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Myanmar Book Shin Ma

Ma Sabel and Us. Author: La Yaung Kyu Yint · Novels.: Mar; View: ;: MB. Detail · Read. Missing Page. Author: La Yaung Kyu Yint. Now and Forever Our Lives Author: Shin Ma Category: Novels.: Aug; View: ;: MB. Download Here · Read this book online · Report. Top Popular Books. Home / Popular. All; This Week Author: Lone Ma Novels.: Apr; View: Author: Shin Myat Noe Novels.: Apr; View.

However, Myanmar Ambassador Lwin acknowledged the matter saying that it was a "mistake" to show the St Martin's Island as part of their territory, according to a diplomat. Also Read- No respite for St Martin's biodiversity The island was never a part of Myanmar if anyone looks back at the history since and Dhaka says there is an 'ulterior motive' behind drawing and sharing the map of Myanmar on websites. It was part of British-India when Myanmar got separated back in , said an official adding that this means it was part of India. This screenshot taken from the website of Myanmar's Department of Population clearly shows St Marin's Island circled in red included in the the country's territory He went on saying: "There's no doubt. How could they Myanmar claim St Martin's Island as part of their territory? It's a deliberate attempt. On what basis you did it? The Myanmar envoy was tight-lipped with a gloomy face when the UNB correspondent approached to know why he was summoned.

The assemblages of cultural evidences such as Palaeolithic stone tools clustered along the major drainages of Dry Zone and its peripheries. Later there have being recorded several prehistoric sites in the Dry Zone as the additional cultural sequence evidences of Upper palaeolithic, Neolithic stone age sites and Chalcolithic, Bronze and early Iron age sites.

These areas out of Central Plain occurred more or less cultural remains of primitive man, especially human cultural remains of Pleistocene and Post-Pleistocene period, but not yet so far been found except some places of Shan Plateau and Upper Mu valley Moore, The prehistoric sites of Badahlin, Budhojino and Lwewin are geographically situated in Shan Plateau, they may be the most extreme western sites of Hoabinhian cultural zone.

Myanmar National Literature Award

Previous Mesolithic Finds After De Terra and Movius, the smaller sized tools such as small flake tools, scrapers, disc-cores were known with the association of other larger flake tools and potsherds in the vicinities of Magwe, Minbu, Kyaukpadaung and Popa. In the vicinity of Popa, Sai Chaung Valley area Both of a few of crude larger tools like small hand-adze, large scraper and small sized tools consisted as scraper, point and blades were identified and associated with the alluvium soil.

Movius seems to say that some varieties of scrapers are provably used for fashioning wooden or bone shafts Movius, p , which is notable characteristic of exploiting smaller chipped tools in the typical Mesolithic culture. At Magwe as the smaller stone implements, a large series of scraper types made of flakes of silicified tuff as well as fossil wood fragments were collected in a locality in the eastern site of Magwe Myathalon Pagoda.

Morris previously discussed such considered smaller tools were assigned to Upper Palaeolithic Period on the basis of typological study. There was considerable controversy meanwhile T.

Myanmar claims St Martin’s Island is theirs | Dhaka Tribune

Another controversy of identification on the excavated stone tools are known from Padahlin cave. U Aung Thaw, excavator and incharge of Department of Archaeology first stated the excavated finds in Padahlin cave belonged to the early Neolithic Culture while a few of ground and edged tools present along with hundreds of Palaeolithic tools such as pebble, flake and scraper Aung Thaw, Later it was pointed out that Padahlin is assigned Mesolithic tool factory site related to the typical Hoabinhian culture of Southeast Asia rather than the typical Neolithic Myint Aung, Beyond these systematic archaeological investigations there followed prehistoric cultural reveals within recent two decades, but the latters are not in practical diggings they are surface reconnaissance and general typological analysis.

The next is mentioned discovery of Late Anyathian tools from eastern slope area of Pondaung region. Such as small size of chopper-choppings and scrapper, blade, point, burin of Upper palaeolithic tools were collected while Myanmar-Japan Palaeontological research survey team got there in Win Kyaing, Understanding Mesolithic Mesoliths very often ascribed as microliths normally range 1 cm to 6 cm in length and sometime 1.

These measurements are given only to form an idea about the general size of the tools found from so called Mesolithic period.

List of Burmese writers

The tools are basically fabricated by originally more or less flaking techniques and it followed fluting and retouching. In which manufacturing of blades, points, crescent or lunate, microburin, trapeze and triangle of geometric microliths are emphasized.

These are tools which could not have been used simply by hand. According to the evidences known from the Southwest Asia and India, the tiny stone specimens were merely elements which in combination were hafted on wooden or bone handles to be finally used as implements Bhattacharya, It can be demonstrated that, the chipped razor or blades are put in the grove of a long piece of wood. Then the small blades are stoke with resin or other glue in a grove in a row, with their cutting edges adjoining each other.

Resin or other glue has hardened an excellent knife with cutting edge far longer than that of a single blade Zeuner, The other weapons using the microlithis in several forms of combinations are spear heads, arrow heads, sickles, knives, daggers and etc.

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Love Detailment. About Both of Them. An Old Mirror. Next Page of Missing.

Not Intended but …. All right Reserved. Agricultural Astrology Business Comedy Comic Detective Dictionary 8. English Health History Knowledge Language Magazine The orgress asked the king to rescue her child and king AhLaung Sithu whipped the sea with the cane, saying why the ManiMayKhaLar Nathamee did not rescue!

The orgress offered various incense to king AhLaung Sithu. At KunnYwa, there were many birds in the sky and the soothsayers said that it is an auspicious place where the Buddha image want to reside.

The king have the Buddha images placed on white elephants to find where they rest in order to find the place for the Buddha images.

Nine Wonders of Shwe Dagon Pagoda - Shwedagon Pagoda

This is the place where the remaining Tharakhan Buddha image want to reside. KunnYwa is the current ShweTannTit. When the king handled the Tharakhan wood he remarked how 5 Buddha statutes can be made from it as it is so small, the ThaGyarMinn told the king that he would do it and got it back. Although the ThaGyarMinn could make the Buddha statutes from the Tharakhan wood by his power, he only created small carpentry tools and have the 5 Buddha statutes of 4 finger breadth height sculptured and from the small pieces that result from the sculpturing, have a Buddha image made with Thit Say and gave all 6 Buddha statutes to the king.

King AhLaung Sithu remarked that the thrones are too small and it would be better to have elephant thrones beneath. The ministers and courtiers agreed and royal painters were called in they painted the first Tharakhan Buddha image with 15 elephant throne, the second Tharakhan Buddha image with 14 elephant throne, the third Tharakhan Buddha image with 13 elephant throne, the fourth Tharakhan Buddha image with 12 elephant throne, the fifth Tharakhan Buddha image with 11 elephant throne and the sixth Tharakhan Buddha image with 10 elephant throne and the paintings were shown to the king.


The king liked the paintings and ordered the carpenters to sculpture them.


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