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Right here is the excellent area to get Vampire Diaries The Salvation Unspoken Pdf by Study Group completely free. Everybody makes it possible for . [PDF] The Salvation: Unspoken (The Vampire Diaries). The Salvation: Unspoken (The Vampire Diaries). Book Review. Comprehensive guide for ebook lovers. the salvation: unspoken [vampire diaries] pdf - l. j. smith. they sold poorly as the hunters, phantom evensong and elena gilbert. after the books.

Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation: Smith All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Alloy Entertainment. If you would like to use material from the book other than for review purposes , write to permission alloyentertainment. The publisher does not have any control over and does not assume any responsibility for author or third-party websites or their content. Look for the hashtags throughout this book and share your own reactions on Twitter.

I have no idea how to feel about it. All i can say is that Stefan is definitely NOT coming back. And i mean seriously never, he's 'passed on'.

His ghost visits Elena one last time and tells her to be happy with Damon if that's what she wants blah blah blah. They kill Jack in the end. Well, Damon does. But then the Guardian arseholes show up and say Damon has broken his vow because Jack was not actually a proper vampire.

So now Elena is dying. Yoop di freakin do, right. But, now i want the last book. PLEASE, for the love of chocolate, let the next book be the last, otherwise it's just getting ridiculous. Fans of SE and Stefan will hate this book. Damon's my favourite Salvatore, but i still feel bad about Stefan. Like i said, i'm pretty damn certain he's not coming back.

Plus now Elena has chosen to be with Damon. She understands! Seconds later, I hear something that sounds like a running faucet, but wait I hesitantly look down. A puddle is presently forming beneath Elena, a smile plastered across her olive toned face. I freeze, first out of panic for my beautiful wood floors and then out of disgust at the fresh smell of urine filling the air.

She doesn't know what a toilet is? No fucking way. Author's Note: My beta admitted that she laughed really hard at the end I Love Amy! Thank you for reading! Please review! She is standing in her own filth, curling her toes in its warmth. The screams come first and then desperate cries as if begging me for mercy.

I begin to push her down, face first, into the wetness until she is just barely hovering it, my roars of anger bouncing off every wall.

Bad girl. Bad," I bark over and over. She is physically shaking in my hold, clawing at my body for balance. Her feet slip repeatedly on the hardwood floors, her grunts of effort rising in volume.

Before long, I drag her along the wood toward the bathroom, the anger pumping ruthlessly throughout my bloodstream. The urge to rip her limb from limb is boiling inside me, the devil whispering for me to do it. I plop her down on the toilet, pushing on her shoulders as if to enforce my demand that she stay.

On this toilet, here," I snap. She looks up at me as if I have murdered her entire family. Her bottom lip wobbles when her eyes lock with mine, and I pull away before they can make me feel a single ounce of regret.

I shake my head, reminding myself that I should be livid. She needs to understand the difference between right and wrong. Comparing Elena to a dog at this point is not a far-fetched concept. Still, it only further validates my reasons not to keep her. I am a fucking vampire, not a dog trainer, not a babysitter. I can't do this. I pace the bathroom momentarily, contemplating. Damon, your fucking life depends on this.

Bonnie's going to resolve this and then your life will resume as normal, I tell himself. My eyes click up to look at the fragile girl, still trembling.

I catch a whiff of her and I nearly gag. I can't stand it any longer. Taking two long strides over to her, I scoop her up like a sack of flour and set her into the base of the bathtub. She doesn't even fight me. It's as if she's surrendered.

I stand back up and look down at her. The girl silently sobs, yet not moving a muscle from where I put her. I roll my eyes, turning the knob of the structure until the water begins to pound in front of her. I am shocked that she doesn't move.

Her body is reclined against the porcelain, allowing the water to engulf her frame like a slow seeping venom. I grab a bottle of soap and squirt a good amount into the water with her until the liquid turns to giant bubbles.

Her futile sniveling dies down soon enough. It seems the warm water has shut her up. I smile in approval before turning off the steady stream of water. The tub is filled up about the way with liquid, just skimming Elena's shoulders.

The dried blood on her nightgown fuses into the water around her in a light pink shade. I just let her sit like that for a few minutes, giving myself time to calm down. I pick relentlessly at one of my cuticles until it bleeds, the pain only feels good.

