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Discover the untold stories of two fan favorite characters in these novellas set in the world of Kiera Cass's #1 New York Times bestselling Selection serie. When the Selection was something in the distance—a familiar guards along the way. It was hard to imagine that in . prince. They need you to lead.” His hand on my shoulder was tighter than necessary. story,” she said. I would have to. Read here Read [PDF] Download The selection stories: The prince-The guard Full.

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The Selection Stories The Prince And The Guard Pdf The Prince & the Guard: Includes Bonus PDF: Library Edition ( The Selection Stories) () by Kiera Cass and a great selection of. The Selection Stories book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Two novellas set in the world of Kiera Cass's #1 New York. The Selection Stories: The Prince & The Guard (The Selection Novella) Kiera Cass. Two novellas set in the . Kiera Cass ebook PDF download. The Selection .

Dimensions: 8. She was in love with a Six named Aspen Leger. And there was another girl in Prince Maxon's life. Step inside the world of the 1 New York Times bestselling Selection series with these two captivating novellas, available in print for the first time. She is a graduate of Radford University and currently lives in Christiansburg, Virginia, with her family. Most helpful customer reviews 20 of 20 people found the following review helpful. Great extras for fans of the series By No One Several reviewers have already commented on both of the two stories in here.

She has red hair and is 17 years old at the beginning of the novel. He has blonde hair and brown eyes. Aspen Leger - The ex-boyfriend and first love of America. Later on, a guard at the palace. He has dark hair and green eyes. Celeste- One of the Selected who is rivals-- at first-- with America, but they mend their differences and become friends. She is killed during the last rebel attack by the Southern Rebels. Marlee- America's first and best friend at the palace.

She is caned and let go from the Selection after being found having a relationship with a guard named Carter whom she later marries. Elise- A quiet girl. She is one of the last four Selected remaining, known as the "Elite". He despises America and horribly mistreats Maxon. He dies in the final rebel attack. Queen Amberly Schreave- A gentle and kind queen. Also, the mother of Prince Maxon. Unlike the king, she is kind to America. I love Maxon's short story and his point of view. I think, no I know, that it just made me love him even more.

I love the extended scene for his part. Absolutely fawning over it. As for Aspen's short story, I really tried. I did.

[PDF] Full The selection stories The prince-The guard Unlimited

I do not like him, not in Selection, not in Elite and I can care less for his point of view. It actually aggravated me even more. He was too ignorant for me. I couldn't stand it. I found myself skimming through his parts. I did however like that he took his time to hang I love Maxon's short story and his point of view.

I did however like that he took his time to hang with Anna, Lucy and Mary. Now, the preview of The One! I can't even begin to describe! I was intense fangirling while in class. I couldn't! It was hilarious and adorable and Maxon, wow.

I cannot wait for The One: Immediately read the sneak peek at The One, followed by the extra info, followed by the extended version of The Prince and The Guard. I'm gobbling this up like candy. Review to come. View all 5 comments.

May 02, Selene rated it did not like it. Feb 03, Niamh rated it really liked it Shelves: Loved the prince. Hated the guard. Dying for the rest of the one! May 05, Riley rated it it was ok Shelves: View all 3 comments. Oct 13, Bea Casallecchio rated it really liked it.

So, my obsession with The Selection continues. Okay, to start with, i have to say im a little sad. Still, it was good to see everything from his perspective. I love how since the beginning he kind of knew America was the one. I don't know, but just seeing how he felt towards King Clarkson, and the Selection, gave him a more "I'm not just a prince, So, my obsession with The Selection continues. I don't know, but just seeing how he felt towards King Clarkson, and the Selection, gave him a more "I'm not just a prince, im human" look.

Because before, on the selection books not the novelas its kind of like Maxon is untouchable, like he can get through anything.

But then, you see he didn't want the selection, he didn't have freedom, he was just a weak boy trying to chose a wife when he didn't know the first thing about girls. But yet he was like heaven. The Guard: I don't like Aspen, haven't liked him since he became a Guard. And on the guard, i have only disliked him more. I mean he tried to push America down "Do you think I could do it?

If i became a princess? Like i get it you're in love, and all, but you are a 6!!!! Maxon is a 1!!! I mean not only that, Aspen puts his interests first, and wants America to himself. War interessant, mal Maxons und Aspens Sicht der Dinge zu erfahren. Ambas historias me han gustado y aunque no aportan mucho a la historia como tal, te ayuda a conocer lo que pasa por las cabezas de Maxon y Aspen.

