Monster in His Eyes. J.M. Darhower - Monster in His Eyes (Book 1).epub. KB. J.M. Darhower - Torture to Her Soul (Book 2).epub. KB. I see it sometimes in his eyes, a darkness that's both terrifying and thrilling. He's a monster, wrapped up in a pretty package, and what I find. Crashed Out (Made in Jersey #1) by Tessa KB Turn it Up ( The Detroit Love Du - Kim .. J. M. Darhower - Monster in His .

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Monster In His Eyes Epub

Monster in His Eyes book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Ignazio Vitale is not a good man.I suspect it, the first t. eBook features: Highlight, take notes, and search in the book; In this edition, page numbers are just like the physical edition; Length: pages; Word Wise. aishahxashaikh didn't favorite any books yet! (click the on a book's page). Books aishahxashaikh published. Monster In His Eyes. by J.M. Darhower.

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But this right here is probably her BEST. Monster In His Eyes book 1 http: View all 22 comments. I hate you! Noooo, I love you. God damn it Vitale, you fucked my life!!! I can't help myself, I still love you Love means turning yourself inside out, handing yourself over to somebody else, and trusting them..

Push you so hard, so far, that you hate me for it. I fell in love with him, and that's what destroyed me in the end. And it was Naz who charmed me, who won me over and made me melt. It wasn't until later that I got to know the true Ignazio, and by the time I met Vitale, it was far too late to just walk away. He keeps up drawing patterns for a few minutes, nearly lulling me to sleep, before leaning over and pressing a soft kiss between my shoulder blades. He wraps his arms around me, pulling me onto my side toward him, my back flat against his warm chest.

They tell a story, depending on how you connect them. View all 20 comments. Apr 21, Mysza rated it it was amazing Shelves: Let me just say, I had a massive book hangover for a few days after reading this one. I loved this book. The title and blurb says a lot already. This is not some sweet, fluffy romance, no, it's actually quite dark. Although the beginning is rather normal for erotic romance, when young and innocent girl meets older and mysterious man, the rest of it is not so light.

The further we get in to the story, the darker it gets. The plot was full of surprises and rather unexpected. The mystery of Let me just say, I had a massive book hangover for a few days after reading this one. The mystery of Ignazio Vitale is what kept me glued to the story and made me flip pages with my mouth open almost all the time.

There were little hints along the way and when I finally came up with my theory I couldn't read fast enough to get my answers. Naz is 36 and no, I wasn't bothered by the age difference here , he is mysterious and cryptic, dark and dangerous.

And though Karissa doesn't know much about him, she goes deep into relationship with him until it's too late.

Monster in His Eyes

She might seem a bit naive, but that didn't make her annoying at all. I think she didn't ask him the right questions, not because she didn't want to, but because she rather didn't want to know the answers to them.

And Naz, oh well, "tall dark and fuckable" alert. This guy was something else, intense, intelligent and passionate.

When you add his moments of swooning and kindness to this mix, you have the perfect bad "boy" hero. And finally, holy mother of god, bedroom scenes were hawt!

I loved how the intensity of them increased with every encounter, starting from rather ordinary sex and ending on rough, even on the verge of violence ones. So if you like kinky, controlling assholes, this you will like, otherwise I'm not a good man, Karissa, and I never will be.

You have to know, if this goes any further, if you ask me to stay, I'm not going to be able to let you walk away. I hate him. He's everything that's good.

He's the worst of everything. He gives my life meaning. He'll take my life away someday. My Prince Charming turned out to be the villain of my fairy tale, and part of me thinks that's okay, because eventually, it'll all disappear, anyway.

View all 91 comments. I'm drowning in him. As I sit here beating my head against the wall for my complete and utter stupidity, I have only one thought in mind: No, but seriously. I love anti-heroes. I love mafia romance. And I seriously love J. Drawer's writing. So why did this book spend almost 2 lonely years collecting dust in my kin 4 Stars He's a whirlpool of darkness, and I feel myself getting sucked deeper and deeper into the depths of his abyss. So why did this book spend almost 2 lonely years collecting dust in my kindle?

