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Mosaic 6Ed Level1 Reading TM - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read Mosaic 1 Reading, Teacher's Manual with Tests, Sixth Edition. Mosaic 1 Reading - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Documents Similar To Mosaic 1 Reading Mosaic 6 Ed Level 2 Reading. Get this from a library! Mosaic 1. Reading. [Brenda Wegmann; Miki Prijic Knezevic] Mosaic 1 reading, sixth edition. Mosaic one reading, sixth edition. Reading.

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Mosaic 1 Reading Sixth Edition Pdf

The world's most popular and comprehensive academic skills series-thoroughly updated for today's global nbafinals.infoctions/Mosaic is a fully-integrated, download Mosaic 1: Reading Student Book 6th edition () by Brenda Wegmann for up to 90% off at NOTE: The ISBN does not include Access code or Access card. Interactions/ Mosaic, 6th edition prepares students for college life through modern content.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Mosaic 1 Reading 6th E Other editions. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other:

Everyone seems to have a Wonderful time yet the olympics are not without controversy In what Country did the Olympic games begin? Olympic games begin in Greece How long have the modern Olympic games been goin on and how often are they held?

Why do you think many countries want to host these games? In your opinion are they good or bad for the world community? It will help a lot with the economy. This can be true however the cost of building facilities etc. Should professional paid athletes be allowed to compete, or should the games be limited to amateurs? They were for amateur athletes to show the world what they can do. Part 2. Using the context to infer the meaning of words guess the meanings of the words in the sentences on pages 41 - 42 from their contexxt or from clues within the words them selves.

Choose the corect answer 1. The Owner B. An Outstanding employee C. The chief Executive officer D. The managers seem happy that Kim has Spent the day lecturing and rallying them.

Organizing and Encouraging. Insulting and Blaming C. Boring D. Complaining About Rally: Kim Young Kee is a V. P of LG Electronics. Coordinator of prices B.

Very Important Person C. Admirer D. Vice President V. Interest on their debts B. Earnings before expenses and taxes are deducated C. Earnings after Expenses and taxes are deducated D. Salaries for emloyees Revenues: Salaries for emloyees Net Profit: Kim wants to lift LG up to the level of the biggest companies that have global brands. Huge buildings and equipment B. More than Names and symbols known around the world D. Giant Computer Networks Brand: A type of product made by a particular company The advanced Korean Market provides a testing ground for new technologies.

A large amount of soil for planting B. A group of skilled scientists and technicians C. A Laboratory for creating new inventions D. A place to try out the latest products Testing Ground: Kim Grew up on farm and admits to being more comfortable visiting factories than in his spacious office in seoul. Manufacturing plants where products are built B.

Places where products are sstored C. Centers were ad campaigns are planned D. Administrasion offices. A building or group of buildings where goods are made Scanning for numbers scan the reading on pages 43 - 45 for the numbers needed to fill in the blanks below 1.

You already recently rated this item. Your rating has been recorded. Write a review Rate this item: Preview this item Preview this item. Mosaic 1. Reading Author: New York: Mosaic one. Print book: Subjects English language -- Textbooks for foreign speakers. English language. More like this User lists Similar Items. Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private. Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item Textbooks Textbooks for foreign speakers Document Type: Brenda Wegmann Miki Prijic Knezevic.

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Similar Items Related Subjects: User lists with this item 1 Things I Own 1 items by Rehab updated M main idea 2. Latin America. NI not included 4. Ask a student to explain why the answer is false. More than half of the Chinese population now lives in the cities. In Sub-Saharan Africa today. True 5. Cities are growing fast and having problems because of overpopulation.

True 4. S secondary 3. Make corrections when necessary. In There are more people being born now than in the past. True 7.

True 9. For each word. If appropriate. Ask which of the choices makes sense and why. Have students find an estimated in the reading and look at its context. If students have access to computers. Write them on the board and identify the two parts. Then have them read the answer choices for item 1.