When I grow bored of that, I walk back into her bedroom with a towel and what little bleach I have under the bathroom sink. I scrub the floor, refusing to breathe through my nose. My knees are drenched in the bodily fluid, now lukewarm and likely cultivating bacteria exponentially. I curse under my breath, holding the now contaminated towel out and away from me as I walk. I conjure up the courage to clench it with my index and thumb, feeling the wetness touch me.

I flinch and my face scrunches up until I look like a little old man. I step on the lever of the kitchen trashcan, watching the lid rise open until I can discard the vile piece of cloth. Yes, I threw away a very expensive, fluffy, warm towel, but there was no way in hell I was ever going to let that thing touch me. Nope, no amount of bleach could save that towel. I shudder when the wet mass slams against the bag inside the can and I quickly pull my foot away until the lid can trap the monstrosity.

PDF 3 - The Salvation Unmasked ENG

I feel a chill run up my spine and I shake it off before flying like a monkey back up that staircase. Elena is exactly where I left her, immobile and staring at the white ceiling aimlessly. The bubbles are so dense that I can't see anything beneath the water. I grab the shampoo and position myself beside her. I push her shoulder forward until she obediently sits up. There is an empty scotch glass on one of the ledges. Yeah, they are normally for shampoo and shit, but they sure make a great cup holder.

Baths are amazing, but baths with a stiff drink are spectacular. I smile at the thought, grabbing the glass and using it to pour water on her head. She whimpers quietly, and maybe she doesn't know it, but I can see the tears trickle down her face. I am gentle in my actions, carefully massaging the shampoo into her brown locks. I stare at the tattoo on her neck, mesmerized by it. My fingertips momentarily brush over it, before returning to their true task. I'm happy for the silence, only the splashing of of water filling the empty void.

The scotch glass works well for rinsing, my hand repeatedly scooping liquid and pouring it on her head. At times, I even covered her eyes with my hand to make sure that I didn't get any soap in them. When I'm sure all the suds have vacated the comfort of her locks, I put the glass back where I found it.

It's inevitable. I have to take her nightgown off, so I do without another thought.

I reach down into the water, feeling for the hem of the dress. I grab it gently, pulling it up until it emerges from the dormant pool. Once again, Elena does not fight me, not even a peep leaves her. I sigh, throwing the soaked fabric into the sink to deal with later.

The bubbles hide her bare silhouette completely, not that I think she cares at this point. I step over to the counter where a stack of clean washcloths are situated. I grab one and return beside the tub. As before, I pour a few drops of soap onto it, dunking it, and moving it over her. Her eyes stare straight in front of her, and for a second I am convinced that I have already broken her. I scoff to myself. Maybe somewhere deep down I want her to react, to fight me.

No one just gives up like that, do they? I am quick in cleaning her. When I get to the source of this activity, I pause.

I can't do it, but I can't avoid wiping the area when she is covered in it. And so I find her hand in the water, place mine on top of her and use it like a puppet. I grab the washcloth, squeezing her hand to mimic a claw.

I move it between her legs, hastily moving to her butt cheeks. I breathe a sigh of relief when I finally retract my hand. Next, I grab a towel, unfolding it and holding it out in front of me like bullfighter's cape, not to attract, but rather to shield.

My hand wraps around her arm, and pulls upward. She catches my intention quickly, standing on her feet and allowing the water to drip into the pool enveloping her legs.

The bubbles cling all over her, but I keep my eyes down out of embarrassment, not that that usually stops me, but somehow it does in that instance.

I wrap the towel around her and help her step out onto the small rug beside it. Her eyes once again stare diligently at my face, I can sense it. It causes the hairs on my arms to stand up and I shiver, my muscles rippling beneath my shirt. I grab another towel and dry her limbs, all while cursing at her hair dripping water all over. I create a turban with the towel in my hand, wrapping it on her head neatly but tight enough for it to stay. Her face remains emotionless, still stained with pink tear tracks.

I turn my lips up ever-so-slightly in encouragement, but again, nothing from the girl. I never feel remorse, but damn this girl knows how to make me feel like a piece of shit. I lead her back into her bedroom and stop her when we reach the bed.