Because I'm an idiot, ladies and ovaries. Complete and utter idiot that's currently kicking my own ass if it's any consolation. I told you, Karissa. I read people. You have the tendency to just go with the flow and see where the wind blows, so I picked somewhere decent for you to land. I heard many things about Ignazio "Naz" Vitale. Some of them intriguing, some of them scary, and all of them utterly titillating and ovary tingling.

Karissa is an 18 year old college student that's struggling through a philosophy class. She's a good girl; she's not into the party scene, she talks to her mother daily, and she has a scholarship to her school which she needs to maintain with her grades.

But then Karissa's life takes a real turn when she meets the mysterious Naz; a man twice her age, rich, enigmatic, with just the right edge of dangerous. He fucks me like he means it, like he needs it, like being inside of me is more important than anything inside of him, and every cell in my body calls out to him, craving more of it.

Naz is such a magnetic force. As a reader you know there's something almost sinister and dark about him. You certainly know this way before the pieces begin clicking in Karissa's head about the man she's involved with. At first I was a little concerned with Karissa being only 18, that she'd be too naive, idealistic and immature.

And maybe she was those things in a way, but she also pulled it off.

Or better yet, the author pulled it off. I'm not sure how she did that, but I connected with her right away. As you're reading, you know that there's something much deeper involved than a chance meeting. Because the prologue gives that little bit away. It gives you a vague piece of the puzzle that will keep you glued to the pages in eager anticipation for more details.

Is it truly a chance meeting or the work of something more? What is it that Naz truly wants. What's his end game and will Karissa survive it? He's a monster, wrapped up in a pretty package. But I find myself wondering at times like this, when I feel the distance between us, if maybe in his eyes, the real monster is me. Naz is a true force of nature. I fell head over ovaries for him right away. There's this air of danger to him.

But he's also a perfectly balanced two sided coin. One side nurturing and caring, and the other side dangerous and depraved. You crave that darkness even while you're enjoying his sweetness. Though to be fair, there's really nothing sweet about the man. But his treatment of Karissa is almost fervent.

While the romance is hot, what truly grips you is the intrigue behind Naz's past and present. Who is he really? What does he want? And when the truth finally gets unveiled? The only thing that kept this from a solid 5 star read for me was the super quick connection between Karissa and Naz.

It wasn't quite insta-love, but it wasn't quite not either. There was a large chunk of the book centered around the everyday of their relationship which got a tad stale after a while. But then the second half more than made up for the slowness of the first. JM Darhower crafts yet another addicting tale that's utterly impossible to put down from beginning to finish. I read it cover to cover in one day.

I was ready to cut someone for daring to interrupt me. This author has this way of sucking you right into the story and keeping you at the edge of your seat the entire time. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to dive straight into book two! Graphic is stock downloadd and created by me for DGR blog.

Please don't share without permission Find me on: View all 48 comments. Jan 06, Pearl Angeli rated it it was amazing Shelves: He's a monster wrapped up in a pretty package. But I find myself wondering at a times like this, when I feel the distance between us, if maybe in his eyes, the real monster is me. This book is so not what I've expected! Everything was totally mind-blowing and an absolute perfection! This is my first time ever to read a book written by J. Darhover and to say I am appalled is an understatement.

The author's writing style defines what a true dark-romantic storyteller should possess. I have to sa He's a monster wrapped up in a pretty package. I have to say, J. Darhover is an author to watch! Monster in His Eyes radiates a completely dark, gripping, and mysterious love story about an eighteen year old college girl named Karissa Reed and an older, thirty-six year-old man named Ignazio "Naz" Vitale. The moment they met, Karissa was hooked by Naz.

It was the virile, dark side of him added by his air of mystery, wealth, and authority that intrigued her and drew her to him. As their relationship progressed into a more intimate one, Karissa thought that she was already falling for him hard even if she didn't have any idea of his true identity.

He's a drug, an addictive one, and I'm not sure it's a habit I can kick. This book is suspenseful and dark, raw and enigmatic. I enjoyed how it started out strong that it instantly caught my full attention and how chapter by chapter I found myself more drawn to the book and the mystery that it held. The main characters are wonderful and very unique, and with lovable flaws.