Circulate to guide students as they write their sentences. Model how to create the additional compound words. For example: It is a question. Many Americans greet family or close friends with hugs and kisses on the cheek.

What do you think this reading is about? Some typical physical greetings in the U. Many visitors to the U. By participating in pair work. Adventure travel requires being flexible. Answers will vary: Floe refers to the environment 9. Assign partners or have students work independently and then share their answers with a partner. Some environmental idioms: Remind students to check off the words as they use them. When students use their prior knowledge as a scaffold.

American 5. Canadian 9. American 4. American 7. Canadian 3. You may wish to post their work on the board. Canadian Canadian 2. American 6. American You may wish to have a volunteer read the passage aloud for the whole class. You may wish to post or publish exemplary paragraphs for students to read. Direct them to find the place s in the chapter where the strategy or vocabulary was presented and practiced.

Students will then explore teamwork and competition in the context of business in Part 2 as they read about Kim Ssang Su. What kinds of teams are there? Can you be on a team in business? How are business teams the same as sports teams? New vocabulary. In the first reading.

Describing people by using adjectives Beckham: An Autobiography by David Beckham and Tom Watt Vocabulary Building Outward Bound by Michael Schuman Figuring out idiomatic expressions and specialized terms Reading Skills and Strategies Reading without knowing every word Learning sports-related vocabulary Scanning for numbers Inferring the meaning of words from context Selecting the main idea of an article Understanding metaphors Using compound adjectives Critical-Thinking Skills Inferring the meanings of words as synonyms or antonyms Using a graphic organizer chain of events diagram to identify the sequence of events Focusing on words from the Academic Word List Recognizing implied feelings Taking a stand for or against a proposal Focus on Testing Synthesizing Internet content: Tell students to fill in the correct answer.

Check for comprehension by having students describe a situation in which they might hear the idiom or expression in use. Check for comprehension by posing questions such as: The first team to win four of seven games in the World Series becomes the World Series champion. The final score was Austria 7. The two league champions compete in what is called the World Series.

Switzerland 5. Give students an example. The first player to ever miss a penalty kick was Valdemar de Brito of Brazil in To date. The first World Cup involved 13 teams and was held in Uruguay in To make the activity more challenging. To begin. You may want to spend some time before the activity brainstorming baseball-related idioms as a class. The idioms are divided into two sections: When they have completed their charts. Read the three role-play situations. By having students focus on the order in which things happened.

Ask them to take a few minutes to think of an important event in their own lives. By creating a presentation together. PA R T 1 Student Book pages 32—40 Best Practice Organizing Information Activities such as the chain of events diagram and the sequencing table in the following Expansion Activity will help students organize information from the reading passage so that they are better able to recall the order of events.

It was made in and won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Chariots of Fire is an English film detailing the true story of two competing British track athletes. The movie. One of the most famous events happened in when eleven Israeli athletes were kidnapped and killed. Ask the students to complete the rest of the activity.

Their answers will vary. Check for comprehension: Cultivating Critical Thinking This type of activity teaches students how to infer the meanings of new words and phrases from their contexts.

Mosaic 1 Reading 6th Edition with Online Access Code for Connectplus

It also gets them to realize what they may already know about the context and vocabulary. The way Kim shouts is being compared to the barking of a dog.

The following Expansion Activity activates prior knowledge by connecting the familiar topic of friends and family with the new concepts of metaphors and similes. Kim sliced costs. The way revenues rose is being compared to something that jumps. Best Practice Activating Prior Knowledge Activities such as this Expansion Activity get students to activate and build on the information they have already learned.

The way the employees respond is being compared to religious chanting. The way Kim decreased costs is being compared to slicing a piece of cheese with a knife. The way Kim visits his factories is being compared to a storm. Possible answers: Great company! The way Kim jumps around is being compared to leaping and prancing.