Vampire Diaries The Salvation Unspoken Pdf (ePUB/PDF)

There is an old, oversized t-shirt in one of the drawers of the dressers. I bring it over to her and move her hand so that she can pinch the towel and prevent it from falling down. She obeys and I stretch the neck of the shirt over her towel turban, pulling the fabric down over the towel and thus, covering her like a dress. I gently prod at her hand and she lets go of the towel until it falls around her ankles. I guide her arms through the sleeves, next coaxing her onto the mattress.

I am completely and utterly exhausted. I haven't slept in what feels like days. Even a new mom with an unruly baby is getting more rest than me right now. The sun is coming up and shining through the windows already.

I had missed my opportunity to sleep last night, too preoccupied getting myself into deep shit I mean finding this nice, mute girl who has been nothing but rainbows and sunshine. Elena looks just as run down, her eyes struggling to stay open. I lay her down on the bed and pull the sheets over her.

She seems to understand the purpose of a bed and halle-fucking-lujah for that because I don't have the energy to care any longer. I shut the curtains as best I can, but the room is still lit enough to see everything clearly. I shut the door almost all the way, leaving it cracked. I can't be sure if she knows what a fucking closed door is. Would she know to turn the knob and pull? I chuckle to myself before finding the solemn comfort of my own bed. I jump onto it like a peppy school boy, letting out a warm groan and nuzzling into the pillow.

Somehow I get tangled in the white linens, but I smile, being swaddled like a baby into a deep slumber. Even that surpasses the rewards of a good fuck. I groan as I restlessly awaken, unable to stop tossing and turning. I eventually find a comfortable spot, my body teetering on the edge of the bed with my arm hanging down and brushing the cold floor. When I swallow, my throat feels dry and it almost burns.

I groan softly once more before I force myself to wake up, peeling my eyelid open, only one, like a peeping crocodile. And then I nearly fall off the fucking mattress with a jolt. I scramble to stand up, my heart pounding against my ribs. Her brown orbs watch me, her lips turned up in an innocent grin. What the fucking fuck?

Instinctively I grab the thin white sheets and cover myself. She then brings her fingers up to her lips, making a thrusting motion toward and away from her mouth. She tilts her head back and I won't tell you what else that hand gesture looks like.

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Let me just say, I am embarrassed for her. I have to hold back a cocky pun certainly intended grin that is threatening to crawl onto my face. Okay, so the girl is hungry. Big whoops! I'm horny I'm not getting what I want either. Damn, Elena is a greedy little human. I pull myself reluctantly from the coziness of my oasis, planting my shoes onto the floor. I am still dressed in my blood-covered, piss-soaked clothes.

I reek of death and public restrooms I cringe at the thought. Next, I contemplate whether or not to change now. Elena's looking pretty pushy at the moment, as if those sweet, innocent hands could reach out at any second and scratch my eyes until they're hollow pits if I stall her eating any longer.

I sigh, reaching down to her place on the floor and taking her hand like a small child, and I lead her downstairs. She stumbles on some of the steps, obviously still getting used to the idea of stairs. I immediately seat her at the kitchen table and she seems content. Obviously, she has recovered from my outburst from earlier that morning, almost as if it hadn't happened at all.

No, that's not weird at all. I look at the clock on the microwave and it's only 3 pm. I'm surprised I was able to sleep that long without an interruption sooner. I return my eyes to Elena.

Her towel turban has disappeared, only long, wavy strands of slightly damp hair falling around her. I groan before looking into the refrigerator. I see a couple slices of cheese, some condiments, a random blood bag, and some eggs. I pick up the eggs and they smell fine, probably left by the cleaners when they get hungry or something. I pull the eggs and cheese out, assembling to make some shitty excuse for scrambled eggs with cheese.

The last time I tried to cook was something like a century ago. Cooking only reminds me of her, but it's not time to discuss the woman I couldn't save years ago. I shake my head, feeling my throat grow taut and sticky like I hate. It doesn't take me long to serve up a plate for Elena, setting it in front of her. She looks at it for a moment before pushing it away.

Her face scrunches in disgust. Now, that's something we can both understand. I feel the frustration building. Is she on a diet? An anorexic? Before I lash out, I grab my cellphone and call Bonnie.

They come from nature," I hiss. Elena is watching me and I shift uncomfortably. I hate it when she does that. If those eggs came from a factory farm, then they were created from abuse and torture. The same goes for milk, where the cows are injected with drugs, confined like prisoners, and raped to keep the milk supply up.

