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Muhammad Bin Qasim Pdf Book

Free Download Muhammad Bin Qasim Historical Novel Part 2 in Pdf Visit the following links to read online or download the book in Pdf. Muhammad Bin Qasim Part 2 By Naseem Hijazi | Free Pdf Books Muhammad bin Qasim Se Aurangzeb Tak Urdu Muhammad Bin Qasim, Free Pdf Books. Sindh Ka Soorma Novel By Aslam Rahi M A Sindh ka soorma novel contains a historic adventurous story is authored by aslam rahi m a in urdu pdf language.

Among the Muslims, the first to conquer the territories of India were the Arabs. They, by spreading Islam, attained their political and religious unity in India. The conquest of Sind was successful after a number of attempts. It was under the leadership of Mohammad-bin-Qasim, that Sind, then a part of India along the Indus River now in Pakistan was conquered. Muhammad-bin-Qasim was an Umayyad general who conquered the Sindh and Punjab regions at a very young age of Even today, Sind invasion is considered as one of the world's historic marvels as it led to the spread of Islam in South Asia and the Muslim communities in India. The reasons that led to the invasion The foundation of Arab domination in Sind in A. In fact, Muhammad-bin-Qasim's exploration to India was actually the third attempt. After these conquests, their attention was towards India.

Muhammad Bin Qasim By Naseem Hijazi

Dahir, ultimately had to face death, though he had put up a brave fight against the Arabs. The larger implications of the battle Though Qasim had conquered few territories, the Arabs failed to expand their territories beyond Multan and Sind.

So logically, the Arabs could conquer only a small portion of India. To check the invasion of the Arabs in other parts of India, there were Rajput rulers of the North and of the East.

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As a matter of fact, for most historians, the conquest of Sind by the Arabs was not a major conquest, but of course it laid the foundation of Islam religion in India. The Arabs did not bring about any new system of administration. Qasim established good administrative structure, peace and order in the places he conquered. He respected other religions, though there were instances of poor Hindus being converted to Muslims.

The reason being, he helped the poor people who were impressed by his ruling policies, which made them embrace Islam.

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During his rule, the Hindu and Buddhist spiritualists were given stipends. The overall place and significance of the invasion in the Indian History Some significant impacts of the invasion of Sind by the Arabs in Indian History are as follows: The Arab rule in Sind led to the mingling of two essentially different cultures and the Arab culture got enriched by the Hindu culture and civilisation.

Some historians say that Sind was the birthplace of Sufism. Some historians also say that many Indian rulers did not fight against the Arabs and this made easier for Mahumud of Ghazni and Mohammad Ghori to raid the country. After the conquest of Sind, some Hindus were converted to Islam. Knowledge on Hindu philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, and medicine became popular with the Arabs.

Muhammad bin Qasim

Also, Indian architects were invited to built mosques and buildings in Baghdad. Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Releases. Add to Wishlist.

It is another great history book of Naseem Hijazi. The coming out on top of Sindh covered the way of important Mohamed supporter good things done in sub-continent. Muhammad Bin Qassim was great Mohamed supporter one respected for great acts.

As a military chief, he met his very sad end in new living.

He got placed over Raja Dahir of Sindh in the coastal areas of Sindh. The book has in it the living go across, wars, and good things of Muhammad Bin Qasim. The writer described the existing wheeled machine with authoritative statements, directions which are trustable.

Salih, whose brother was executed by Hajjaj, tortured Qasim and his relatives to death. The account of his death by Al-Baladhuri is very brief compared to the one in Chachanama. Upon capture they had been sent on as presents to the Khalifa for his harem in the capital Baghdad however Baghdad wasn't built yet and the actual capital was Damascus.

The account relates that they then tricked the caliph into believing that Muhammad bin Qasim had violated them before sending them on and as a result of this subterfuge, Muhammad bin Qasim was wrapped and stitched in oxen hides, [47] and returned to Syria , which resulted in his death en route from suffocation.

Upon discovering this subterfuge, the Khalifa is recorded to have been filled with remorse and ordered the sisters buried alive in a wall. This is usually voiced in two antagonistic perspectives viewing Qasim's actions: [50] His conquest, as described by Stanley Lane-Poole, in Medieval India Published in by Haskell House Publishers Ltd , was "liberal".

He imposed the customary poll tax, took hostages for good conduct and spared peoples' lives and lands. He even left their shrines undesecrated: 'The temples;' he proclaimed, 'shall be inviolate, like the churches of the Christians, the synagogues of the Jews and altars of the Magians'.

Elliot considered him to be "better" than other invaders, indulging in "much less, wanton sacrifice of life than was freely indulged in by most of the ruthless bigots who have propagated the same faith elsewhere.

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Qasim's numerical inferiority is said to explain any instances of apparent religious toleration, with the destruction of temples seen as a reflection of the more basic, religiously motivated intolerance.

Arnold and modern Muslim historians such as Habib and Qureishi. They believe that the conquest was largely peaceful, and the conversion entirely so, and that the Arab forces enacted liberal, generous and tolerant policies. It is contended that Qasim may have struck a middle ground, conferring the status of Dhimmi upon the native Sindhis and permitting them to participate in his administration, but treating them as "noncitizens" i.

His conquest for the Umayyads brought Sindh into the orbit of the Muslim world. This approach would prove critical to the way Muslim rulers ruled in India over the next centuries.

Mansurah was the capital of the Soomra Dynasty.


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