PDF | On Aug 1, , Karim Eldash and others published VALUE ENGINEERING (Course Notes). Valuc engineering techniques originated in the United States. Changes to engineering products were brought about during the second world war due to a. Total Ownership Cost and Value Engineering (VE) by describing benefits of and opportunities for VE and promulgating information on how to effectively apply.

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pdf. Value Engineering Basic Concepts • Methodology • Implementation. 23 Pages These are value engineering, constructability, and quality management. VALUE. ENGINEERING. MANUAL. Prepared by: Technical Section. Engineering Division. Division of Highways. West Virginia Department of Transportation. by J. Harry Martin, Manager of Value Engineering and Cost Improvement Program, is to encourage the wider use of value analysis/engineering techniques.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Vivekanand Kumar. These are value engineering, constructability, and quality management. The essence of each of these concepts is as follows: The key principles for each of these concepts will be elaborated in turn. Their methodologies will also be presented. Eventually, in , Lawrence Miles, a staff engineer with the company, was assigned to formalize the approach. Subsequently, it was introduced to two of the largest contracting companies in the U. Army Corps of Engineers and the U. Navy Bureau of Yards. Eventually, its use spread to other companies and contracting agencies posing similar successes. Essentially, VE is a systematic approach to eliminate any unnecessary cost of an item that does not add to its required function.

Value Engineering can be applied to any business or economic sector, including industry, government, construction and service. Using Value Engineering is a very successful long-term business strategy.

Value Engineering Basic Concepts • Methodology • Implementation | vivekanand kumar - nbafinals.info

Value engineering began at General Electric Co. Because of the war, there were shortages of skilled labour, raw materials, and component parts. Lawrence Miles and Harry Erlicher at G. They noticed that these substitutions often reduced costs, improved the product, or both.

Value engineering

What started out as an accident of necessity was turned into a systematic process. Introduction Value engineering reduces costs by eliminating wasteful practices. This can be done in several areas: 1. Material substitutions - Unnecessarily expensive inputs can sometimes be replaced by less expensive ones that function just as well. If a product has a life span of ten years, then using a material that lasts thirty years is wasteful. In a perfectly value engineered product, every component of that product will function perfectly until the product is no longer useful, at which time all components will deteriorate.

Process efficiency and producibility - More efficient processes can be used and the product can be redesigned so that it is easier to produce.

Motorola b. General Motors c. General Electric Company d. Boeing 5.

The father figure of this concept at that time was working as a. Production manager b. downloading engineer c. Industrial engineer d. Designer 3 4 Value Engineering Mastermind 6.

In which year did Miles and his associates start analyzing product cost and function to ferret out unnecessary cost? In which year was the first value analysis workshop conducted?

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Who conducted the first value analysis workshop? Harold Tufty b. John H. Fasal c. Larry W. Zimmerman d. Larry D. Miles 9. Which US company first adopted this concept for reducing their product cost? US Postal Service b. US Navy Bureau of Ships c. In which year did the above US company adopt the concept?

US Navy Bureau of Ships modified the name of value analysis to a. Value programme c. Value engineering d. Value movement Miles b. Aurther Mudge c. Jerry Kaufman d. Carlos Fallon Value engineering is a. Cost reduction technique b. Cost oriented value technique c.

Function oriented cost improvement technique d. Miles was born in Harvard, Nebraska on 21 April He was also affectionately called Larry. He completed his schooling in Dorsey in May He was very intelligent and completed the course, which usually took four years, in three years.

Larry served as teacher and the principal of Winnebago High School for one year.

He had a varied type of experience because in the next year, he was assistant cashier of the first National Bank of Winnebago, NE. He was a design engineer in General Electric GE during — During this time, he patented 12 designs on vacuum tube and related design. This was meant to serve the high demand of parts during the war time. In December , the basic value analysis functional approach was born.

From to , Miles planned to train a persons per year in the value analysis concept. He decided that the training programme should be near the plant location. He had achieved tremendous success in reducing the cost to the tune of USD 10 million. In the year , Admiral Leggett of the US Navy requested him to give a presentation of value analysis concept to the Bureau of Ships. That presentation led the way to the establishment of the value analysis programme in the US Navy.

The US Navy subsequently modified the name of value analysis to value engineering. The adaptation of this initiative helped the US Navy to earn more orders and they started to earn profit. He was in that post from to In addition to this book, Miles wrote the following books: 1. Value engineering theory 2. Value analysis 8 Value Engineering Mastermind 3.

Management application of value engineering for business and government 4. Recollections Different organizations and industries rewarded L. Miles for his work. The awards are: 1. This award has been given only three times. Recognition of Achievement—awarded in June at a meeting of the GE technical people in Orlando, Florida, some 20 years after his retirement from GE. In the year , Mr L. Miles retired from GE. He did this for private companies, public bodies and government agencies with equal diligence.

He could not attend the conference and wrote a letter to Mr S.

Iyer, Director, Conference Programme. The letter is exhibited in Box 2. Box 2. A Jan. Iyer: Thanks you for the invitation to help in Value methodology indoctrination in India. I have great honor, for the constructive people, like you, have produced such great and growing benefits through the development and use of new methods. Learned of it, studied it, understand it, used it successfully and teach it to others. My wife, Eleanor, and I would very much like to visit your country and to take part in this program.