Karissa is a sweet and passionate heroine while Naz is an enigmatic, sexy, strong man. How can someone surrounded by an air of danger make me feel so downright safe?

The plot progression was a bit slow from the start up to the middle but that's what made it all the more riveting because the anticipation of what's about to come and be discovered thrilled me. There were lots of passionate and emotional scenes that can drive you crazy.

A Rake's Vow (Cynster, #2){PDF/ Epub} by Stephanie Laurens - hb12egs4

It was also the main characters' relationship development that made the book really remarkable. I look forward to reading its sequel soon! View all 35 comments. May 10, Candace rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dangerous guy. Naive girl.

Monster Paradise

A captivating love story between two people from seemingly different worlds. Angst, mystery, suspense. This story has it all, along with a seriously sexy alpha-male. I don't want to give anything away, but there are twists in the plot. All I can say is that this is a book you don't want to miss. It is a riveting story right to the end and will be one that I know I'll re-read many times. Definitely a new favorite! View all 19 comments. Apr 24, Jennifer Kyle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Naz progressively became hotter and hotter in each intimate scene 4.

The author wrote a fast paced page turner and had me on edge the whole read dying to know whether my theories were correct. I highly recommend this story, the writing was excellent, the story consuming and the sex was really edgy. Excellent job J.

View all 76 comments. Apr 21, Lucia rated it liked it. Monster In His Eyes is sensual, thrilling and all-consuming story that will make your heart race and your breath speed up rapidly.

It is extremely intense story about finally finding your one true hapiness, only to realize that fairytales and Prince Charming have no place in real world. She proves again that no matter what she writes about; whether it is paranormal, romance or suspense, I am putty in her hands.

Her writing invites you in, her unique plot keeps you captivated and her characters will fascinate you. Darhower ventures into genre of erotic romance with slight touch of dark themes.

Storyline and its twists were always the primary focus of this book and I was thankful for that. However, I feel like I need to mention that characters were walking very thin line between passionate and rough animalistic sex quite frequently in this book. I liked it, it was more than suitable for this kind of story, for the kind of people Naz and Karissa are. He is the reason why I enjoyed this book so much.

Man of many faces, an enigma. Is he a charming knight in shinning armor? A gifted seducer and experienced playboy? An intimidating powerful man? Or a monster in disguise? Who is real Ignazio Vitale? I know only one thing for sure, and that is that Naz is one of the most intriguing characters I had a pleasure to read about.

He simultaneously fascinated me and scared me. I had my doubts towards heroine at the beginning. It was clear that she has been overprotected and sheltered her whole life, unable to recognize real danger.

So it was no surprise at all to see her lose herself in a man like Ignazio Vitale throughout the story, even if he was twice her age. And I have to applaud author for that.

A bonus? No cliffhanger. Love means turning yourself inside out, handing yourself over to somebody else, and trusting them… trusting them to touch you, to handle you, to bend you, but never, ever break what you give them. View all 51 comments. Jan 13, Clumsy Storyteller rated it it was ok Shelves: View all 25 comments.

Even then the girl agrees to go out for dinner, they have SEX. Throughout the book I was waiting for at least one significant event to blow my mind but nothing happened. Even towards the end when there was a revelation of how all the characters were connected which I totally predicted btw!

It was not so big of secret after all, I mean there were clues scattered all over the places and the author did not do a great job at building up any sort of suspense.

Technically Kirsten did! But my point is the story was dragged to the point of boredom! Only saving grace was the sex and the writing. I loved the philosophical references which was interesting and thought provoking.

Buddy Read with my book twin Kirsten click to read her awesome review. View all 61 comments. I absolutely loved this book!! I couldn't put it down!!! It was dark,hot,captivating,mysterious and intense! It was a story about passion and control..

This book made me feel like I'm a part of the story! The story is about a young student college, Karissa who finally has the opportunity to live an independent life away from her mother..

But soon Karissa's life will change when she meets a mysterious man named Naz who is twise her age.. Their connection is beyond her control.. But what can you do when you fell in love with a Monster?? Is he really a Monster or he is something more?? Lately I have read some really good books with difference in ages and this is one of them! I loved the story of this one. And I didn't have problem with the ages. Naz was a very interesting character! He intrigued me from the beginning!

