Ebook kimia kelas10 smk oleh Ratna. Jul 26th. Ebook KIMIA Kelas 2 SMA oleh Fajar. Jul 26th. Ebook kimia kelas 10 oleh Khamidinal. Jul 25th. dinamis serta tak terbatas oleh sekat ruang kelas (learning with no boundaries). Buku teks siswa SMK tahun dirancang untuk dipergunakan siswa sebagai X 4. Skor Maksimal. Nilai untuk Keterampilan menggunakan penilaian kuantitatif 1 – 4: . kapal tanker yang mengangkut bahan-bahan kimia cair. Download ebook Kimia SMA Penerbit Pusat Perbukuan Departemen Departemen Pendidikan NasionalTahun: Download: Buku Kimia SMK K Read More. Download Materi Kimia SMA Kelas X Materi Kelas X: Materi Semester 1.

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grade X/Achmad Doddy, Ahmad Sugeng, Effendi; editor Team of Setia Purna Inves. – Jakarta: Pusat Perbukuan, Departemen Pendidikan Nasional, SMA/MA Kelas X. nbafinals.info Views . budaya jilid 2 smk. teknik alat berat jilid 3 smk - Bursa Open Source SMA/MA Kelas X. Cover kimia kelas nbafinals.info I am studying in SMK Negeri 5 Surabaya in the 12th grade with the skills competencies of . Ebook Kimia SMK Kelas X Kimia Ratna Download.

Post a Comment. General Edit. It is a new molecular configuration, with new physical properties. Allotropes of a given substance will often have substantial differences between each other. Generally one allotrope will be far more abundant than another. The tetrahedral arrangements in red phosphorous are linked into chains, whereas those in white phosphorous are separate. Black phosphorous is arranged in 2-dimensional hexagonal sheets, much like graphite. White prosphorous reacts immediately to the air, oxiding and producing phosphorus pentoxide. It possesses allotropes most radically different from one another, ranging from soft to hard, opaque to transparent, abrasive to smooth, inexpensive to costly. Coal and soot are both forms of amorphous carbon, one of the most common carbon allotropes. Diamond is an allotrope in which atoms are linked in a 3-D crystalline network of covalent carbon bonds. Diamond, of course, is both very expensive, rare, and strong. Carbon fullerenes are among the strongest and lightest materials known. Carbon nanofoam has an extremely low density, only a few times heavier than air. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Study the events. Last weekend, my friends and afternoon we went to the river and I went camping. We reached the caught some fish for supper. At night, camping ground after we walked for we held a fire camp night. We sang, about one and a half hour from the danced, read poetry, played magic parking lot. We built the camp next to tricks, and even some of us performed a small river. It was getting darker and a standing comedy. On Monday, we packed our bags The next day, we spent our time and got ready to go home.

In the. What did we do last weekend? How long did we reach the camping ground?

Buku Pelajaran SMA Kelas 10 - Bahasa Inggris Jilid 1

When did we build the camp? What did we do on the next day? What activities did we do at the night of a fire camp night?

Activity 10 Work in pairs and match the following time line with its activities. Saturday 6. Activity 11 After setting the timeline into a good order in Activity 10, in groups make your oral recount by referring to the activity in each time.

Activity 12 Now make your own timeline on last your last weekend and present it to the class. Do you have any interesting experience to tell? Can you recall it? Will you tell your experience to your friend?

Meeting a Star On Saturday morning at 9: I said 'no' at walking down Sunda Street, looking first, but he really wanted me to have for a record store. A man stopped me it, so I took it.

I wasn't sure exactly where it to a few records. D' Masive had a new was, but I walked with him to the end record that was number two in the top of Sunda Street.

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He was very friendly, twenty. I decided to download it. I looked and his face looked so familiar. Then I in my bag for my wallet and found a remembered where the Hyatt was and piece of paper the man gave me. It was told him how to get there. He thanked a photo. I was so surprised! He was a me and tried to give me something. Adapted from New Horizons in English 4, Answer these following questions based on the text in Activity 3 Activity 2.

Where was the writer? What was he doing? What did the man ask the writer? How was the man's character? Did the writer help the man? What did the writer decide to download? What did he find in his wallet? How was he when he knew who the man was? My Day I had a terrible day yesterday. First, Next, I ran out of the house trying I woke up an hour late because my to get the 9: Then, I was missed it.

I wanted to take a taxi, but I in such a hurry that I burned my hand didn't have enough money. After Finally, I walked the three miles to breakfast, I got dressed so quickly that my school only to discover that it was I forgot to wear socks.

