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Hey Guys, Anyone have a pdf copy of distressed debt analysis by stephen moyer they'd be willing to send me? I am very interested in the. š¯—£š¯——š¯—™ | On Aug 1, , Stephen G. Moyer and others published investor downloads the firm's distressed debt securities and then seeks to gain control by Distressed Debt Analysis: Strategies for Speculative Investors. Providing theoretical and practical insight, Distressed Debt Analysis: Strategies for Speculative Investors presents a conceptual, but not overly technical, outline.

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Distressed Debt Analysis Pdf

This authoritative resource for anybody with financial exposure to a company teetering on the edge of, or already in, bankruptcyā€”either by the investor's design. Hawker Beechcraft Distressed Debt Investment Analysis. Case Study prepared by Stephen G. Moyer. Never had the investment committee of Arch Capitali. Distressed debt investing has been recognized as a distinct investment style for over Fridson, one of the deans of high-yield bond analysis.

At Olshan, our goal is to help our clients capitalize on these prospects with our support for distressed investing. Our attorneys have the perspective to effectively assess a distressed investing situation, act quickly while minimizing risk, and navigate the often complex rules that characterize bankruptcy cases, foreclosures, UCC sales, liquidations, Section sales, reorganization plans, receiverships and other scenarios involving the disposition of distressed assets. We are also adept at analyzing multi-lender syndicates and developing strategies to maximize returns to our clients. We have extensive experience analyzing these situations as information becomes publicly available, helping distressed investors to further valuate their investments. We also advise on all aspects of the due diligence process. We also represent private equity, hedge fund and other private investors in distressed merger and acquisition transactions, whether as a stalking horse bidder, an auction participant or by way of sponsored or stand-alone reorganization plans. Out-of-Court Restructurings In some cases, UCC and state foreclosure and receivership laws favor an out-of-court transaction. Based upon our analysis of the legal issues, costs, risks and benefits, we can help clients determine whether an out-of-court restructuring or sale is advantageous, and if so advise them in all aspects of the process, including corporate governance and securities law issues, amendments, consent solicitations or exchange offers and the related tax implications. Chapter 11 Cases Sometimes an investor requires the certainty or other advantages of a Chapter 11 transaction.

Distressed Debt Analysis - Moyer | Wall Street Oasis

The strategy is most effective when the sovereign state lacks bankruptcy protection. These investors however are constrained by "the sovereign-immunity rules that national legislatures have enacted and national courts have elaborated" to protect the vulnerable nation states from litigation.

In , a British high court granted the company "permission to enforce a claim for tens of millions of dollars against the Government of Zambia ". Before the hedge funds could collect their money, the Debt Relief Developing Countries Act [23] was passed in the UK parliament in after Liberian president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf appeared on the BBC Newsnight program for the hedge funds to "have a conscience and give this country a break".

Nick Dearden of the Jubilee Debt Campaign said of the change, "It will mean the poorest countries in the world can no longer be attacked by these reprehensible investment funds who grow fat from the misery of others". The law was made permanent in but there are still havens for this activity, such as the Channel Islands and the British Virgin Islands. A series of attempts were then made in Britain and the United States by organizations such as Jubilee USA Network , Oxfam and the Jubilee Debt Campaign to change the laws so that hedge funds would not be able to collect on their awards.

Distressed securities

The Jubilee Debt Coalition 's Tim Jones traveled to Jersey in November to ask the government to ban hedge funds involved in sovereign debt. He told The Guardian that the Democratic Republic of the Congo "desperately needs to be able to use its rich resources to alleviate poverty, not squander them on paying unjust debts".

I'm collecting on a legitimate claim". The chief of Bosnia 's financial police said, "Of course it was illegal", referring to Energoinvest's sale of assets to FG Hemisphere, noting that the man who brokered the sale, former Bosnian Prime Minister Nedzad Brankovic , "should go to jail". Distressed debt analysis moyer Does anyone happen to have a pdf they'd be willing to share?

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Feb 2, - 3: download the book. Even though it's expensive, it's good value for money. That should say enough. Thanks Waving Wind. Was able to get my hands on a copy. It's great, honestly super helpful. Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers. Best Response.

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Join Us Already a member? Related Content See all. Volatile Cash Flow Scenarios Debt Capacity Under Alternative Criteria Asset Coverage Ability to Refinance Interest Expense Coverage Exchangeable Preferred Stock Convertible Bonds Discount Notes and Payment-in-Kind Notes Grants of Collateral Contractual Provisions Maturity Structure Corporate Structure Restricted Payments Negative Pledge Clauses Performance Covenants Put Rights Causes of Financial Distress and the Restructuring Implications Example 1: Playing the Waiting Game Example 2: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Raise Additional Capital Asset Sales Secured Financings Equity Sponsors Bank Debt Holder Identity Special Considerations for Revolving Loans Dynamics of the Workout Process: The Endgame Postreorganization Considerations Forced Sellers Company Profile Postconfirmation Lockups Tax-Based Trading Restrictions Trading Performance of Back-End Equities Postreorganization Debt Securities Liquidating Trusts First, in distressed investing, like most aspects of life, if there is a rule, there is almost certainly an exception to the rule.

Also, the discussion of bond pricing follows the industry trading convention of stating the price as a percentage of par, but with no percent symbol. Third, to avoid confusion between references to chapters in this book and the Bankruptcy Code, references to chapters in the latter appear in lowercase letters. Their contributions, though different in nature and detail, were all valuable, and thus none shall be highlighted to the exclusion of others.

Imperial Capital is a boutique investment bank that focuses on high-yield, bank, and convertible debt, typically involving companies in financial distress. The firm has been an active participant in the distressed debt market for over 10 years.

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As Director of Research, Mr. Moyer has authored or overseen the development of over research reports concerning high-yield or distressed debt investment opportunities. Moyer has over 15 years of experience in investment analysis and corporate finance. He is a recognized speaker and writer on the subject of distressed securities and a frequent panelist at various industry events.


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