The Selection Stories: The Prince & The Guard

Me ha gustado el punto de vista de Maxon y sobretodo cuando ve a America por primera vez, sabes que es lo que se le pasa por la cabeza en ese momento y es tan mono Saber como es la vida de Aspen en palacio y como lleva todo el tema de America Pues me ha gustado y mucho.

No puedo quedarme solo con uno. No puedo. Y aunque no aporten mucho a la historia, me ha gustado saber ambos puntos de vista. Mar 26, Carmen de la Rosa rated it liked it.

Y he decidido que no me gusta ella. Daphne se va de regreso a casa en Francia y eso es todo. Realmente amo a este chico. May 24, Hailey Hailey in Bookland rated it it was amazing. Oh I just love Maxon so much.

View all 13 comments. Dec 15, Melissa Arrieta rated it it was amazing Shelves: Entonces si, 5 estrellas. Feb 04, Sarah rated it it was amazing. Can't wait until the release of The One so I'll take every bit of extra I can.

I think The Guard was supposed to make you like Aspen more Worth the read!!! Ich bin und bleibe Team Maxon.

Selection Stories, The: The Prince & The Guard

Aspen ist mir so unsympathisch Feb 10, Rachael rated it liked it. I love love loved having both The Prince and The Guard in paperback format.

Generally I don't read the novellas for books simply because I avoid reading on an e-reader or on my computer. I'm really liking the trend of novellas being bundled and printed!

Anywho, The Prince was absolutely fantastic. I was really craving a look into Maxon's mind and it delivered. Problem is, now I want to read the whole thing in his mind frame too! I am a Maxon fangirl so you know I just devoured The Prince. The real surprise for me though was that I actually enjoyed The Guard. I don't dislike Aspen but I just don't like him and America together although my guess is that it's just because I didn't see their feelings develop for each other, the books just started off with them already a couple.

With seeing Aspen be friends with America's maids though it really makes me hope he will start developing feelings for one of them! Then The One will deliver happy endings all around! Dec 21, Maddie rated it liked it Shelves: The Prince - This was SO lovely!

I loved Maxon when reading 'The Selection', so reading from his perspective was really cute just like him, aha! Seriously, he's a precious little prince that America better be appreciating. The Guard - Aspen was like my least favourite character, so I didn't quite know how I'd feel about it and him but this proved he had some redeemable qualities and I liked how it set up a closer relationship between him and the maids.

It really added sense to 'The One'. I think Keira Cass should just write the series from everyone's perspective. Enough with the short stories, give me full novels! Fijn boek! Leuke extra info en diepgang, hoewel het niet per se iets toevoegt: Uitgebreide recensie: Ik vond het leuk om de Selectie eens vanuit een ander perspectief te 'beleven'.

Ik vond het verhaal van de prins erg leuk om te lezen, het geeft wat meer achtergrond. Ik vond het verhaal van de lijfwacht daarentegen vrij saai en niet heel interessant. Jul 28, Kristina Horner rated it did not like it Shelves: To be perfectly honest, I really don't think this book added anything to the Selection Series.

It mostly rehashed scenes we've already experienced but from the male's point of view, whoop-de-do so it felt a little tedious, basically reliving conversations we've already seen. The clouds moved at just the right moment, fully lighting her face by the moon.

She was dazzlingly beautiful. Underneath thick lashes were eyes blue as ice, something cool to balance out the flames in her hair.

I felt a strange flutter in my chest, like the glow of a fireplace or the warmth of the afternoon. It stayed there for a moment, playing with my pulse. Well, it was just an okay read I guess. I get a bit bored when there are repeat scenes from previous books. And if I'm being honest Aspen's POV really didn't add that much to the story which is sad because I was looking most forward to his. I guess I was looking for something more and sadly this just didn't deliver.

And even though I distaste repeated scenes scenes from The Elite it was still nice getting a look into his thoughts and feelings and his desires. Aspens POV gives us insight into King Clarkson's nature, motivations, manipulative ways, and his cruelty. It was also nice getting to see the relationship's form between him and America's maids Anne, Marry and Lucy and the respect they have for him and the love they have for America.


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