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Dragon # Cover Due to licensing restrictions, the PDF Download edition of this issue does not The PDF edition also does not contain D&D Mini Tiles. Dragon Magazine was the house organ for TSR and later Wizards of the Coast It was replaced with HTML articles starting with #, a full PDF magazine. Dragon Magazine Volume XXVIII, No. 6 Issue November Races of Power Cover art by Wayne Reynolds. Nick: PDF. Publisher: Year:

Certain monsters in DUrD have a way of grabbing our interest. They have a knack for making the players sit up straight when they're encountered. Dragons obviously fall into rhls category. Heck, half the game is named after them. GiThyanki have become lconic DUrD monsters, and we covered those in issue The same is true of the draw, the subject of issue '8 theme.

I are flol n! The reason why I feel this way needs a short explanation. You see, back in and Edition, there was a wonderful book released called Skills and Powers. Perhaps you remember it? I loved the flexibility those rules gave, and I have missed similar rules in 3rd [dition.

As a DM, I have several complete and derailed game worlds, and I feel the need to customize the classes to fit different nations or regions. That brings me in a longwinded fashion to the point The last two issues were packed with excellent articles detailing customized classes.

Finally, I can stop designing all those custom classes and get to the work of actually writing my adventures. I would love to see more of these classes especially clericsl , and perhaps an article on how to make your own custom classes.

Matthew Hoffman Address withheld A lot of readers have written in pram! We love tber people enjoyed them because we loved working on them. Unfortunately, we made a few errors.

The descrtotion of fhis abifity aCCidentally omitted a key phrase. It should read, "The pugilist develops fast healing I that applies only to nonlethal damage. This ability also reduces rhe duration of all stunning effects by I round. The pugiliSt can take this ability multiple times; Irs effects stack. The evangelist class gains two domains at first level The evangelist benefits from the domain powers and gains the spells on her spells-known lisf, but she does not gain the abili!

The charts for the evangelist indicate that a character of the clsss gains more domains as she increases in level, but there is no descrtption of that. The evangelist does gain these extra domsins, and they are subjeCT ro the same restrictions as fhe first two domains the cfass grants. We apologize for any confusion these mistakes might have c-aused. In issue I was reading where you guys were talking about Weezer's "In the Garage," and you said if we knew of any other pop-culture references to let you know.

Well, you might already know about this one, but whar about Marcy Playground's "A Cloak of Elvenkind? I have never written in or anything, and I'm going on my third year subscription. Keep up the great work!

Robert Dupre Address withheld Thanks for the note, Robert. We had heard about "A Cloak of Elvenktnd" from a few other readers We've yer to receive any Simpsons references, but we 've gar Marcy Playground covered. I listen fa emo bands a lot less popular than Weezer, so I'm hardly plugged in to the pulse of pop music, but Marcy Playground hasn't released an album in four years.

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It must be a pretty good song to stick in The minds of so many gamers. If you know of any more references to DDtD in pop culture, let us know. Fer cuutomer service concerns, or. Also, drop us a line about any celebrities that you've heard play DDrD or played in the past. Once we compi'le enough and verify the information, we 11 put an article together. Matthew Sernen are added , but it would still appeal to new readers. Here's how: Pose a question to readers such as.

Then DRAGON could use the best articles that respond to that question once every few issues depending on reader feedback. I like this idea because it doesn't change the content of DRAGON,' it just offers a way to focus the efforts of all the writers and readers of the magazine. It's a lot of fun to think about, as It can lead to some interesting ideas for campaign and sdventure design. Yet before you start wondermgwhar havoc widespread ethereal travel and teleporfation would really wnwk on a world, think about this: ODID characters grow more powerful by killing other creetures.

It's not out of the question. Matthew Semen Gam. All I can say is, "Wow! For cusremer ";:""0. All leners musr rnelu. I did notice the extra "Zogonla" that month. Please say if isn'l so. Phil's last vacation from the strip lasted iourteen years, so we don', know when he'll return or what his Involvement will be with DRAGON in the future. Matthew Sernert Bruce Lee for President In "Scalemall," Marthew Sernett asked for feedback not only on articles we liked but also for things we'd llke to see.

