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February 12th, - engineering physics 1 p mani Wed 06 Feb 13 51 00 GMT engineering physics 1 p mani pdf South City Mall is a. Engineering Physics by Mani P. - Goodreads. PH Engineering Physics 1 notes Anna University R download pdf ppt unit wise. you target to download and install the engineering physics 1 p mani, it is read online all Book PDF file that related with engineering physics 1 p mani book.

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P Mani Engineering Physics 1 Pdf

Engineering Physics 1 P Mani - [Free] Engineering Physics 1 P Mani [PDF] [ EPUB] Mani Lal. Bhaumik is an Indian-born American physicist and. Mani For Free [PDF] [EPUB] engineering physics 1 written by p mani for free is available in our P Mani Engineering Physics 2 Pdf Free by tioprotunlet. Engineering Physics 1 By P Mani - nbafinals.info Happy reading Engineering Physics 1 P Mani Book everyone. Download file Free Book PDF.

His career mostly spent in the Corps of Engineers as civil engineer before being posted to conduct the survey of Kahuta where he designed, established and later directed the enormous construction of the research site that was critical in the clandestine development of the atomic bomb program. His role in the atomic bomb program remains well hidden until memoirs written by dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan in After the partition of India in that led to the independence of Pakistan from the British Empire , his family eventually moved to Lahore and completed his education from there. Akbar applied and was accepted at the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul , and decided to attend the Military College of Engineering in Risalpur in to study engineering. In , he graduated with bachelor's degree in civil engineering with honours , and was commissioned as 2nd Lt. Akbar also attended the Command and Staff College in Quetta , where he qualified and graduated as psc in s. His career in the civil engineering spent mostly with the Corps of Engineers , participating in the second war with India in , where Major Akbar led the combat engineering company against the Indian Army. In , Col. Akbar was sent to join the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore, and graduated with the MSc in civil engineering , focusing towards the surveying , in Akbar was appointed to military secretary to then- President Fazl Illahi , and remained in this assignment until when he was promoted as one-star army general, Brigadier , only to be posted back at the Corps of Engineers. Abdul Qadeer Khan was less so, eventually became a complaint of the progress and leadership led by Mahmood to Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who also agreed. Acting on advice from Dr. Akbar had been well known of his involvement in the civil engineering projects with the Pakistan Army , and was approved by then- army chief General Zia-ul-Haq to be part of the clandestine atomic bomb programme.

Akbar noted to President Zia that Munir Khan had a breadth of knowledge of understanding the military affairs and knew the broad knowledge would be vital in an interdisciplinary project that would involve not just physics, but chemistry , metallurgy , ordnance , mathematics , and engineering , which he found lacking in other civilian scientists.

On 7 July , Brig. Akbar was temporarily promoted to the two-star rank army general as it was felt needed that the title " general " would hold more sway with the academic scientists working on the confidential projects. Major-General Akbar took responsibility of making critical decisions on prioritizing the various methods of gas centrifuges and acquiring raw materials needed by the scientists and engineers.

On foreign affairs , Lieutenant-General Akbar assisted President Zia on intelligence matters to deftly neutralized international pressure by tagging Pakistan's atomic bomb programme to the aggressive designs of neighboring India's nuclear program. Abdul Qadeer Khan which was later renamed after his name. Lieutenant-General J. Khan , his predecessor, gave him a detailed briefing about this operational plan and particularly stressed the importance of intelligence keeping a watch on Indian moves beyond Leh in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

Pervez Musharraf working as his subordinate. In , he was in race for the four-star rank appointment and promotion but became involved in a major controversy between President Zia and the Prime Minister M.

Junejo over the appointment of vice-chief of army staff , the operational command post of the Pakistan Army. Junejo refused to confirm that appointment, insisting on appointing the Lieutenant-General Mirza Aslam Beg as vice-army chief on merit. Eventually, Prime Minister Junejo used his pejorative to elevate Lieutenant-General Mirza Aslam Beg as vice-army chief and publicly announced in the news media of promoting Lieutenant-General Mirza Aslam Beg to the four-star army general.

