Tekken Comic is a manga series created by Rui Takato based on the eponymous series of . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Download as PDF · Printable version. This sensational new comic series will tap into TEKKEN's rich history, and will feature memorable characters from the celebrated video game canon including. The long-running fighting game Tekken is re-entering the realm of comic books in a new miniseries by Cavan Scott and Andie Tong. Scheduled.

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Tekken Comic Book

As a Tekken and comics enthusiast I had to download this book because this is a fresh new start for Tekken in the world of comics ever since Tekken Forever back in. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Phenomenal!" - Reading with a flight ring "Action packed." - Bleeding Cool "Ridiculous fun 4 out of 5" - Comic Book "Dynamic, fluid. Read Tekken comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page.

Fighting game storylines lend themselves well to comic books. Different games have led to different tie-ins. Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat each have a long history of comics of differing quality. But what of Tekken? In terms of U. And yes, it did get a handful of attempts. He holds a fighting tournament for his amusement, and of all the combatants, only one man is able to stand up to him.

March 19, in Japan, published the first volume of manga, including the first 6 chapters.

In the ring, fighting Paul Phoenix and Craig Marduk. After the victory of Paul receives a check for ten million yen from the organizer of the tournament, Jin Kazama.

New TEKKEN Title Brings The Fights To Comic Books

Suddenly there is a bear in the ring and throws Paul out of the ring. After that throws off the bear's skin and it turns out that in fact it is a girl, Asuka Kazama.

Asuka has Jin in the face and that he remembered her, calls her name. After the unfortunate incident Asuka meets her cousin, Jin. They part and meet again three years later - in the ring tournament, where Asuka came to end tyranny Jin. The girl returned to Osaka , not knowing that when she attacked Jin, was recorded on video and posted on the Internet. The next day, Asuka goes to school and on the way stop street disassembly.

Immediately after that, right in front of Asuka faulty plane crashed directly into the tower Tsutenkaku , and the very Asuka lands unknown girl. Asuka struck arrogance stranger attacks her, and she, posing Emilie de Rochefort is Japanese girl to a fight.

Battle 3 Wild flower Asuka fights with Emilie de Rochefort which later appears Lili , and during the fight learns that Lili is fighting with her because of the fact that the video with a performance at the tournament Asuka had more number of hits than any video Lili with her world tour in combat arts. In the end, Asuka wins the fight, offering Lili fight again in six months. But Lili does not agree with the proposal and is in Osaka, enrolling in the same school, where she studied Asuka.

Meanwhile, Lili settles in Japan to stay at home with her Askey servant Leo.

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Night in Tokyo flying aircraft, where sit Miguel and Bob. After a short conversation Miguel directly on the plane begins to fray, where the body makes sure might Bob.

In view of this battle plane lands at the airport of Osaka, making Miguel loses the opportunity to get to Jin Kadzama. Newsarama spoke with Scott and Tong about the series, the characters they are focusing on, and how they're bringing this iconic 3-D fighting game accurately to comic books. Cavan Scott: Andie Tong: It's about family, power and betrayal, broken alliances and consequences, spanning from two decades of storyline which is drawn deep from the Iron Fist Tournament's history and culture.

I hope we will get to touch on each character eventually, but I guess it will really depend on the fans. I hope that we can continue to tell the stories that audiences want to see told.

We needed to find something that pulled all the characters back together, a catalyst. Plus, I wanted there to be real character motivation behind everything, not just a series of fights. Although, trust me, there are fights.

Lots and lots and lots of fights. I love drawing all the classic characters, from the Mishima Clan to the supporting characters.

I'm still waiting for my chance to draw Marshall Law, who is the first character I ever picked to fight with, at the start of my gaming experience with the franchise. I'm anticipating an almost comical reunion when Cavan tells the story of the relationship between Paul and Marshall.

The Strange History of Tekken Comics

I'm looking forward to drawing that scene. I hope too, that Jun Kazama will make an appearance somewhere down the line. A good example of this is Paul Phoenix, who plays quite a big role in the story. If he fights, something bad will happen. So it gives you a chance to play with [unusual dynamics for a fighting series]. And of course, it gives you the chance to have wonderful fight scenes. The rivalries are so much fun.

She is full of sass. And Nina is so cold, so shut down. So between the two of them, they just make a wonderful pair. Like, which of these two characters are you supposed to root for? Which is less evil?

And for someone like me, who played the game from the beginning, Kazuya is the main man. But this is comic book history — comic book villains are supposed to be this big and epic.