This approach would reward long-term readers since they'd watch the world grow over the years as new articles wizard, or bard, but after reading those articles, I find myself wanting to put down the plate armor and don the flowing robes! Bul , am deeply saddened in writing this time. I find that now thai' I am becoming more and more excited about the game, things have changed. First, I have been forced to relocate to sunny California from not quite so sunny Utah.

II has been a positive move for the most part, save one: I have no gaming crew! How do I go about establ,ishing contact with new garners? Not only that, but I can't even find a decent D! JtD supplier in my area! Next, because I am Without gamIng party members, I am debating on introducing my year-old cousin to the game" but I barely know enough to play.

My crew in Utah was very good at helping me our. How can I teach when I am still very much the student? They often have someplace where students can post their Interests and form clubs.

JSIn the books, you mighr find yourself me student in a couple of months. Also, check out he DtnDMinialures game. It's an easy introduction 10 rhe basic mechanics of play. Once they're familiar with the game and having fun, you can flip over the cards and play with the D[ tD slats and rules. Alter that, it shouldn't be hard fa take the game into the dungeon and on fa adventure! Due 10 nrne COn:,;. IN 'fOUR. I gladly accommodated this whenever it was possible.

Dragon (magazine)

It occurred mainly at conventions, of course, so I made a point of dragging the big binder of maps and the smaller one of encounter notes with me when attending such a gathering. Many people played. However, one group is memorable in that despite being intelligent and knowledgeable gaming veterans, they panicked, looked for something complex and difficult, and ended up with characters that looked like road kills.

Arter the parry had spent about an hour or so working their way down through the dungeon, looking mainly for a means of delving lower, they had descended far enough to discover a large and relatively unexplored sublevel.

There were plenty of monsters and various prcblem-solving areas on the level. One of the latter was a simple Trap room. As is typical, the adventurers seemed TO head directly for the room in question, and in short order opened its door. I described it in this manner, "Before you is a circular chamber about 40 feet in diameter, It is metal-walled, and the low ceiling appears fa be made of iron. You see no doors in the room, bur there is a small object lying on the floor in the center of it.

You notice no other features from where you observe this place. IT'L' ou,rom. I,,'Y' po"lhl e, place. Furthermore, the ceil. As iTS original helghr was 10 feet, this gave them conslderable Tiime to find a way out The object in the center of the chamber was a dagger with a heavy triangular blade.

The adventurers quickly picked it up, but instead of looking directly above its original resting place. This attempt was to no avall, ofcourse, as that da.

It seemed so obvious-dagger in the middle of the room, hole of the same shape in the ce. Alas for the party, panic set in. One member used a dimension door spell to escape. The OTher six or seven characters attempted to stop the ceiling's descent with various implement'S and sought hidden means of egress, to no avail. Their pes horribly crushed and dead, These players gained some slight satisfaction when the sale surviving character met his end at the hands of a wandering monster while attempting 10 escape from the dungeons.

The moral to the story Is that many limes the obvious is actuallythe proper thing to try first Seeking other means before checking out what seems plain can prove to be a fatal error.

Besides That. Honest, fellows. I am not a ruthless PKer. All they had TO do was use common sense. Sometimes the simple solution Is lost upon those expecting great complexities. SH fOR? After all, lvcantbropes and humanoids are. Some lycanthrope!! Still others have mastered their feral sides, melding their animalistic natures with the other aspects of their beings to achieve true peace of mind.

Regardless of origin or outlook, however, Iycanthropes may use their gifts for good or ill, and some pass along their link with the wild to progeny that invariably reveal' their "blessed" inheritance. Very occasionally, such families evolve into burgeoning communities, much to the surprise and dismay of those who hunt their members. Inside these rare enclaves, the shapechangers can hone their unique abilities to predatory sharpness. The beasrfolk rhar make up such dans often display startling intellect and dignity, as well as horrifying ferocity.

Ukerhe normal men and women they resemble, they exhlbir a full range of good, evil, and neutral alignments. Natural lycanrhropes are born 10 others like themselves-they are not cursed humanoids afflicted with an unwanted disease. Such natural Iycanthropes enjoy benefits net shared by their troubled cousins. This article presents the level advancements for narural Iycsnrhrope characters only.

An afflicted lycanthrope PC could be cured of the disease during any full moon, making Ihose days of the month a serious liabili. In addltion, an afflicted lycanthrope would have to make Control Shape checks to galnthe full use of the lycanthrope abilities.