In , Lieutenant-General Akbar was posted back at the DESTO , eventually taking over the directorship, where he became involved in classified and sensitive projects of the military. He led DESTO 's project in classified black projects to compete with missile gap with India, after the country test firing the short-range missile. After retiring in from his military service, Akbar was appointed as chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif , and it was during his term when Pakistan reached to the Final to face off with the English Cricket Team , and won the Cricket World Cup in A reference against Akbar was filed by NAB in an accountability court in July for owning assets worth Rs million which were not in accordance with his legal sources of income.

However, the former Wapda chief fled the country and the court declared him as proclaimed offender in Since then, he has been on the run.

But since Zahid Ali Akbar was a British national, the British embassy in Bosnia provided him legal help to wriggle him out of his trouble. The former general was later extradited to United Kingdom. He is now 85 years old. Since he wants to spend his last years in Pakistan, he has offered to return the money he got through illegal means.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Zahid Ali Akbar. Main article: Siachen Conflict. Retrieved 26 September Pakistan Army Museum. Abdul Qadeer 29 July AQ Khan on News International. News International. Retrieved 22 September Power Demand Projections now MW. Economic Review. Retrieved 2 October The Foreign Policy of Pakistan: Ethnic Impacts on Diplomacy London, Uk: Wounded Tiger: A History of Cricket in Pakistan.

Simon and Schuster. Retrieved 6 November Archived from the original on 16 April Retrieved 21 March News International Retrieved 27 September Feroz Hassan Eating Grass the Making of the Pakistan Atomic bomb google books 1st ed. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press. Karachi, Sindh Pk.: Jang Publishers. Pakistan in the way. Abdul Qadeer Khan and the News International. Retrieved Check date values in: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Venue. The News International. Retrieved 16 July It all started in the '70s at the same time our nuclear enrichment and weapons programme began.

We had acquired the Kahuta area. Brigadier Zahid had carefully scrutinized the papers of many contractors and had decided to give the contract of some very important buildings to defence contractor, HAKAS. May Defence Journal.

Long Road to Chagai: I want to thank Venkanna Sir for his continuous guidance and support all through my preparation of civil services. He is great mentor, and guided me not just in mathematics but in other areas as well. Without his efforts and unflinching faith in me, this would not have been possible. Test Series offered enough practice of all types of questions from each and every topic of all syllabus. Detailed solutions helped in clearing complicated concepts and gave new ways to look at the problems.

Conversations with Venkanna Sir over phone were helpful in clearing doubts which arose while studying at home and it also kept me motivated. I think that the Test Series is a must for every candidate with maths optional. I am grateful to Venkanna Sir for his invaluable guidance and support immensely contributed to my success. Thank you sir for making me understand Mathematics. His guidance helped in other areas of relevance to this examination as well.

Regarding Mathematics as an optional, i would like to suggest that it keeps up your interest in the preparation especially for engineering and science background student besides being very scoring. I came to Delhi for Civil Service Preparation only to choose mathematics as optional. Venkanna sir made me realized that it is best optional and helped me to prepare not only for Mathematics but other subjects too.

I owe my success to sir only. I am very thankful to Venkanna sir for his valuable guidance which helped me in clearing the IFoS Exam. Sir your personal guidance helped me a lot and i am grateful to you for your friendly nature which helped me to approach you any time. My acquaintance with IMS dates back to a couple of year ago when joined the institute for the test series.

During the course of the tests,i came to know about my weak areas. On Sir's advice, I carefully browsed through his notes which indeed proved beneficial.

Zahid Ali Akbar Khan

IMS is the institute to reform with if you opt for Mathematics as an optional. Work Hard and enjoy the process! Your proper guidance throughout the whole process helped me in analyzing the weak points of my preparation. I am also very much thankful to you for the hand written booklets for the various topics of Mathematics. I suggest students to take Maths as an optional in this new pattern for fetching good marks under the guidance of Venkanna Sir.

