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PDF | On Jul 13, , Sajid Iqbal and others published Caravan General Knowledge MCQs. Publisher: Caravan Enterprises Lahore, Pakistan. Cite this . General knowledge Book updated for CSS,PMS,PPSC,UPSC, IAS, Military, Navy, Railway and other Competitive Exams In Pakistan and India. Download General knowledge PDF here. GK for CSS Latest General MCQs on Computer Collection of Questions and Answers | PDF. General PDF Books • GK. General knowledge MCQs Questions about Pakistan PDF download online from here for your NTS GAT(General)GUIDE BOOK By DOGAR

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Mcqs Of General Knowledge Book Of Pakistan Pdf is the first website that provides Mcqs as well as Online Quiz and its Kashmir AJKPSC, National Testing Service of Pakistan NTS,Pak Army,Navy . Pakistan. Chapter 1 GEOGRAPHY 1. In the Composition of the earth, Aluminum is: (a) . (a) Thailand (b) Finland (c) Norway (d) Japan 6 General Knowledge – MCQs (a) Green Book (b) Red Book (c) Pink Book (d) Blue Book General knowledge questions about pakistan and current affairs quiz questions. These current affairs mcq to are in these quiz tests.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Sajid Iqbal. In the Composition of the earth, Aluminum is: The deepest part of the Ocean is:

It is the iconic river around which Punjabi consciousness revolves, and plays a prominent part in the tale of Heer Ranjha, the Punjabi national epic. Mirani Dam is being built on Dasht river to provide drinking water to Gwadar city.

It's source are the hills six miles south of the Sufed Koh, the source of the Kurram River, which it runs parallel too and finally joins. The Gambila is an important river for the inhabitants of the Dawar valley, as it serves to irragate a large area of land that it runs through.

It is often identified with the Vedic Sarasvati River, but it is disputed if at all Rigvedic references to the Sarasvati River refer to this river.

It is a dried out river which flow during rainy season only and used to flush out flood waters of Punjab. Estimated period at which the river dried up range, very roughly, from to BC, with a further margin of error at either end of the date-range.

This may be precise in geological terms, but for the Indus Valley Civilization to BC it makes all the difference whether the river dried up in its early phase or its late phase. The identification with the Sarasvati River is based the descriptions in Vedic texts e.

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General Knowledge About Pakistan Book Download In PDF - SOLVE MCQs ONLINE

NTS sample papers and all others nts past papers solved with answers mcqs are here. MCQS of Urdu 3. English Literature. We have uploaded Free MCQs book for those students and applicants for the best exam preparations, tests and mcqs preparations. History of USA.

Pedagogy is the subject that deals with the principle and practice of teaching. So we upload this solved papers books for those whose want guide line that how we obtain marks in NTS. November 24, Latest MCQs Forum. NTS Test preparation mcqs kpk is on Facebook. NTS test papers get maximum benefit from here click here to download pdf of NTS MCQs Analytical reasoning part is designed to assess your analytical skills, mental sharpness and situational processing skills.

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Pakistan General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Also get general knowledge mcqs everyday science mcqs history mcqs sports mcqs geography mcqs. Which of the following Mountain Peak is not situated in Karakorum range?

The largest river in Baluchistan is: Which is the highest railway station in Asia? S and Cuba Yellow Sea lies between: Which is the smallest state in area?

The distance of a place South or North of Equator is called: Identify the Largest Sea? Which country has the greatest number of volcanoes in the world?

Which of the Sea is located in Central Asia? On which river Gudu, Sukkur and Kotri barrages are situated? Which of the following country consists of Islands? The main cause of earthquakes is: Which of the following countries are land locked?

The Soan and the Haro are the two rivers of: The area lying between river Beas and the Ravi is called: Which part of Punjab is famous for shisham Timber Forests? The largest number of fatalities by earth quakes were recorded in: Pakistan Forest institution is located in: Pakistan is surrounded in the North West by: What is the real distance in km?

To show the distribution of People of Pakistan we should use: Bore is caused by: Which of these is not a metamorphic rock? Which of the following has the highest annual rainfall? The largest district of the Punjab by area is: Pakistan Environmental Protection Ordinance was enforced in: Which of these is a process of transportation in a river?