Using a topic students are comfortable with enables students to more easily apply new concepts. Synonym If the words can be separated and retain their meaning. Antonym 6. Antonym Synonym 4. Antonym 3. Antonym 2. The year child…. If the words need to be together to retain the meaning. The three-year-old child was excited. The old child…. Synonym 5. Antonym 8. When each word in the compound adjective is used alone in the sentence.

Synonym 7. If the words are placed after the noun. Inferring Meaning: Same or Opposite? Remind students that a synonym is a word with a similar definition and an antonym is a word with the opposite or almost opposite meaning. The compound adjective is placed before the noun in common English word order.

Synonym 9. Each student will write three sentences. This type of interaction builds listening and speaking fluency. They should be able to choose the correct vocabulary word based on the context of the sentence. Scaffolding Instruction Activities such as this will enable students to link recently acquired knowledge with even newer information they gather from their research.

Best Practice Organizing Information Graphic organizers such as T-charts help students organize information in a way that compares and contrasts the topics. By having the class focus on the columns of a T-chart as in the following Expansion Activity , students will be able to remember ideas from the readings in this chapter. This type of tool is helpful for organizing information in a broad range of academic contexts.

Best Practice Making Use of Academic Content Brainstorming and developing a paragraph is a concept students will see often throughout their academic careers. Using real-world examples like David Beckham and Kim Ssang Su makes use of topics and tasks found in academic textbooks.

Examples include happy, funny, beautiful, fruitful, hard-working, exciting, innovative, knowledgeable, and capable. It may help students expand their vocabularies if they know they can add a suffix to a word to make it an adjective. Students will read an informational article that reports about research on personal attractiveness and physical appearance. The literary passage allows students to dramatize the reading. The topic of gender and relationships lends itself to discussions of the historic and current expectations of personal relationships.

Additional activities allow students to expand vocabulary and to practice summary writing. Time is allotted to practice multiple-choice vocabulary test items. Ask students if they have a similar custom in their culture.

General idea may be less specific than main idea. Working in pairs and small groups also allows for a good amount of speaking time for each individual student. Presenting Your Ideas Best Practice Interacting with Others Discussion activities such as these provide students with opportunities to practice their fluency while expressing and explaining their opinions to their classmates.

Best Practice Cultivating Critical Thinking Activities such as this will help students develop the ability to synthesize information from the reading and combine it with their own ideas. This will enable students to better express their opinions about the topic in a clear and logical way.

This shows that the two characters are not equal socially because Jane Eyre calls Mr. This aids student comprehension of the main ideas and important details. Part 2. Meaning can often be found from the context of the reading.

Book reading Mosaic 1, 6th Edition By Brenda Wegmann and Miki Knezevi…

This shows that Mr. Rochester is dominant. Best Practice Prereading Activities Before students read a long passage. Jane is subordinate and Mr. After students complete the reading. Have students read the note on page 67 in the Student Book where the asterisk is explained. Encourage them to read to a time limit.

If you choose. Edward 6. Rochester and Jane. Adding a prefix often changes the meaning to the opposite meaning of the word. Refer back to the pages in the reading selection to find the answers. You can demonstrate an activity like driving a car or talking on a cell phone.

Remind them to be sure that they can act them out. Have students keep score. They should print out photographs or illustrations to show the class. Have volunteers read each step of the process. Have them decide whose summary is the most concise and complete. Students will read about different diets from around the world. In the first reading, they will learn about how what we eat affects us.

The second reading explores the notion of ecotourism through the observations of Deborah McLaren, a journalist and director of an international nonprofit program. It also examines the effects that tourists have on the places they visit. Who are the people in the photo? Where are they? The photo is of an elderly man and a young boy in a garden. They are holding carrots. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Ask students: How is this American proverb similar to the Irish one?

How is it different? Reading Skills and Strategies Using headings to preview a reading passage Recalling information. Using a Venn diagram to compare answers from an interview Reaching a group consensus and writing an opinion statement Synthesizing Internet content: Taking notes and presenting results Writing Tip: Structuring an argument to support an opinion.