Sir has started GS classes also, so i would advice the aspirants that they may join that class also,cause his guidance is immensely good. I will continue to look towards you in future also for any help. Respected Venkanna Sir, I hereby express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your cooperation and guidance throughout my civil services preparation. The meticulously designed question papers in the test series and explanation of solution thereafter helped me a lot in preparing myself for the mathematics paper in Civil Services Examination.

I would be looking forward to your guidance in future as well. I am grateful to Venkanna Sir for his guidance and support that immensely contributed to my preparation. I relied almost entirely on IMS Class notes for mathematics for theory as well as practicing. The Test Series gave me an opportunity to test me strengths and find weak points and practice writing answers with due steps.

Venkanna Sir has also always been readily available outside the classroom to clear doubts and guide me. Mathematics, in my experience can be a very good avenue of scoring high marks if one is comfortable with it.

Moreover,performance will only increase with further inputs which makes it different from many other subjects. I take this opportunity to thank Venkanna sir for his guidance and help in achieving Rank in CSE Venkanna sir's Test Series has helped ma a lot for practicing mathematics in exam like conditions.

It also introduced me to various new sets of problems which are not available in standard books we refer.

With proper preparation, Mathematics optional definitely has edge over other optionals. I am very thankful to IMS Institute for guiding me in mathematics examination. I joined class room coaching programme and also benefited from test series programme. I would urge students to consider IMS institute if they are thinking of taking coaching in Mathematics. Importance of Mathematics can be judged bu its high scoring opportunities when mathematics scores can make a difference of marks as compared to other optional subjects.

Luckily I was able to clear both the examinations in my first attempt. My optional subject was Mathematics.

In case of Forest Service Examination, candidate is required to choose 2 Optionals, thus my second optional was Forestry with Mathematics as my first optional. Thus I would give much credit for my success to my correct choice of optional as well as performance in it.

I am writing this to share my experience with Maths as an optional subject and would feel happy if I am able to clear some of the doubts as well as apprehensions regarding it which many UPSC aspirants possess. I am Yogesh Kumbhejkar. I was not selected in the final list of CSE Now i am awaiting the Mains result.

Math is Extremely high scoring: If you get your maths optional right then you will make it to the final list. If you have attempted your paper well then you are sure that you will get good marks. Even if you don't get good marks in first attempt but you can be sure that you will increase your marks in subsequent attempt s. Mathematics is a delightful subject and therefore doing maths takes you away from somewhat boring humanities.

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Search for: Director's Message. Read More. Why should you choose Mathematics as an optional? Know More. Frequently Asked Questions! How did you divide the time between Maths and General Studies? How many questions you were able to attempt of Mathematics optional? Which topic you have given more priority in Maths? Get Answers from Our Toppers.

Amit Kumar Rank - For More Videos Click Here. Our Student's Feedback! Every mark in competitive exams like IFoS and CSE counts and the optional subject should provide us the scope to outperform other optionals.

I joined IMS test series and it helped me a lot in understanding my mistakes. Mani Agarwal. Notes prepared by Venkanna Sir will make your preparation easy and focused as different topics.

Zahid Ali Akbar Khan - Wikipedia

Dipesh Malhotra. The test series is very crucial when you are revising and doing the final preparation for the mains. Padmanabh Baruah. Test Series along with practice helps in finding out your strong and weak areas. Ashish Sangwan. Test series conducted by IMS was very effective in covering all the sub topics of the syllabus and simulating exam like conditions. Prateek Jain. Well prepared Notes and Test Series has given me a way to cover the entire syllabus in time bound fashion. Ajit Pratap.

The Test Series was meticulously devised which gave me a examination like feeling. Abhishek Modi. Bhagwati Prasad Kalal.

Teachers like Venkanna Sir who can very well guide you and help you in keeping faith in this subject. Mehga Agrawal. Gulneet Singh Khurana. Test Series programme was very important in providing a simulated exam environment, which was extreme helpful. Himanshu Gupta.


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