A canyon is a large form of: What kind of weathering takes place on the valley side above the surface of the glacier? Which of the statements to about the Troposphere is not true? A wind which reverses seasonally is known as wind. Water vapour turns into clouds in the atmosphere when: When a warm air is lifted off the surface in temperature depression it is called: Afternoon rains in the equatorial region are the result of influences: The best projection to suit the map of Pakistan is: The extinct Volcanic Peak of Koh-i-Sultan is in: The length of River Ganges is approx: Deccan Plateau is in: Potwar Plateau bounded on the south by: The Mountain Peak of Takht-i-Sulaiman is in: Black Race is not in: SURMA is the name of.

Transportation and trade are: The longest river in South Asia is: The total length of Railways in Pakistan is: The length of River Indus is: The oldest Hydro-electric Project in Pakistan is: The oldest barrage on the river Indus at Sukkur was built in: Which of the following continents has no desert? The richest fishing ground in the world: The oldest Iron and steel industry centre in India is: Maize, Rice and Wheat are generally referred as: The largest latitude circle on earth is: Which is the largest tea producing country in the world?

Which country produces maximum gold? The season changes because of the: The distance of longitude represents how many minutes difference in time: When one place on the earth is on a bigger eastern longitude then its time will be: What is the age of the earth? The country which is first in Petroleum oil production is? Maximum quantity of diamonds are found in: In which continent is the Alps mountains to be found? Which is the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere?

The animal Kangaroo is to be found in: Which country has the largest production of aluminium? Rainfall related to mountains is: Which waterway gives the source of terrestrial moisture? Bangladesh has a dispute over the construction of a dam on Naaf river with: A large group of islands is known as a Peninsula b Archipelago c Strait d Channel A large coral reef containing islands encompassing a sea water lagoon is named: These are only two double land-locked countries in the world.

Double land locked means a land-locked country which is also surrounded by land locked neighbouring countries. Name both the countries? Basin is a low land area.


Which are the largest basins in the face of the earth? What is the name of the central part of the earth? Which continent has no desert? Which is the thinnest earth layer? What is the name of the second highest African peak? The Nile is the largest river of the world. Name the second largest river of Africa? The point that lies directly above the source of an earthquake is known as a Earthquake Center b Epicenter c Gravitational Center d Geological Center Name the middle part of the earth?

The part of desert where adequate water is available for cultivation is called: A part of land surrounded by water on the three sides is called: What is the largest factor that decreases the life of the reservoir of dam?

Water source beneath the earth flowing naturally is called: A small water body say a river that flows into a larger body of water is called a Tributary b Spring c Confluence d None of the above Name the largest island of Mediterranean Sea? Which is the largest river of Europe? Which fall is associated with the river Zembazi?

What is the name of the hot molten matter underneath solid rock? The hard, solid rocks, whose composition or texture has been changed by heat or pressure in the Earth are called: The rocks formed out of layers of sediment bonded together are known as a Metamorphic rocks b Sedimentary rocks c Igneous rocks d None of the above The fine yellowish dust or silt spread and deposited by the winds, that is very fertile is called: The mixture of silt, sand, and gravel deposited by flowing water such as rivers and streams is called a Sediment b Loess c Alluvium d All of the above The part of a river near the coast into which the sea flows is termed as a Tributary b Bank c Estuary d None of the above The areas of grassland totally without trees in South America especially around the estuary of the River Plate are called: What is the name of tropical grassland that has tree clumps scattered about it?

What is the name given to areas of land in the higher latitudes where short, cool summers do not permit trees to grow? The study of earthquakes and the waves generated by them is termed as a Volcanology b Seismology c Geomorphology d All of the above What is the name given to the material borne along by, beneath or within glaciers?

The flat-topped hill or mountain left isolated by the erosion of softer rocks all around it is generally known as a Mesa b Munatak c Savanna d None of the above A hill or peak sticking through an ice cap, mostly found in Green land or Antarctica is called: What is 38th Parallel line?