All about Tirta Angen Pangestu: Ebook Kimia sma kelas X oleh Michael Purba

I hope I never have a day as the one I had yesterday. Taken from Ready to Write, What happened to the writer yesterday? New Horizon a. He has a terrible day. He gets a terrible day. When writing c. He had a terrible day. He got a terrible day. Why did he wake up an hour late? Because he didn't set alarm clock.

SMA/MA Kelas X

Because his alarm clock didn't go off. Because he didn't see alarm clock. Because his alarm clock didn't work. What did he do after having breakfast?

He got dressed so quickly that he forgot to wear - use action words eg socks. He wear socks so quickly that he forgot to get Source: He ran out of the house trying to get the 9: He burned his hand when he was making breakfast.

How far did the writer walk? He walked for two miles. He walked for three miles. He walked for four miles. He walked for five miles. What does the writer hope? The writer hopes to discover that it was Sunday. The writer hopes to take a taxi. The writer hopes he never had a day like yesterday. The writer hopes that yesterday will be better. Activity 5 Read the words taken from the text and find their synonyms. Activity 6 Read and study the text structure of the recount text in Activity 4.

I hope I never have a day as the one I had yesterday paragraph 3. Work in pairs. I woke up at about five o'clock remembered all my lines. I wrapped yesterday. It wasn't a regular day, my works and got ready to pick her up because I was about to propose a girl. After praying and taking a bath, I met her at four o'clock, took a I had my early breakfast. At about little walk and went to a movie. At nine o'clock I was in my office but seven, we had a romantic dinner. I my soul wasn't there.

I was thinking thought it was the perfect time to ask about the lines that I had to say to her to be my wife. Then I said the lines her. At one o'clock, I had my lunch that I practiced the whole afternoon.

So, I She smiled. I reached my pocket to practiced the lines to almost all girls I get a ring and put it around her finger. Yes, I was a little bit Then she said "Yes.

Finally, it was three o'clock. I home I went back to my house. Taken from New Horizons in English, Grammar Review Using Prepositions of Time It is important to use correct prepositions to show time relationship. Study the prepositions of time and the example. I lived in Jakarta Linda was born She was born October 31, 4: I'll meet you for lunch Tuesday noon. Rudi goes to Singapore every weekend.

She takes the train Saturday 9. Activity 9 Read the following text and identify the prepositions of time in the text. My mother got me ready for school then I had to wait for her to brush my hair and place every strand in just the perfect position. I had to show her my shoes that I had cleaned the night before and my school bag had to be neatly put on my shoulder before I could get near the door.

Only after my mother was totally satisfied would I be allowed to rush out of the front door. I would leave home at 8 am on the dot and make my way down the lane. After a walk of about metres I would be able to see the tall steeple of the school.

The playground would be full in the summer and the noise would make me want to rush into the yard and get into a good game of football before the bell went.

Adapted from www. Do you have a diary? What do people usually write in it? What sort of advantages can people get from writing it? Have you ever written your past experience in a diary? If yes, what was it about? Activity 2 Pay attention to the following diary. Answer the questions that follow. March, 28th This morning Andika called me. I was surprised. I wondered from whom he got my cell phone number. Your Project Confuse. My heart beat faster when I heard his voice.

You might have an interesting experience Lovely lately. Write it in your diary. It will be so much fun when you read what Luna you have written a few years later. Text by Apel. When did Luna write her diary above? Who called her? How did she feel when Andika called her? Did she know where Andika got her number? How is Luna's feeling for Andika? Do you think she likes him? Activity 3 Arrange them so they follow a logical time order. Then use all the sentences to write the paragraph.

Deri saved his money and spent two months travelling around the world. He wrote his journey in his diary. I spent a week in New York and then flew to London and enjoyed several weeks in Europe. After through Asia, I went to south America and finally back home to Indonesia.

Activity 4 Study the following schedule. Write a paragraph that telling past events based on the schedule. Remember to begin with topic sentences. Tuesday Last week I had a busy schedule in my class.

At Rewrite Activity 5 it using your own words. Activity 6 Read this story. As you read the text, decide the conclusion at each stage. Write it in your workbook. The phone call His story Her story Maya is a friend of Galih. He told Doni got my name from a friend. However asked her for a date. I was delighted I explained that it was time for my when she agreed but it was really piano practice, he started talking about difficult talking to her.

She wouldn't himself, and there was no stopping say a word. I had to carry on the whole him. I couldn't have got in a word conversation myself. When I came to the door and saw the ridiculous outfit he was wearing, I almost died of embarrassment. Then he suggested that we took a bus.