Meat is definitely out of the question, but so are dairy and eggs. I'll definitely sleep better knowing that. I guess, except her veggies must come from natural soil with no chemicals or pesticides.

She also can consume eggs if they are truly cruelty free, unlike vegans who abstain from them altogether. You can seriously poison her if you don't follow that.

Elena will know before she eats it, but it is still essential that you provide her with what she needs. She's hungry and I stink like shit, so I am not going to leave right this minute to go get something.

You must have whole oats somewhere in that kitchen. She doesn't understand any human languages," I hum with a smirk. You act like I know everything about her. I don't. Help a guy out.

Vampire Diaries Salvation Unmasked Pdf download

She keeps staring at me. While you're downloading her food, check out the DVDs and ask someone for recommendations. Be a big boy, Damon. I'm not going to hold your hand day and night. Now scram and find out more, would you? I can't do this for much longer. She's killing my testosterone and my pride. I jam the phone back into my pant pocket, finding the girl staring at me as always. And so, I whip up some oatmeal. It looks more like gruel, but hey, I don't have to eat it.

I set it down in front of her with a spoon. I'm surprised when she picks up the utensil and uses it correctly. So, maybe she did come from a civilized place? She understands how to eat like a normal person. I cross my arms as I watch. She scarfs the stuff down within minutes and I nearly collapse in relief. She smiles at me with some of it still around her lips. I laugh, grabbing a napkin and handing it to her. She wipes the remnants away and I smile in approval.

I grab her hand and pull her upstairs again. We need to go out and shop, but I especially need to shower. I grab some cotton shorts and a belt for Elena to wear until I can download her some new clothes. I sit her on my bed and hand her my phone. Although I know she doesn't know what to do with it, I feel it will keep her occupied while I shower and get dressed.

Her eyes grow wide when the screen glows in her palms. I laugh a little, stepping into the bathroom and shutting the door behind me. It doesn't take me long from start to finish. I throw on some dark wash jeans and a button down black shirt and then adjust my raven stained locks with my fingers.

When I emerge from the bathroom, Elena is still staring at the glowing screen, poking at things and watching as the screen changes and moves. Even the sound effects enthrall her into a hypnotic state. It is quite a scene to spectate. I walk over and stand her firmly on the flooring so that I can help her get the shorts on. Her oversized t-shirt hides her body completely as I pull up the shorts and before long, I am tightening the belt to hold the fabric up.

She'll have to go barefoot because I have nothing remotely close to her foot size. I sigh, grabbing the car keys, my wallet, and Elena's hand. We walk to the car and this time, without protest, she crawls into the front seat.

I show her the seat belt and fasten her in. She looks at me wide eyed, panicked. She thrashes against the constraints and I growl in impatience. I unbuckle it within seconds until she calms down. I roll my eyes and slam the door. I never wear a seatbelt, but hey, she's fragile and my fucking life depends on her. I guess she's not easy to kill or something like that. It seems like a shady theory. I could easily lean over and snap her neck before she could even realize what happened.

There is nothing worse than an overly populated slab of concrete where humans mingle and spend their money on useless shit. I can barely find a decent parking spot in front of good old Target. Fuck Walmart. Elena needs some nice clothes if she's going to be seen with me. I still have an ego to nurse. The girl's eyes are wide in shock. She can't believe how fucking stupid this place is either. I pull her toward the entrance, where seemingly hundreds of other Americans are shuffling in.

I start in the food section, throwing Am I seriously going to have to go to some hippie, crunchy farmer's market where they grow happy fruits and veggies from the happy dirt that they kissed? Fuck, this is getting worse and worse. I tug Elena in the direction of the movies since it is closer than the clothing. There are rows and rows of movies. I guess I'll just have to use my eternally glowing charm to get some help.

I find a worker, using my kindest pedestrian face to ask.

I may have exaggerated the acting, but whatever. I'll get what I want one way or another. I'm looking for some silent films or something this girl can watch.