Which one is a boundary line between Finland and Russia? Which are the boundary lines between India and Pakistan? Where lies Macmohan line? Which of these mountain passes are in Pakistan? Which is the largest river of Uzbekistan? Qyzylqum is the largest desert of a Turkmenistan b Tajikistan c Kirgyzstan d Uzbekistan Garagum desert is in which central Asian State? The highest peak of the central Asia lies in Tajikistan that is meters high.

Which is the largest landlocked country of the world? Which is the second largest country in Africa? Area wise a Canada b Russia c India d China London is situated across the river a Danube b Thames c Volga d Rhine Which of the following boundaries exists between Germany and Russia? Which two countries borders along the 24th Parallel line? Which of the following boundary lines does exist between Poland and Russia?

Siegfred line is a boundary line around: Green Line is any boundary line. Green Lines exist between: Every body knows Great Wall of China. Chinese erected this wall as a defense against: Which boundary line does exist between Pakistan and Afghanistan? Which defensive boundary wall Roman Britians established against invading tribes? Which of the following is the second longest river in Europe?

Which is the second largest river in the world in terms of length? The largest and most important river in North America is: The longest river of Asia is: The second longest river in Africa is: The Balance of payment is understood as: The number of family welfare centres in Punjab are: Which of the following statement is not true?

Identify the main functions of IMF: The domestic production of crude oil in the country is approximately per day a 44, Barrels b 57, Barrels c 65, Barrels d 70, Barrels 9. The biggest market of Pakistani exports is: The biggest market of Pakistani Imports is: The Government has reduced the rate of profit on National Saving Schemes primarily for the reason of: Difference between a countrys exports and imports is: Cash crop is the crop: The lowering of the value of a currency in the international market or against specific other currencies, which makes exports cheaper and imports expensive is called: The value of the output of all goods and services produced within a nation's borders, normally given as a total for the year.

It thus includes the production of foreign owned firms within the country, but excludes the income from domestically owned firms located abroad, is called: Dow Jones index' is the scale: Embargoes are designed to: When a group of countries have removed all tariffs quotas and export subsidies on trade among themselves — that is called: Family Planning in rural areas hampered mainly due to: Both-way trade between two countries is also known as: Trade by exchange of Commodities is called: Tax on a Commodity according to its volume is: Who is the first Tax Mohtasib of Pakistan?

Safety stock of grains held by the government is: The lowest price below which a thing will not be sold is called its: When no tariffs are imposed on exports and imports, it is called: An economy when private and government enterprises both operates, is: Agreement between two countries is: Family Planning Programme was started in Pakistan in: What percentage of population in Pakistan is under the age of 15?

A free port is the port where: Which country has maximum foreign project investments in Pakistan? K c China d Japan What do you understand by the term "Kerb" in foreign currency dealings: Financial year of USA starts from: In the budget , the government has decided to wind-up one of the following privilege of the new employees: In the budget , the largest sector of current expenditure is allocated on: In the budget , , what amount the government has allocated to undertake new water projects in the country: General Sales Tax, under the constitution is a: Which of the following country will provide financial aid for the construction of Gwadar Port and Makran Coastal highway in Balochistan?

The world's most Powerful super computer is called: The outflow of the best and brightest students from developing countries is called: Which five year plan of Pakistan is yet to be implemented? The per capita income of Pakistan is approximately: Which province has the highest literacy rate?

According to a recent report of International Labour Organization ILO the number of people in the World living on two dollars or less a day are: Pinpoint the source, through which budgetary gap is financed in Pakistan?

If a country wants to achieve rapid rate of economic development, it must save at least: Identify the main reason of 'deficit financing' in Pakistan- a Low savings b Rapid growth of Population c Inadequate banking facilities d All the above one Pakistan's domestic saving rate of GNP is: Which is the single largest component of GDP of Pakistan? Which of the following sector is the main source of foreign exchange earnings in Pakistan? Identify the duration of the First five year plan of Pakistan: What is the share of wheat crop in total cropped area of Pakistan?

The total area of Pakistan is 80 million hectares, out of which area under forests is: OPEC's largest oil producing country is: The Aid to Pakistan Consortium now renamed as: The ratio of males and females population of Pakistan is equal in: The country with highest ratio of urban population in South Asia is: The Government of Pakistan has given certain incentives to farmers for growing black tea on experimental basis at: In which of the following country, population growth rate is lowest?