I didn't know where to look. His story I got there on time. Her Mom answered the door and asked me what I wanted. I explained that I was Maya's date. I think she was impressed by my suit, and you should have seen Maya's face when she first came to the door! As we walked to the bus stop she grumbled that Galih always took her out by car. I told her she looked lovely! His story The movie She let me order the most expensive Her story dish on the menu and she didn't even He laughed so loudly that touch a bite.

She explained that she everybody turned round to look at was still full from lunch, but I think us. I whispered 'be quiet' several she wanted to go somewhere more times but it had no effect. He also expensive. She's a real snob. The future I wanted to crawl into a hole. Her story His story Would I go out with him again? She was a real bore.

The film was You must be joking. I never want to very funny, but she kept muttering see him again. He was so insensitive. She refused everything His story that I offered her. I would never call her again.

She The meal behaved terribly, and never apologized. Her story One date with her was more than He took me to a cafe, and insisted enough. It was Adapted from New Horizons in English 4, It was an interesting film about a plane which crashed on a small empty island in the Pacific Ocean.

After a few weeks, the passengers were eating raw fish and meat. Although the passengers were safe, nobody knew where the plane had crashed. It was an American movie called The Lost Flight. So the passengers had to learn how to hunt for food in the jungle and how to catch fish from the sea to eat. My sister and I went to see a film last night. After they had been on the island for two months, three of the men made a boat and sailed away to find help.

It showed how people can quickly change when they have to look after themselves in the jungle. But my sister and I enjoyed the film. But their boat sank and they were drowned. The film ended without saying whether the passengers were rescued or not. Activity 8 Yesterday, Vicki had a birthday for her friend. She made a list of things she had to do before the party. She put the things on her list in time order. Use her list to write a paragraph about the things she had to do.

Remember to begin with a topic sentence and use signal words. Decide one that the group think is the most unforgettable. Then write a diary and tell it in front of the class.

Activity 10 Now think of your most memorable experience and write it like a diary entry. Consider the following. What was it? When and where did it happen? Who was involved? How was it memorable? And why? Language Functions a. Genre Recount Social function: Learning Reflection After learning the lesson in this chapter, you are expected to be able to: Now, answer the questions: What do you say to greet people? Write your last holiday experience and tell it to your friends.

If you find some difficulties, consult your teacher or discuss with your friends. Activity 1 Study the following situations and answer the questions. She couldn't even stand up because she broke her ankle. What do you think of the situations?

Are there good news or bad news? What do you feel when you hear a good news? What do you feel when you hear a bad news? How do you respond to someone telling you a good and a bad news? What will you do or say to show your happiness? What will you do or say to show your sympathy? Will you be surprised especially when hearing the bad news? Then, repeat the words and expressions. I'm so happy. Activity 3 Listen to the tape and choose the best response from the expressions you hear.

My sister got a car accident last night. The best response is …. Oh really? It is nice to hear that. I'm sorry to hear that. The correct response is b Oh really?

Oh, that's good news. Oh, that's bad news. How terrible! I'm delighted to hear that. Is that right? That's too bad. How nice! I'm happy with that. How poor she is. Activity 4 Pay attention to the expressions for showing happiness, sympathy and affection. Dialogue 1 Hani gets a gift from her mother. She is very happy. My dear daughter, your father said that he would New Horizon take you to the department store.

That's 1. When do we go there, What's the difference Mom? Perhaps after dinner. Father will download a new Sympathy is the act pair of shoes for you.

Frankly we both are so of imagining and 2 for your performance at school. Thanks for your praise, Mom. I am also and perspectives of 3 to have parents like you both. You are a wonderful daughter for us. I'm so lens e. Thanks Mom. Empathy the act of attempting to Dialogue 2 understand the Deni tells Andi bad news.

Rudi, his friend, has just got an thoughts, experiences, and perspectives of accident. Hi, Andi. What happened? He was riding in a big storm. He must have skidded in the rain. Was he badly injured? Sure, he was such in pain. He wasn't, was he? He was. He couldn't 4. He broke his legs. Where is he now?

Is he in the hospital? I'll 6 in the hospital right away. Then make the Activity 5 best response for each expression. You get Rp You are excellent and brilliant. You got a great mark for the final test. Well done. You get a free ticket for this holiday. I've lost my wallet somewhere.

It's got Rp. Did you hear that Mr. Rendy got a serious cancer disease? I heard that Budi was in jail. He was arrested for traffic violence. Rendi was knocked down by a car. He was in hospital for five weeks. Yesterday, on the TV news, I saw a bad thunder storm in California. Many people died and got serious injured.

