Search in ZUMTOBEL catalogs and technical brochures on ArchiExpo and find the information you need in 1 click. HiSTorY of THe coMpanY THe SucceSS STorY of THe ZuMTobeL branD ZuMTobeL bringS LigHTing quaLiTY anD energY efficiencY inTo HarMonY anD. Application brochures (PDF) Zumtobel develops innovative lighting concepts in close . Here you can find product ranges, Highlights brochures and catalogues.

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What is the melanopic effect of light? The retina also contains photosensitive ganglion cells. These are sensitive to blue light and suppress the sleep hormone . Catalogues by Zumtobel Lighting with detailed informations about products, addresses of retailers, picture galleries and different contact tools. The report is available for download as a PDF file on the Zumtobel Group website at .. documentation provided in a brochure, on the.

Open the catalog to page 10 Daylight and an interplay of colours The closer artificial light comes to resemble daylight, the more invigorating the effect that it has on people. Science has often tried to explain this phenomenon, but we can already feel the effect in the mellow glow of MELLOW LIGHT, with the kind of dynamic lighting characteristics that we normally associate with daylight. This is the ideal solution for computer work and in spaces where reflections have to be eliminated and moods need to be created — even using the changing colours of the sky on request. The minimalist look helps the luminaire The well-balanced illumination of the work surface, wall and ceiling creates an open, bright atmosphere in the room and helps prevent glare and irritating shadows. The perfectly dispersed LED points remain invisible. The two lighting wings create a pleasant background brightness to give the room an inviting atmosphere. Switching on the direct light component in the middle supplies the work surface with perfectly targeted light. Activity-based lighting represents the further evolution

Conventional NYM material can be used for cabling. A supplementary device within the switch cabinet is not necessary,. The green LED flashes briefly to show that the system is ready for operation. The system is now ready for use. According to requirements, the lighting scenes can be modified or adapted according to daylight characteristics. Convenient and energy-efficient. The perfect lighting solution. The lighting solution benefits both in terms of convenience and efficiency. Predefined lighting scenes can be called up at random.

All required luminaires are continuously dimmed without flicker and can be switched on and Multi-functional sensor 2 in 1. The sensor uses highly sensitive infrared technology to reliably monitor the presence of people. At the same time the sensor receives signals from the infrared remote control unit.

A basic version is available without presence detector.

The human eye has the unique capacity to check for subtle flaws and irregularities on different surfaces. However, detailed inspections can only be performed effectively in optimal ambient conditions — making quality lighting an essential part of quality control. Light for industry and engineering: Logistics Frequently, logistics halls comprise enormous cubic content, and accordingly the energy requirement for lighting is very high.

Therefore, energy efficiency is one of the core topics, also — especially the daily operating costs. There is a huge saving potential by upgrading your old lighting installation to the latest lighting technology, in terms of both energy costs and maintenance.

The added value of a new lighting solutions is based on the benefits provided by innovative luminaires and intelligent lighting control: LED luminaires open up a new dimension in terms of durability, reliability and efficiency. Higher illuminance levels and improved glare control enhance the employees' productivity and helps avoid errors. Metal working Industrial luminaires have to resist dust, oils and lubricants every day, particularly when it comes to metal working. However, often the height of the applications means that they are rarely cleaned.

As a result, the luminaires have to rely on special design principles and materials if they still want to provide an optimum performance in demanding environments.

Catalogues by Zumtobel Lighting

It goes without saying that industrial luminaries from Zumtobel have a higher degree of protection. Specially designed surfaces make it hard for dirt and foreign bodies to stick to them, reducing the cleaning work to a minimum.

Luminaires made of PMMA are also resistant to aggressive cleaning agents, oils and lubricants. Light for Outdoor and Architecture Zumtobel wants to give people their nocturnal environment back by supporting the optimum quality of life and human experience.

Zumtobel Lighting catalogues | Architonic

We offer a highly versatile toolbox of light, which empowers our partners to enhance outdoor spaces and architecture with thoughtful, adaptive, multi-layered lighting concepts that are tailored to human needs — solutions that model the space precisely with the right quality of light in the right place at the right time.

Added value through lighting management At any time of day or night, lighting management systems provide perfect light as required. This is ensured by various components such as daylight sensors, presence detectors, blinds control systems and easy-to-use control units.

In both small and large buildings, intelligent control systems save energy and enhance people's sense of well-being. Product Portfolio Zumtobel products signify light of perfect quality. They combine aesthetic grace, functionality and sustainability.

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Zumtobel develops products for multifarious application areas, in a harmonious combination of lighting quality and efficiency based on state-of-the-art technology. Comparison of two lighting installations in two identical corridors using conventional fluorescent lamp technology and LED technology with optimised lighting management. The Lighting Handbook The compact reference work "The Lighting Handbook" contains everything you need to know about photometry, technology and light application.

The Lighting Handbook not only provides guide values and information on lighting control and control gear as well as emergency escape lighting, but also tables, checklists and explanations of useful planning tools. Creation date: Not only investment costs are calculated.

Monetary aspects of resource-conserving lighting are also taken into account, e. CO2 emissions and maintenance costs. In the simplified online version, ecoCALC light, the number of input fields is reduced to an absolute minimum, it can be used without prior installation on computers and tablets, and it is based on the same calculation methods as the tried-and-tested software version.

LM Energy The LM Energy program calculates the likely potential energy savings that can be achieved with interior lighting controlled by daylight-based lighting management systems. Mobile Virtual Reality Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality device and explore a new level of lighting.

With myPRODUCT, you can thus configure different variations of luminaires even more easily and, as of now, plan entire projects in addition to individual products. Users will find the correct article number of an escape-sign luminaire in no more than six steps.

Data sheets, installation instructions, lists of accessories, technical drawings, photometric data and certificates can be accessed easily. You can start the web app directly from the browser. And where do they have to be mounted?

After only 3 clicks and the selection of the mounting height, the app displays the maximum distance from the wall to the luminaire and between 2 luminaires. Now you too can create lighting scenes to suit your taste, whilst still ensuring optimum energy efficiency. The philosophy of VPI challenges all designers and specifiers of commercial areas, workplaces and outdoors to think vertical and start with vertical surfaces.

The VPI tool is a web-page that helps us in supporting andspreading our concept. Easy to use, with a clear light effect and a high precision in planning, the tool will give you an immediate visual result of what you can achieve with our selected luminaires. Web app facilitates design of conservational lighting solutions The Zumtobel Web app facilitates the design of lighting solutions for art applications by comparing radiation times and illuminance levels of various light sources with respect to their risk of potential colour changes.

The Web app based on scientific methods takes CIE International Commission on Illumination standards into account and provides useful background information, in order to facilitate the design of lighting solutions for art applications.

This and all CAD data can also be found in the Products area. Thank You!

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