Paraphrasing main ideas Understanding and analyzing points of view Distinguishing between fact and opinion Reading charts for specific information. Critical-Thinking Skills Using a graphic organizer a continuum to rank items Taking a stand by agreeing or disagreeing. Getting meaning from context Recognizing synonyms Scanning for vocabulary Focusing on words from the Academic Word List.

For more information on this list, see www. Early Diets: Nuts and Plants. Read the first question under Getting Meaning from Context. Call on volunteers to tell one of the headings they found. Why Socrates Loved Olive Oil 2. In this case. Tell students to write the correct answer. Nuts and Plants 3. Ask a student to guess the meaning of the word peasant through its relation to the word king.

When people begin to make more money or gain exposure to different lifestyles they abandon traditional diets. He became concerned that the same processed and fast foods sold the world over would kill many of the existing food traditions.

Often this may lead to new illnesses. Ancient Hindus and Buddhists. Possible answers 1.

Mosaic 6Ed Level1 Reading TM

It has become popular in recent years. Explain that all points in between vary from the two extremes. Best Practice Organizing Information Activities such as this will help students organize information from the reading passage so that they are better able to synthesize and recall it later. By placing common food items on the numbered list. Guided Academic Conversation Interacting with Others Activities such as this encourage collaborative interaction and authentic conversations.

D 10 Discussing Information from a Chart Best Practice Cultivating Critical Thinking Activity 10 provides an opportunity for students to reinterpret data from the chart.

This activity will help students connect what they have already learned about healthy and unhealthy eating habits to the topics they choose to defend in their debates.

Student Book pages 80—89 7 Take a Stand: Agree or Disagree? Best Practice Scaffolding Instruction When students use their prior knowledge as a scaffold. C What Do You Think? Have groups that chose 2 present their menus. This type of activity requires students to process the information they have read and express their own ideas and opinions about it. The projects aims to battle the environmental. Explain as needed.

Depending on their letter. Chart 1 lists the top 10 countries according to number of tourists that visit. Making Use of Academic Content Activities such as this will help students develop the ability to separate the ideas presented in the reading from their own ideas about it before they write an opinion statement.

Answers will vary 2. Venn Diagram: They are the most popular tourist destinations. The amount of vacation days people living in that country have each year. Coming to a consensus and writing an opinion statement is an assignment students may encounter in other academic classes. Circle A: Tell them to use the questions above the Venn diagram on the Black Line master as a guide.

Chart 2 lists the top ten countries based on the money they earn from tourism 3. Read the directions and explain as needed.

Are there more advantages or disadvantages to globalization? Can technology be used to protect culture instead of erase it? Instruct them to look at websites on the Internet. This question should build on the factual knowledge the game show has already quizzed students on. Whichever team has more points. In Part 2. Students will learn how to skim for the general ideas and specialized terms. What kinds of tools do we have today? Do you think that Thoreau liked technology? His most famous book is Walden.

Review skimming if necessary. The typewriter was not invented until Thoreau tried to champion nature and fought against materialism. Remind students not to look up words in their dictionaries. In Walden. Ask students to select the best answer.

Thoreau would not have used one. Provide examples to clarify as needed. Then ask them to write their own opinion about each of the facts. Define fact and opinion to make sure students are clear on the difference. The discussion questions require students to activate their knowledge on these two topics along with any related vocabulary they have acquired.

Automobile Survey BLM Read the instructions and explain as needed. Four of the five students I interviewed chose their car based on the price.

Nallavadu a village in Pondicherry. Bolivia V. India IV. The image of a frog leaping over another represents how a community can go directly from being an agricultural to an information economy. This strategy will enable them to recall information later. Learning to create outlines is a strategy that students will find useful in a wide range of academic courses. Cambodia Possible answers: They carry information between remote villages and central computer hubs.

Motorcycles are Internet-enabled. India 1.