Unfortunately, my health has taken a turn into severe blood problems, with which we are dealing, as best we can, but I am prevented from making any commitments away from home at this time. We will follow your progress with great interest. Best wishes for a successful conference. Sincerely Lawrence D.

Lary D. Miles passed away on 1 August Value engineers all over the world had attended the condolence ceremony. Miles was born at Harvard, Nebraska on a. From to , he worked in GE as a. Production engineer b. Materials manager c. Quality engineer d. Design engineer Miles earned 12 patents for his new designs of a. Electric lamps b. Electronic circuit c. Vacuum tubes and related circuits d. Magnetic circuit Design department b. Maintenance department c.

downloading department d. Production department One of the important quotations of Miles is a. Honesty is the best policy b. All cost is for function c. Function supersede all aspects d. The name of one of the books written by Miles is a.

Value engineering—A systematic approach b. Value engineering compendium c. Practical methods of value analysis d. Techniques of value analysis and engineering Value Analysis Award—25 December b. Coffin Award—25 January c. Pulitzar Award—25 January d. Value Award—20 February Value World Award for Life b.

Life award for Value Analysis c. Fallon Value in Life Award 3 Professional societies of value engineering Any new initiative, after creation and proper testing of its usefulness, requires a professional body to propagate the concept—propagation to not only the other industries of that country, but for the world over. The details of some societies which are engaged in propagation of this unique technique are illustrated as: 3.

Miles and his tenure was for two years—— In the year , SAVE initiated a programme for certification of value specialists. Professional societies of value engineering 13 Outline Established incorporated : 17 October Mission and objectives 1. To practice research and study of VE to increase its results. To create an awareness of the maximum benefits from applying VE processes.

To encourage the use of VE methodologies for efficient business management that will contribute enormously to the development of Japanese industry. Activities 1. Research and development on VE concepts, theories and methodologies. Sponsorship of promotional and educational programmes of VE concepts, theories and methodologies.

Accumulation, analysis and dissemination of VE reports from Japan and overseas. Inter—exchange of VE communication with other organizations, domestic and overseas. Other supportive VE activities. Current membership as of 31 March Regular corporate members— The majority of SJVE membership consists of company—sponsored value practitioners. There are several additional members from neighbouring countries.

Mr Ashok Sethi was its first president. There was no conference in the year He was also the curtain raiser for the first five—day forty—hours workshop which was held in New Delhi at the Maurya Hotel with 24 participants.

The total number of delegates was more than All the five conferences from to were held in New Delhi. The sixth conference was held in Jamshedpur. The 15 founding members of the society were: Professional societies of value engineering 1.

Excotech Inc. UMA Engineering Ltd 3. Value management VM as a philosophy, together with its associated tools and techniques, emphasized the need to consider function and cost in a structured and systematic way, as part of any strategic decision process. Over the past 12 years, the HKIVM has hosted eight international conferences, conducted a number of value training workshops, its members have conducted hundreds of highly successful VM studies for both public and private construction industry clients and regularly published the Value Manager journal.

To create an awareness in the community of the benefits to be derived from the application of VM in Hong Kong. To encourage the use of the VM process by sponsors.

To establish and maintain standards of VM practice in Hong Kong. To contribute to the dissemination of the knowledge and skills of VM. To establish an identity for the Institute within Hong Kong and overseas.

To encourage research and development of VM with particular emphasis on developing new applications of the process. To encourage and assist in the education of individuals and organizations in VM in Hong Kong.

Value Engineering

To establish and maintain a code of conduct for practitioners of VM in Hong Kong. To attract membership to the institute to support these objectives. The IVM is actively involved with other national value associations to promote its worldwide use. Its members come from a number of areas, including construction, utilities, transportation, public and commercial services, health care, government, manufacturing, information technology and telecom, as well as training and management.

The IVM, through its independent certification board, is responsible for implementing the European certification and training system within the UK. The code of conduct is an integral part of the rules of association.

Professional societies of value engineering 17 The institute has established criteria for the various grades of personal membership, for registration as a VM facilitator and for accreditation of courses that satisfy educational requirements for admission to the membership grades of member and fellow.

The institute publishes The Value Times, approximately four times per year, organizes national conferences usually every second year and from time to time arranges seminars and other activities to assist members to maintain their professional expertise.

The institute has recently endeavoured to encourage the development of regional groups of members and other interested people are welcome to participate who will meet a few times per year in their regional location for networking and professional fellowship, perhaps with one of the group reviewing an interesting VM project.

The Institute of Value Management, Australia, is a totally independent organization. Nevertheless, it maintains links for professional liaison and co-operation as appropriate with a small number of kindred and independent professional associations in other countries.

The first VE society was formed in the year a. The name of the society was a. Society of American Value Engineers b. Society for Improvement of Value c. Society of American Value Practitioners d. Society of American Value Analyst New York b. Boston c. Washington DC d.

California In the year , the contractors were permitted to share incentives of cost reduction through a clause known as a. Value management contract clause b.

Value analysis contract clause c. Value engineering contract clause d. Value incentive contract clause In the year , SAVE established a programme which was known as a.

Certification of Value Specialist b. Certification of Value Managers c.

Certification of Value Practitioners d. Certification of Value Addition Professional societies of value engineering 19 June b.


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