disposal of appeals.

Promotion of employees on whom any Penalty has been imposed - Consideration for -. Elimination of delays in the disposal of disciplinary cases - time - limit for passing final orders on the inquiry report. Review of disciplinary proceedings against Government servants - Procedure to be followed while proposing enhancement of the penalty already imposed on a Government servant.

Recommendation of the Joint Conference of Central Bureau of Investigation and State Anti-Corruption Officers for making a provision in the rules of public sector undertakings to take disciplinary action for acts done by their employees in their previous or earlier employment. Procedure to be followed by Departmental Promotion Committee in the case of officers under suspension and officers against whom enquiries are pending - Fixation of seniority and pay.

CCS CCA Rules, - Rule 15 - Clarification regarding submission of written statement of defence, approval of the assisting employee by the disciplinary authority, scope of functions of the assisting employees, and the authority competent to impose minor penalties. Supply of copies of documents to the delinquent official. Recommendations of the Pay Commission regarding disciplinary proceedings - Decisions on the.

Procedure to be followed by Departmental Promotion Committee in the case of officers under suspension and officers against whom enquiries are pending. Revision of F.

Orders of punishment - Keeping of their copies in the confidential rolls. Procedure to be followed by Departmental Promotion Committee in the case of officers under suspension and officers against whom onquiries are pending.

Alteration of conditions of service of government servant - statutory requirements. Headquarters of a Government servant under suspension-Clarification of. Provision in the rules of public undertakingenabling disciplinary action against direct recruits for acts committed prior to their recruitment [MHA OM No. A , dated the 21stFebruary, ] Promotion of employees on whom any penalty has been imposed [Cabinet Sectt.

Department of Personnel OM No. Ninama Vs.

CCS (CCA) RULES, | Department of Personnel & Training

Union of India Civil Appeal No. Dated A dated A , dated the 30thMay, ] Clarification about rule 12, 14 etc. Department of Personnel Memo No.

Department of Personnel, OM No.

A dated 9thNovember, ] Inquiry by the disciplinary authority [Deptt. A ,dated the 12th March, and OM No. A , dated 28th December, A , dated the 8th June, ] Not appropriate to bring in past bad records in deciding the penalty, unless it is made the subject matter of specific charge of the charge-sheet itself [G.

A dated 11th November, ] Disciplinary cases — need for issuing speaking orders by competent authorities [Deptt. OM No. Dated 26th June, ] Reasons for disagreement, if any should be communicated [Deptt. A dated the 19thJanuary, ] Minor Penalty — holding of inquiry in specific circumstances [Deptt. MHA Letter No.

Dated the 11thNovember, ] Issue of charge-sheet where action is taken under Rule 19 [Deptt. Provisions regarding officers borrowed from State Governments, etc. Department of Personnel , OM No. A dated the 15thMay, ] Personal hearing at the discretion of appellate authority in major penalty cases [G.

A dated 28th October, ] Personal hearing at the discretion of appellate authority in major penalty cases [G. A , dated the 3rdSeptember, ].


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