Vietnam 1. Bolivia 1. Does the Arabic proverb mean that it is okay to not have much money? How much money do you need to survive? How much money do you need to download something you want? Students will learn how to scan for specific information and recognize word families.

Look at the woman in the photo. Who do you think she is? What do you think she does for work? Making a cluster diagram to help organize ideas Scanning for specific information Vocabulary Building Checking comprehension with multiple choice questions Recognizing word families Identifying the setting.

New pizza restaurant in Spain. Ask students if they know the noun form of the word transformation. Possible answers may include Businessman starts pizza business. The new words are in the same family but are different parts of speech.

Leopoldo Fernandez 2. Executive opens pizzeria. Best Practice Organizing Information The following Expansion Activity gets students to use a cluster diagram to help them organize and build vocabulary.

They opened the first Pizza Hut in Wichita. Pizza Hut started small. It has often been named the Best Pizza Chain in America as voted by consumers. This activity requires students to reflect on what they have learned about word families and apply it as they complete their cluster diagrams. Consider bringing in a sample marketing plan from a local restaurant. C Guided Academic Conversation: Interacting with Others Activities that involve group discussions give students an opportunity to practice expressing their ideas about different topics while increasing their listening and speaking fluency.

PA R T 1 Student Book pages — Best Practice Scaffolding Instruction The following Expansion Activity gets students to draw on what they learned from the reading passage and combine that with their own ideas and experiences in order to come up with a marketing plan.

Read the directions. B What Do You Think? Paris 2. Identifying the Setting. C Identifying the Setting. Strategy 4. Ask other students to guess whose prediction each is. Remind students they will not need to understand every word in order to understand the story. You can vary this activity by changing the number of years. Let them know they should choose a word that has not been covered in class or in a previous activity. Although essential vocabulary is taught in the pre-reading.

Solving Problems Best Practice Cultivating Critical Thinking This type of discussion activity requires students to use critical thinking skills such as inferring meaning. If possible. By completing the steps in this activity. Students will focus on the qualities that make people remarkable. In the first reading, they will learn about Confucius, who has had a profound influence on society for over 2, years.

Students will learn how to skim for the general idea and figure out words from structure clues. In Part 2, students will read about five heroes who are courageous enough to fight for the rights and dignity of the oppressed. Students will learn that heroes come from all continents and backgrounds. New vocabulary, reading strategies, and critical thinking will help students research, discuss, and organize their ideas. The photo is of an elderly volunteer tutoring a young girl in math.

Synthesizing Internet content: Using a Venn diagram to compare and contrast two topics. Critical-Thinking Skills Supporting or disproving a general statement with facts Expressing an opinion Using a graphic organizer a continuum to rank leaders Comparing ideas.

Focus on Testing Understanding sentence-insertion questions on tests Reading: The Most Dangerous Jobs in the U. Activating Prior Knowledge Activity 2 asks students to draw on the vocabulary they already know in order to figure out the meanings of compound words. By drawing on the vocabulary they already know, students are better able to figure out new words and read more fluently. Provide a couple of examples, such as headache, basketball, and so on, to help them. Some suffixes are common adjective endings.

The last letter in the prefix changes to match the beginning consonant of the root. Student Book pages — Grammar Notes Read Certain suffixes always make words the same part of speech. Refer to the Grammar Notes on noun suffixes in Chapter 6. Check for comprehension by having students write sentences using the vocabulary. Some common ideas to share with students include: Allow them to scan the reading to read the term in context. The Analects and ask students to choose the best match.

Although many good things happened during his reign a network of roads was built. See the following vocabulary note. The dynasty collapsed four years after his death. Some exceptions are ad-.

Scaffolding Instruction The following Expansion Activity. This activity teaches students to use a strategy that they can apply to a broad range of contexts.

Confucious Says. This activity and the discussion it promotes allows students to synthesize the material they have learned thus far in the chapter. We Say BLM Even today.


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