Activity 6 Listen to the following dialogue and answer these questions based on what you heard. What is the dialogue about? Who are involved in the dialogue? What is Boni looking for? What kind of books does he need? What do you know about folktales?

Do you like to read or hear stories? What kind of stories do you like? What is your favourite story? Activity 7 Listen to the statements and complete the following table. Number one has been done for you. Name Types of the Story Title of the Story 1. Rani fairy tales Cinderella 2. One afternoon, a big wolf 1 When the little girl 5 the in the dark forest for a little girl to door of her grandmother's house, she come along carrying 2 to her saw there was somebody in bed with grandmother.

Finally, the little girl a nightcap and 6. She had came along and she was carrying a approached no nearer than twenty-five basket of food. The little girl said for even in a nightcap a wolf doesn't yes she was. So the wolf asked her look anymore like your grandmother where her grandmother lived and the than 8 lion looks like Calvin little girl told him and he 4 into Coolidge.

So the little girl took an the woods. Taken from Readings to Remember, Activity 9 Study the following explanation. Then, listen to your teacher reading another story and complete the table. Different writers organise their stories in different ways.

However, they usually give their information about: What do you usually say when you are pleased or happy? What do you usually say when you want to attract someone's attention? Do you have different expressions when showing your happiness in front of your friends and elderly people? If yes, what are the expressions? One of your friends had an accident. What do you say to show your sympathy? Your brother has a problem. He looks sad.

What will you say to show your affection? Activity 2 Read and practise the following expressions. It's really great.

It gives me a great pleasure. What a nice news. It makes me happy. I'm really sorry to hear that! Oh that's awful. What a shame. Are you fine? Oh dear. Ternyata, dari hasil percobaan dan. Langkah 1: Tuliskan reaksiny. Hubungan volume molar gas, massa. Bila volume nitrogen yang bereaksi. Jika persamaan reaksi sudah setara,. PIM dok.

Alkali Metal

PIM D. Langkah Percobaa. T u g a s Lakukan percobaan pada be. Magnesium hidroksida [Mg OH 2 ]. Larutan elektolit berupa senyaw. Demikian halnya dengan reaksi redok. Membuktikan Terjadinya Reaksi Redok.

Contoh Tentukan bilangan oksidasi d. Senyawa biner yang tersusun dari un. Air yang sudah tercemar mengakibatk. Konsep reaksi. Biloks atom karbon pada ion C. A Pilihlah jawaban yang tepat. Alat dan Bahan Percobaan 1. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page: Khamidinal Tri Wahyuningsih Shidi Page 4 and 5: Kata Sambutan Puji syukur kami panj Page 6 and 7: Kata Sambutan iii Kata Pengantar iv Page 8 and 9: Pengelompokan Larutan Elektrolit Page 10 and B a b I Atom Pernahkah kalian makan Page 12 and Teori Atom Thomson Berdasarkan t Page 14 and Berdasarkan penemuan partikel-parti Page 18 and Contoh Hitunglah massa molekul rela Page 22 and Nomor mas Page 24 and Agar kalia Page 28 and D i s k u s i Dengan menggunakan ta Page 30 and Logam alkali Hasil penyusunan Siste Page 32 and T u g a s Tentukan konfigurasi atom Page 34 and D i s k u s i Mengapa unsur yang me Page 38 and Sesuai dengan hukum oktaf Newlan Page 40 and Jika kalian memerhatikan konfiguras Page 44 and Agar lebih jelas, perhatikan gambar Page 48 and Ikatan Kovalen Kalian telah meng Page 50 and Bagaimana menentukan suatu molekul Page 56 and Secara keseluruhan, momen dipol mer Page 58 and H 2 Page 62 and Bagaimanakah c Page 68 and Sementara itu, adakalanya unsur log Page 70 and T u g a s Berilah nama pada senyawa Page 72 and Dari kelima persamaan reaksi terseb Page 74 and I am one of a million babies who will be born in the Indonesia in I was born in Mojokerto on 18th October Pungging, Regency: Mojokerto, Post Code: My hobbies are cycling, listen the music , reading comics, watch movie and comedy because that all make me happy and entertain my self.

I was the youngest of two sisters. I have one sister, her name is Weni Piji Lestari. She was married with one child. I have pleasant personality. I'm very friendly,sometimes Iam shy if I meet new people.

Sometimes I become annoying person and selfish. I like study hard and I smile a lot. D I have a parents who very loving me. They are never mind to accept all my desire.

After I am finishing my study, I want to give my parents is happiness that previous ever they give me. I hope it very interesting. I am so sorry if any fault in my written. I love those bullion stitched baby singlets but haven't done them for ages.


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