She's from an ancient civilization deep in Mongolia. She doesn't understand a word in English," I say mockingly. I guess that's how I see humans The woman smiles understandingly. Her name is 'Martha', the letters spelled out across her little name tag. It's unfortunate that those uniforms are so modest, so stale and unflattering. I want to rip into her neck so badly. On the way home, we're going to have to stop somewhere for me to feed. I am hungry as hell. Fantasia is a silent cartoon with Mickey Mouse and we also have Wall-E.

That one's more recent. There is seriously like no dialogue in that movie but it's easy to understand what's going on. All in all, Disney movies are your best bet. I begin throwing movies into the cart, any that look easy to understand. More paranormal drama from Elena and friends.

I loved the thread of romance and the cliffhanger that left me in shock! Oct 12, keikii Eats Books rated it did not like it. I enjoyed the series. You can let yourself go. Get into the books.

The characters in the series are good. A nice imagination for a writer. Jan 07, Ange Mogni rated it really liked it. La historia super interesante , como siempre, pero el final Muy bueno. Dec 19, Yusra rated it really liked it. Cependant, il y a aussi quelques petits points positifs que je dois aborder.

La fin est pleine d'amour, d'espoir et de satisfaction autant pour les personnages que pour le lecteur. Puis les tensions, la peur et l'angoisse refond subitement surface. Mar 09, Carly Fries rated it liked it.

Before I Read the Book Stefan's coming back right? I mean, everyone who dies comes back somehow. It's Vampire Diaries, for fuck's sakes They're gonna let Stefan rot.

Seriously, these people's lives are like one big life-threatening roller coaster. Everyone is trying to find a way to kill Jack, while Elena is given a new Guardian task to kill an old vampire named Siobhan. Ironically, it's Siobhan who helped Jack create the fake vampires in the first place, using her blood. They track her down and she agrees to help them kill him, but it turns out she was lying. Oh well, Elena quickly staked her in the heart.

Bye, Siobhan. Jack tricked Meredith into thinking he trusted her, only to fool her with misinformation. Meredith and Alaric vow to find a cure for her fake vampirism. Zander's big secret is that he wants to propose to Bonnie.

But the pack is also moving to Colorado, so Eventually she says yes though, they get married, and move. Elena and Damon head to Jack's lab in Zurich where she finds the real poison that will kill Jack. Jack follows them there, threatens Damon's life, but ends up dead because you can't fight the power of the Dalena.

After everything is over, Elena visits her old house in Fell's Church that Stefan bought for them. And lo and behold, Ghost Stefan is there waiting for her. He tells her he will always love her, but that she needs to keep living, and that if she wants to do her living with Damon, that's okay with him. She heads home, pretty much immediately professes her undying love for Damon, and they head to Paris together.

The Salvation: Unspoken

Unfortunately, at the top of the Eiffel tower, Mylea shows up, claims that Damon broke the rules by killing Jack - technically a human - and that now Elena's as good as dead. Especially after Bonnie said it was close. I could have told you that. And if ever there's more trouble at the ley lines you can go back and help temporarily? Boom problem solved Too good. Oh, and dick move waiting three weeks after he killed Jack to show up. Like, yay everything's okay now let's go to Paris together hahahahaha nope sorry guys Elena has to die now vacation OVER hide spoiler ] Ormai temo di essere una delle ultime persone che ancora segue attivamente questa saga e ha lasciato perdere pure il telefilm: Se volessi fare spoiler potrei riassumervi il tutto in due frasi e non tralascerei nulla!

Oct 09, R. As you might be able to tell from how long it took me to finish this book 2 months , this series is failing to hold my attention horribly. Sad considering that I loved the originals. The further these ghost writers go, the more it feels like they are warping the characters and just keep beating it to death so it keeps going in line with the TV series. Disappointing to be sure. Stephen is dead, but that can't exclude him from a final all-understanding appearance at the end of the book.

What's a m As you might be able to tell from how long it took me to finish this book 2 months , this series is failing to hold my attention horribly. What's a main character death without a dramatic return and kind farewell, right? After all, Damon and Elena both got to come back to life and stay. Stephen doesn't get that honor though. Damon and Elena's relationship progresses more slowly and naturally this time around, which is a bit of a relief while also being a little unreliable given the number of times to two have fallen and fought against each other all along.

As hoaky as it would have been, I almost would have believed the immediate snatch and keep scenario more, especially with Damon's possessive streak. Meredith is now one of the monsters That little plot twist is saved for the very end to put Elena's life on the line again after just a couple of pages of happy resolution.