He was handsome,compelling,mysterious and dark. He was a man who wanted attention and believe me you can't resist him!!! The sex scenes were so hot and passionate!!! I didn't see that coming!! If you love books with mystery,suspense and passionate this is what you need!! View all 49 comments. May 13, Emily May added it Shelves: I mentioned in my review of Raw that I'm going through some "dark" erotica books as part of a project with my college book club.

I also said that I wouldn't be writing reviews for most of them because I already know they're not my thing and no one wants to read my constant negativity.

But I have decided to comment on a couple that made a significant impression on me. There's no rating from me for this book because my own tastes would skew it, but I will say: It does carry the usual tropes, but in a subgenre that is essentially rape and abuse wrapped up in an "I-am-so-sexy-it's-okay" package, then this book stands out as being well-written, compelling and even romantic at times. There is a rich man and a relatively inexperienced student.

There is a quirky best friend. There is rough sex. As I said, no surprises there. But there is no abuse and any sexual "control" is completely consensual and respectful - to the point where the guy constantly checks to make sure Karissa is okay with everything. He loves and cares for her but, more than that, he respects her as an autonomous individual and frequently asks what she wants. The "dark" side of this book actually didn't feel that dark to me, but maybe that just means I've seen way too many gangster movies.

Until she inevitably falls in love with him - did you know that it's not really rape if the rapist has a pretty face? Neither did I. But the guy's still refusing to call him Naz dark secret in Monster in His Eyes is only indirectly linked to their relationship.

It's more to do with his questionable "professional" antics on the side - which I was able to forgive. Unlike actions such as rape and abuse, which I view as unforgivable. So, my mind hasn't changed about this subgenre, but if you were on the lookout for dark erotica books that don't actually make you want to cast yourself from the nearest tall building View all 7 comments.

Apr 22, It's just me Shelly B rated it really liked it Shelves: Started slow Seriously she gave it up that fast She's young and he's older maybe that's why Is this a 50 shades of grey fanfic Needs more depth Characters kinda one dimensional But interesting at the same time Well I guess I will continue on I don't get it Oh shit I'm really liking now I can't stop reading now I Started slow She just did that I will CUT somebody!!!!

Nooooooooooooo I need book 2 NOW!!!! View all 36 comments. I guess my thoughts for the book could be summed up with three questions. Did the book wow me? Not at all. Did I enjoy it? To a certain degree, at least I have more positive thoughts about it than negative. Will I be reading the next one? Karissa Reed is an year old seemingly average college student. She has all the characteristics of a teen: But when the two of them were together, holy cow, they burned up the sheets!

Totally H-O-T! For starters, does Karissa have any other classes aside from philosophy? It seems like her mundane routine consists of: While this book is mainly character-driven, the background setting has to be somewhat logical for me.

Outside from their smoking hot sex scenes, Karissa and Naz had absolutely zero chemistry. The story is told in a chilling, almost mechanical manner so it left little room for any romantic atmosphere possible, and with the heavy insta-love present because they fell in love in a few weeks through eating and watching movies I was left shaking my head and rolling my eyes many times. I especially love it when the author stays true to her characters, like Naz being unapologetic about his actions.

Monster in His Eyes is book 1 in a 2 part series and can technically be read as a standalone. The end of the book wraps up in a way where reading the next one is optional unless you want to satisfy your own curiosity. Which I want to so off to the next book! View all 82 comments. Apr 21, Brandi rated it it was amazing Shelves: I could not put it down.

I love that Naz is not your typical hero and I found Karissa very likeable. My Prince Charming turned out to be the villain of my fairy tale. When 18 year old Karissa meets Naz, she is immediately intrigued by him - he is successful, charming, confident and twice her age. And he seems to want her. As they begin to see each other regularly Karissa begins to realize, she doesn't know very much about the man who's bed she has been sharing.

But she is falling in love with him, regardless. Things get serious quickly, but what happens when Karissa learns the truth about Naz? I really enjoyed this one. I had theories early on - but I still found the progression of the story entertaining.