In which of the following country, the population growth rate is lowest? The largest population density is in: The World's population has now reached on: The study of science of population is called: The 5th national census recorded the total population of Punjab with annual growth rate of: The population growth rate in the country is: Identify the total percentage of population in the country, having access to safe and clean water supply.

The population density in Punjab per square kilometer is approximately: Identify the member of G-8 organization, which will provide million US dollars to Pakistan in for certain development projects? In the total population of Pakistan, the percentage of income tax payers is only: What do you understand by the term "deflation"?

The maximum number of persons populated in one square kilometer of area are in: The minimum number of persons populated in one square kilometer of area are in: In the total population of Pakistan, the share of Punjab province is approximately: In the total population of Pakistan, the share of Balochistan is approximately: The total demand of power electricity in the country at present is approximately: In which of the following districts, the government of Pakistan has given incentives package to farmers for growing black tea on experimental basis?

In which division of Punjab, the ratio of males and females is equal? Which of the continents has the lowest population growth rate? Khan c Gujranwala d Lahore Which is the most urbanized division of Punjab? In the ten 10 most populated cities of Pakistan, Sialkot is on number: In the ten most populated cities of Pakistan, Rawalpindi is on number: Which region of Punjab is free from water-logging Problem?

What is the main reason of the flour crisis in the country?

General knowledge Book updated 2018 for CSS,PMS,PPSC,UPSC

Identify the length of Islamabad-Peshawar section of Motorway: Which Division of Punjab produces maximum wheat crop? The share of Cotton crop in the total cropped area of Punjab is approximately. Which division of the Punjab Produces maximum Sugarcane crop? Out of total wheat production in Pakistan, Punjab contributes around: The largest portion of saline area of land in Punjab is in: The total area Pakistan has under forestation is estimated at: National income is the sum of: Gross Domestic Product is the value of all goods and services: Gross National Product is the total value of goods and services: National income is essentially composed of: Which of the following of Punjab has the lowest population density?

Khan The value of the vegetables a retired school teacher grows in his lawn is excluded from the calculation of national income because: Which of the following activity will be considered as investment?

Real national income increases if: Identity the false statement among the followings: Per capita income is: Which of the following is a real cause for low per capita income of Pakistan? Economic development means: Which of the following statement is false? Which of the changes below is most likely to lead directly to an increase in the income growth rate? Economic planning means: The main reason why cheques can be regarded as money is that: Of all methods of payment, the recognized legal tender is: Token coins are: Who issues one-rupee coin in Pakistan?

Who issue two-rupee note in Pakistan? Who issue ten-rupee note in Pakistan? Which of the following statement is true? By value of money is meant? Economics 19 According to "Tausing": Which of the following groups is most likely to benefit from inflation?

Which of the following must be a result of inflation? Can money perform the following functions? Which of the following will be described as "cost push" inflation? Will the following benefit in real terms during a period of high and rising inflation: A stock exchange is: Which one of the following is not a function of a commercial bank? In Asia, the highest density of population persons per sq. Which of the following is regarded as a liability by choosing banks?

Which of the following policies would be most appropriate for the State Bank of Pakistan to follow if it wished to make it more difficult for the commercial banks to grant loans?

Which of the following items in the balance of payments accounts are invisible? Which of the following is not true? Which of the following is false statement? A country's visible balance is the difference between the: Which of the following items are not exports of Pakistan? Which of the following is not Pakistan's major imports? Which of the following statement is not false? Which of the following is not correct? Taxes which may be shifted from the person upon whom they are originally imposed to another person are: An example of indirect tax is: Which of the following is true statement?

A budget is best described as: A budget of deficit is one: Which of the following measures would the government take to finance its borrowing requirements?

In a fully planned economy, who decided what would be produced: Which one of the following arguments can be used in favour of the market economy? Under a capitalist system, the economic problem of "what goods" shall be produced is solved primarily by: One advantage for the capitalist system for allocating resources in economy is that it: Which of the following countries could most aptly be described as having a fully centrally planned economy?

In Punjab, the lowest density of population is in: Khan Division Which of the following is a cash crop?


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