Overall, everyone is happily paired off. There is no longer one loner left out on the wings pining after someone else's partner in their little group.

Half of them are married while the others appear to be close to same line of thought. And now Damon has to save Elena from yet another supernatural disaster of their own doing.

I get the feeling forcing myself to read the next book will be a bit of a chore, though I also seriously hope it is the last. Jan 06, Hannah Almond rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I haven't been able to put any of the vampire diaries books down and this book was no exception! It ended leaving me in absolute suspense and itching to read the next book! I have so many questions Will Elena die? Can Damon save her?

Can they bargain with the Guardians for her life? Can and will the guardians really let her die, when her blood is so previous to them? Or now that the old ones are all 'suposably' dead will she and her special blood be of no use to them anymore? Will the I haven't been able to put any of the vampire diaries books down and this book was no exception!

Will the only way of saving elena result in Damon having to turn her In to a vampire , really making her his 'dark princess' and resulting in the end of elena's life as a human and as a Earth Guardian? Will Elena and Damon ever be able to live the 'normal' life that her and Stefan failed to have , and that Elena has craved so much?

Or will they end up living in the shadows? Will they ever find a way of reserecting Stefan or is he really gone forever?

If he did come back could elena finally have both of them? Could the brothers stand to share her , or would they put there old differences behind and renew the bond that they had made before Stefan died and put aside their jealousies for her?

Will they find a cure for Meridith, or will the Vampire Hunter be cursed to live as a vampire forever? I kind of hope if Stefan does 'somehow' come back, that they could all come to some sort of understanding , put jealousies behind and live together, joined by their love for Elena. That elena could have and love both vampire brothers!! Although I really would love to see what her life would be like with Damon Feb 18, Ryan rated it liked it. This book I have mixed feelings on.

Okay so I will do the bad points first, a little moody I know but it means that I can end the review on a good note. So first off it took me a while to get into this book, I have had it on my bookshelf in my bedroom for a while and have attempted to read it previously however I could just not get into the story.

Before finally sitting down and forcing myself to read it I had tried three times before this without success. The next aspect of the book I didn't enjo This book I have mixed feelings on. The next aspect of the book I didn't enjoy was then ending, Vampire Diaries was a book series that I feel should have ended a while ago, probably when L. Smith stopped writing the books and a ghost writer came into it. I also feel like the penultimate chapter was the perfect way to end the book and the series but no they added another chapter and another book to the series.

I have doubts about the next book but we shall see when it comes to that. The good point to this book, is once you get past the beginning of it and you generally don't mind that it is no longer L. Smiths It is a good story and plot. The characters do have some development in this book.

I think the best way to describe this book is 'meh' maybe upper class 'meh' it was aright but I wouldn't rave about it. Generally I feel like they are trying to hard now and that the next book really should be the last. I think there is now a total of 15 books in this now Mon Avis: Ils pleurent, ils sourient Bref, aucune surprise.

Mais manque de chance, nous ne sommes pas idiots! On change juste le nom des personnages, on les tue et hop! C'est reparti Vous parlez d'une saga! Ma Note: Readers Also Enjoyed. Young Adult. About L. I have a new blog about my Vampire Diaries fanfic. She has written over two dozen books for children and young adults, and has enjoyed writing every one of them. She lives in th I have a new blog about my Vampire Diaries fanfic. She lives in the Bay Area of California, with a backyard that is full of flowers, which she adores, especially with many different shades of roses.

She loves to visit a friend's little cabin in the Point Reyes National Seashore area, which has lots of trees, lots of animals, lots of beaches to walk on, and lots of places to hike. Once, while hiking, she saw a snow-white buck which allowed her to follow it nearly half a mile. She also likes to collect things: A militant optimist, she is also part of the Velociraptor Sisterhood a fancy way of saying that she likes to read, write and discuss books with strong female characters , and she has traveled extensively in Europe and the Far East.

The two countries she loves to visit most are Great Britain, with its historic monuments and amazing country landscapes, and Japan, with its bustling urban life and exquisite mountain scenery. Her favorite current writer is Terry Pratchett, the author of the Discworld series, for its wild and witty satires on life, death, war, love, assassins, coppers, and Australia.


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