He knows what he wants and goes for it.

I am really looking forward to the conclusion of Naz and Karissa's story scheduled to release this fall. May 03, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: Every once in a while I will come across a book that really stays with me. I want to talk to my husband about it over dinner. I want to go back and re-read my favorite parts.

I want to ponder over the highlighted text. Monster in His Eyes is just that type of a read for me. I know that people have categorized it as a dark romance but truly I see it as so much more than that. I found this read to be thrilling, psychological, romantic, sexy, tender, gritty, and definitely unforgettable. I will do Every once in a while I will come across a book that really stays with me. I will do my best in this review to do it justice. But truly, if you are at all intrigued by this book don't wait Karissa is a young college student at NYU.

She has lived a very sheltered life. Her mother is unstable and has moved them around quite a bit. She doesn't know her father. Karissa has made a life for herself in New York and she loves her roommate. After one drunk night out in the club, she meets an older man. That moment changes her life forever.

His full name is Ignazio Vitale, although once, not so long ago, he urged me to call him Naz. If I ever even could've…" Naz is a "business man". He is attractive, wealthy, intelligent, and happily sweeps Karissa under his wings.

The Metal Monster

Naz has a dark past. On one hand we see him trying to stay away from Karissa on the other hand he just cannot seem to stay away from her. Karissa is smart enough to know that things are not quite above board regarding Naz's job.

These suspicions are confirmed when she meets Naz's boss who she recognizes as a mob boss. Despite the questionable lifestyle Naz lives, Karissa cannot seem to get enough of him. She is so willing to give herself to him. Talking, eating dinners, making love, and all of the amazing things that new couples do.

When these two come together The man is a wrecking ball, pounding me, and I come to pieces almost instantly. We begin to see the darker side of Naz. He is struggling with the monster within. Naz has warned Karissa that he isn't a good man. He offers her an out. She doesn't take it. As story begins to build, the tension is unreal. Karissa's mom has run away, Naz is mysteriously working always wearing gloves , and Karissa and Naz are getting very serious. Karissa comes to the realization of who Naz really is.

How can she still love him? How can she hate him? What does she do? Overall, I found Monster in His Eyes to be a fantastic read. I enjoyed the tension, the descriptive writing, the big reveal aka cliffhanger , the beauty in Naz and Karissa's relationship, and the pacing was spot on!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book. Just be prepared to jump right into book 2 because you won't be able to wait to find out what happens! Their relationship quickly moves to being an intense arrangement. Be careful who you trust.

There may not always be someone there to save you. That ending left me contemplating: I need resolution to their dark and twisty love story. View all 65 comments. Apr 22, Catarina rated it really liked it Shelves: Karissa is a 18 years old college student that falls in love with an older guy. Naz is sexy, smart, irresistible…. And dangerous. But as their romance starts to grow, she realizes that maybe their lives are more entwined that she thought.

And now she has already too far in, to get back. And when secrets start to get revealed, who is the real monster? P Storyline: This is not your traditional romance. I know that Naz is supped to be a dominant-sexy-badass, but still, in a lot of moments it seemed like he was almost forcing her to be with him. Writing Style: First person, female POV. Amazingly written, emotional and engaging. When you start a new book but your mind is still on the story and the characters of your previous book, you know you are suffering from a book hangover.

That is exactly what JM Darhower has done to me. Monster in His Eyes is a fast paced and hella hot read with some mystery and suspense. Once I started reading, I was a goner. Could not put that book down. The hero is not your typical good guy. Kariss 5 Stars!

Karissa is an eighteen year old college student. She makes sure she keeps a 3. She just wants to get through school, get settled in one place. After moving place to place with her mother throughout her child hood, she just wants to be settled.

She never imagined someone like Ignazio Vitale would be interested in her, but she was so so wrong. Naz is older than Karissa. A man who knows who he is and what he wants. And he wants Karissa. Naz is a man who is used to getting exactly what he wants when he wants it. All it took was one hit.

One strong, euphoric hit and I was hooked. Naz and Karissa start seeing one another regularly. What he does for a living, how he has so much money.


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