Surah yaseen with urdu translation pdf


Urdu translation of surah Yasin of the Holy Quran. Chapter (PDF Available) · January with 48, Reads. Chapter: Chapter. Cite this. Here you find the Arabic Text with translation of Surah Ya-Sin in Urdu and in the name of The Most Affectionate, the Merciful. Yasin By the wise Quran Surah Yasin with Urdu translation is pdf featuring the full verses of Surah Yaseen along with their Urdu translation. Surah Yasin is one of the.

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Surah Yaseen With Urdu Translation Pdf

Internet Archive BookReader. Surah Yaseen Pdf Urdu Translation. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports. Surah Yaseen with Urdu Translation, Surah Yaseen PDF, Surah Yaseen Audio, Surah Yasin Download MP3 PDF, Read Quran Online for FREE, Surah Yasin. Page 2. Page 3. WWW. Page 4. Page 5. nbafinals.infoM. PK.

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Surah Yaseen with Urdu Translation

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Peace will be on them, a word from the Merciful Lord. And to day, be separate, O you culprits! And that you should worship Me. This is the straight path.

Surah Yaseen with Urdu Translation

This is the Hell, which you were promised. Enter it today, the recompense of your infidelity. The Opening 2. Al-Baqara 3.

Al-i'Imran 4. An-Nisaa 5. Al-Maidah 6.

Al-An'am 7. Al-A'raf 8.

Al-Anfal 9. At-Tauba Yunus Hud Yusuf Ar-Ra'd Ibrahim Al-Hijr An-Nahl Israel Al-Kahf Maryam Ta-ha Al-Anbiyaa Al-Hajj Al-Muminun An-Nur Al-Furqan Ash-Shu'araa An-Naml Al-Qasas Al-Ankabut Ar-Rum Luqman As-Sajda Al-Ahzab Saba Fatir Ya-Sin As-Saffat Sad Az-Zumar Al-Mu'min Ha-Mim Ash-Shura Az-Zukhruf Ad-Dukhan Al-Jathiya Al-Ahqaf Muhammad Al-Fat-h Al-Hujurat Qaf Az-Zariyat At-Tur An-Najm Al-Qamar Ar-Rahman Al-Waqi'a Al-Hadid Al-Mujadila Al-Hashr Al-Mumtahana As-Saff Al-Jumu'a Al-Munafiqun At-Tagabun At-Talaq At-Tahrim Al-Mulk Al-Qalam Al-Haqqa Al-Ma'arij Nuh Al-Jinn Al-Muzzammil Al-Muddathth Al-Qiyamat Ad-Dahr Al-Mursalat An-Nabaa An-Nazi'at Abasa At-Takwir Al-Infitar Al-Mutaffife Al-Inshiqaq Al-Buruj At-Tariq Al-A'la Al-Gashiya Al-Fajr Al-Balad Ash-Shams Al-Lail Adh-Dhuha Al-Sharh At-Tin Al-Alaq


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