When planning to play a natural lycanthrope character, you must flrsr choose a base creature of the humanoid or giant type. If the base creature lacks a level adjustment and racial HD as is the case with the core races , apply The racial tratrs of your chosen creature to your isr-level lycanthrope.

If you choose a creature wirh racial HD or racial HD and a level adjustment, you must apply the creature's racial traits to the lycanthrope and begin p;lay at higher than lSI level. This article is a little skimpy on details of the plane. Most of it talks about shades, including warrior shades, wizard shades, etc. Vortexes: It is a gloomy land in perpetual twilight. In the sky above the demiplane is a vortex to the positive material plane, and a vortex to the negative material plane.

Gloomy: It is similar to a mortal world. There is weather, hills, forests, etc. It is always twilight here. Any food and water found here has no substance in which to nourish. Creatures: We get a list of creatures that dwell here, including shadow dragons. We also get: Umbrimals: Natives of the plane, shadowy elemental types. Shades: Once-powerful mortals who tried to become immortal by infusing their bodies with shadowstuff.

It sums it up with this quote: "The Ethereal Plane is a Transitive Plane, a plane of getting from one place to another. Ethereal Filcher : These really, really weird creatures slip into the world, steal a trinket from a person, and then slip back into the ethereal. Wow, their lair must be 5e trinket heaven. It hunts people in the material plane, popping in, biting them, and popping back out. It would be cool if there was a monster who could drag people into the Ethereal.

Dragon Magazine - Ghost Elves of the Ethereal Plane Thousands of years ago when the elven civil war led to the fall of the drow, the ghost elves were elves who remained neutral in the conflict.

The drow fled to the underdark, then came back and wiped out most of the ghost elves. An "alien entity" called Thule appeared and offered to save the last of the ghost elves in exchange for their service. The ghost elves signed a contract with Thule, only to discover he was a pit fiend.

He took them to Hell and did all sorts of terrible things to them. He ultimately made the ghost elves into soldiers for the Blood War, which made them into great warriors. The ghost elves eventually killed the pit fiend and fled to the Ethereal Plane. Now they live in the Ethereal plane and make war with devils. Ghost Elves are stern and cold. Earning their trust involves many subtle tests and trials.

Favourite Stuff from Dragon Magazine?

They are neutral. They have abandoned worship of any god. They despise drow. Ghost elves have gray hair, pale skin that glows in darkness they can suppress this when they concentrate , and their eyes are like mirrors. They have hidden homes in forests on the material plane that hold secret portals to the Ethereal.

Cities: Ghost Elven cities in the ethereal are lit by silvery light, and are laid out without regard to gravity. They have domesticated phase spiders in their patrols. Powers: As they gain levels, they gain powers. They start off able to travel to the ethereal. Eventually they can see invisible, blink as per the spell , and eventually shift to the ethereal at will. Most of these are updates from the 2e Ethereal book.

The Black Abyss: This place is pleasant but empty and eerily silent. You drift through caverns of white stone, and you might find weird items like gems or magic items.

There's a famous brass tablet with the words: " The stolen gift of In the center of the demiplane is a swirling pool of darkness. Those who enter it vanish. Possibly to Limbo or the Negative Material Plane. Judging from hints in this article, it seems that the obelisk is somehow related to the spawning stone in Limbo.

The reference to the Vaati refers to the wind dukes, the blue-skinned people who try to guard pieces of the rod of seven parts.

Dragon (magazine)

So the slaad stole something from the wind dukes and hid it here in the ethereal plane..? The Demiplane of Imprisonment: This place is the prison of an incredibly powerful creature who wants to destroy everything. The prisoner can reach out to people in the world in their sleep.

Those who get within feet of this demiplane have visions or dreams - they'll need to make saving throws or be compelled to touch the crystal. If they touch it, they are trapped inside the crystal. The crystal moves 20 feet per round through the ethereal, under the control of the prisoner inside. Time does not pass and magic does not function inside the crystal. Linked Items Relationship: RPG Issue Rank: View Avg.

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Secrets of the Illithids. Mike Mearls. Potent powers of the beholders. Half-undead and their kin. Elves of the Ethereal.

Draconian delusions and dementia. Faiths of Faerun - Elder Serpents of Set. Tom Costa. Servants of the Lord of Evil. No items found. Soft Cover.


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