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QuickTest Professional Unplugged, the first book written by author Tarun Lalwani and the first ever book on QTP as well, has already turned out. Download QuickTest Professional Unplugged 2nd Edition eBook for FREE Tarun has released an eBook version (in PDF format) of the updated chapters. ebook pdf at our library. get quicktest professional unplugged book pdf file for free from quicktest professional unplugged librarydoc70 pdf - reviewed by miki .

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unplugged 2nd edition pdf quicktest professional unplugged pdf - wordpress - quicktest professional unplugged free pdf a must-have for every. professional unplugged librarydoc70 pdf - reviewed by miki petrussen for your safety and comfort, read carefully e-books quicktest professional unplugged. free download, quicktest professional unplugged 2nd edition pdf related documents: the selected water color paintings of lu chengqing material science callister.

It also discusses situations where Descriptive programming can be used. Using Descriptive Programming automation scripts can be created even if the application has not been developed. Descriptive Programming:Whenever QTP records any action on any object of an application, it adds some description on how to recognize that object to a repository of objects called object repository. QTP cannot take action on an object until unless its object description is in the Object Repository. But descriptive programming provides a way to perform action on objects which are not in Object repositoryObject Identification:To identify an object during the play back of the scripts QTP stores some properties which helps QTP to uniquely identify the object on a page. Below screen shots shows an example Object repository:Now to recognize a radio button on a page QTP had added 2 properties the name of the radio button and the html tag for it. The name the left tree view is the logical name given by QTP for the object. This can be changed as per the convenience of the person writing the test case. But an object under some other node can have the same name. Now with the current repository that we have, we can only write operation on objects which are in the repository. Some of the example operations are given below Browser "Browser".

WebTable "WebTable".

GetCellData 1,1 Browser "Example2". WebEdit "testPath". Set "Test text"When and Why to use Descriptive programming?

Below are some of the situations when Descriptive Programming can be considered useful: 1.

Descriptive Programming in QTP - [PDF Document]

The objects in the application are dynamic in nature and need special handling to identify the object. The best example would be of clicking a link which changes according to the user of the application, Ex. When object repository is getting huge due to the no. If thesize of Object repository increases too much then it decreases the performance of QTP while recognizing a object.

When you dont want to use object repository at all. Well the first question would be why not Object repository? Consider the following scenario which would help understand why not Object repository Scenario 1: Suppose we have a web application that has not been developed yet.

Now QTP for recording the script and adding the objects to repository needs the application to be up, that would mean waiting for the application to be deployed before we can start of with making QTP scripts. But if we know the descriptions of the objects that will be created then we can still start off with the script writing for testing Scenario 2: Suppose an application has 3 navigation buttons on each and every page.

Let the buttons be Cancel, Back and Next. Now recording action on these buttons would add 3 objects per page in the repository. For a 10 page flow this would mean 30 objects which could have been represented just by using 3 objects.

So instead of adding these 30 objects to the repository we can just write 3 descriptions for the object and use it on any page. Modification to a test case is needed but the Object repository for the same is Read only or in shared mode i.

When you want to take action on similar type of object i. Now adding all 20 the Object repository would not be a good programming approach. How to use Descriptive programming? There are two ways in which descriptive programming can be used 1. By creating properties collection object for the description. By giving the description in form of the string arguments. Each description has 3 properties Name, Value and Regular Expression.

By default each property that isdefined is a regular expression. Now actually that. Now below is the way we can use it Browser Browser. Page Page.

If we know that we have more than 1 element with same description on the page then we must define index property for the that description Consider the HTML code given below Now the html code has two objects with same description. So distinguish between these 2 objects we will use the index property.

Browser Browser. Hierarchy of test description:When using programmatic descriptions from a specific point within a test object hierarchy, you must continue to use programmatic descriptions from that point onward within the same statement. If you specify a test object by its object repository name after other objects in the hierarchy have been described using programmatic descriptions, QuickTest cannot identify the object. Link desc3 , since it uses programmatic descriptions from a certain point in the description starting from the Page object description.

However, you cannot use Browser Desc1. Link "Example1" , since it uses programmatic descriptions for the Browser and Page objects but then attempts to use an object repository name for the Link test object QuickTest tries to locate the Link object based on its name, but cannot locate it in the repository because the parent objects were specified using programmatic descriptions.

Getting Child Object:We can use description object to get all the objects on the page that matches that specific description. Suppose we have to check all the checkboxes present on a web page.

Set ON Next The above code will check all the check boxes present on the page. To get all the child objects we need to specify an object description i. A: The answer is that its not possible. Because whenever we try to access a property which is not defined its automatically added to the collection. Q: How to browse through all the properties of a properties collection? Note that you can enter a variable name as the property value if you want to find an object based on property values you retrieve during a run session.

For this we will do a simple recording of entering some text on Google. EXE" Browser "Browser". Sync Browser "Browser". Page "Google". WebEdit "q". Set "KnowledgeInbox" Browser "Browser". WebButton "Google Search". Click All the names used between "" are logical name of the objects in the Object Repository "Browser", "Page", "Google", "q", "Google Search" as shown in below imageNow lets look the below statement and try and convert it to DP Browser "Browser".

Create oGoogleSearch "type". WebButton oGoogleSearch. Click Which method of DP to choose? The later articles of this DP Part X series would be discussing in details when and where to use for which method. For now just understand that both methods have their own advantage and disadvantages Few difference IMO are listed belowString Description Uses less memory as strings are usedObject Description Requires more memory as objects are created.

Object creation is as such a overheadIncreases statement length in case more than one property is to be usedIncrease lines of code due to object creation overhead and property assignment Preferred when property value have regular expression characters which needs to be treated literally explained in one of the later articles DP Converted script SystemUtil.

But what we didnt discuss was the micclass property we used for the Browser. This article will go over various aspects of properties and introduce some terms that I use for DP micclass micclass represent the type of QTP test object. So why did we use micclass? Reason being that the Browser object in the object Repository didnt had properties define as we had only one browser opened at time of replay. Using strings with Pattern Lets assume we want to click a link "Logout Tarun " on my web page.

Create oDesc "text". Link oDesc. Click Now both the above methods will fail giving below mentioned error Cannot identify the object "[ Link ]" of class Link. Verify that this object's properties match an object currently displayed in your application.

Looking through the naked eyes on the web page the link does exist indeedSo what went wrong?

The most interesting question the movie raised was regarding our interpretation of reality. I was already halfway through the movie but at my back of my mind all the events from the past week were being replayed. There was this one thing that I knew might change the whole game and I was afraid that I might have gotten it all wrong. But I knew there was nothing I could do now since it was a thing of the past. If it was just one persons decision then I knew it would have been in my favor but there were many people involved in this.

Tarun January My roommate had left for his home town and was away for two weeks. I knew it would be tough to get through the weekend on my own, so I decided to call up few of my friends and go for a movie. All of us met at FSquare and enquired about the current shows.

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Descriptive Programming in QTP

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qtp descriptive programming unplugged pdf to excel

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The whole day, the only thing I did was to hit the f9 button on my keyboard and scan every new email.

QTP 9.5 Tutorial or User Guide PDF

But the one I was waiting for never came. This continued for the next three days and I had the sinking feeling that I had lost it. I felt very disappointed and dejected too, but I knew this was not the end of the world. I recollected the statement I had quoted to Andrew.

Success or failure is a part and parcel of life. You learn from failures and move on to new challenges with even stronger determination.

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