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Jessica Sorensen - [The Coincidence, #2] The Redemption of Callie and Kayden. epub [The Coincidence, #6] The Resolution of Callie & The Redemption of Callie & Kayden (The Coincidence #2) by Jessica Sorensen #[email protected]_audiobooks · #[email protected] The redemption of Callie & Kayden - dokument [*.epub] The Redemption of Callie & Kayden Jessica Sorensen For everyone who survived.

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The Redemption Of Callie And Kayden Epub

The Redemption of Callie & Kayden (The Coincidence, #2) has Ratings From the New York Times bestselling author of The Coincidence of Callie how to open epub, download the redemption of callie & kayden (the coincidence, #2). where can i download The Redemption of Callie & Kayden free ebook pdf kindle online textbook epub electronic book The Redemption of Callie & Kayden full. fiction (post c ). The Resolution of Callie and Kayden, EPUB eBook But Callie and Kayden learn that as long as they have each other, they can make it through just about anything. The Redemption of Callie and Kayden. £

The coincidence of callie and kayden free ebook download. The coincidence of callie and kayden epub download. The coincidence of callie and kayden pdf download. There is a single coincidence that brings us together and for a moment, our hearts beat as one. The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden has 4 entries in the series.

Beautiful moments of when they decided to let the truth set them free. I was having those type of random bursting into tears moments I was crying!!!! GOD sooooo beautiful. I love how they let it all go You gave me good.

I never had good before. Something Like Me by Staind But every time you say you love me I just have to stop and catch my breath How can somebody love something like me? You had me at Micha I'm greedy. I will read anything you write I will read it and weep View all 58 comments. Sep 12, Beverly rated it it was amazing. Kayden cares about Callie and wants to protect her at all costs. Callie cares about Kayden wants to be there for him to help him.

Lost on what to do and how to help she gets roped into a road trip idea with Seth and Luke. Their plan 4. Their plan to convince Kayden that taking this trip would be best for everyone.

Callie and Kayden have a long way to go, but both have made plans to get better. I loved where this sequel took us. My heart broke for Callie and Kayden. Callie is so selfless in her love for Kayden, and Kayden may not understand his feelings, but he knows she deserves the best. For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View all 56 comments.

The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden

Cut one star for the stupid, rushed and abrupt ending.. I mean seriously author, we read for the endingings!! Hope their 3rd book comes out ASAP!! View all 35 comments. Be who you were supposed to be instead of who they make you feel like you should be. Sometimes you cannot wait for book 2, sometimes you don't care and forget about it?

Well let me tell you that this book is one that definitely cannot be forgotten about. This filled with pain, raw emotion, hurt , unconditional friendship, love and re 5 soul touching stars! This filled with pain, raw emotion, hurt , unconditional friendship, love and redemption and hope.. But her kiss has brought me to the surface. Deep traumatic issues. Kayden is alive! Thank god!! Dealing with what happened to him, Kayden is in a dark place.

On and on. The only person who can bring him into the light to feel the things he deserves to feel is Callie. I am amazed by her. She let's out her secrets, faces her fears for Kayden and herself. View all 31 comments. Dec 30, Debbie rated it it was amazing. I cant even. View all 4 comments. Dec 19, Nitzan Schwarz marked it as lost-interest.

Thank goodness there is a sequel. I literally didn't know what I'll do with myself if there isn't a second book.

Mar 26, Catarina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Totally worth the wait!! B 5 Amazing redeeming starts!! But although Kayden realizes that the only thing he truly wants is Callie, he refuses to let her get into his messed up life and head. She will show him that he deserves love and happiness, even when it means her giving up her own secrets and traumas.

He has to protect from her past, from her ghosts and make her life bright again. So not giving up on the other they will eventually find strength together to deal with their ghosts and the darkness in their pasts, so they can finally find happiness in a world where sorrow peaks in every corner.

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And their ride is just beautiful! This book was even more angsty and broken than the previous one. But not less achingly beautiful. Although Kayden pissed me off in several moments, I could see where he was coming from and I still loved him. And I especially loved Callie, her strength really surprised in this one. Luke and Seth were here too and they are their awesome selves. I felt like killing them every time one of them appeared. Dec 17, Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads marked it as to-read.

The Redemption of Callie and Kayden was a brilliant sequel to their story! The story picks up right at the horrible ending of The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden and took me on a journey of healing and love.

Kayden is so broken when we first see him again and Callie is in a turmoil over what happened. These two are the perfect combination and when one is lacking strength and conviction the other steps in to bolster their resolve, confidence and courage. This romance was one of my favorites to d The Redemption of Callie and Kayden was a brilliant sequel to their story! This romance was one of my favorites to date and I loved how Callie never gave up even when she might have felt like it.

There is plenty of swoon and I have so many passages highlighted in my Kindle so I can go back and glory in the memories. Seth and Luke are back in the story and I loved them as secondary characters. They were loyal friends lending support even though they had their own problems to deal with.

This story was beautiful, emotional and touching! Fans of Callie and Kayden will not be disappointed! One of my favorite quotes: She would do anything for me—she already has. She gave up her secret, she gave me herself, she gave me her love. She owns me completely, uncontrollably, irreversibly. View all 33 comments. You saved me from myself, from my pain, from the painful, lonely future I'd set up for myself.

D I finished this book weeks ago and I rated it 5 stars. The Redemption of Callie and Kayden is way too intense, touching, and emotional compared to the first book The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden. There is so much to love in this sequel. I really feel the emotions when both Ka "You saved me from a lifetime of self-loathing and torture.

I really feel the emotions when both Kayden and Callie experienced so much pain and struggle just to to survive and be healed from their awful situations. I literally cried… especially during the view spoiler [ time when Callie finally told his family about what happened to her and what Caleb had done to her. Have I known, I would have picked lots of tissues before I started it in the first place.

The romance between Callie and Kayden also got me in my feels! Their sweetness and the way they were too comfortable around each other was totally my undoing. Where can I find a Kayden Owens in my life??

I admit the start was a bit slow but halfway through it already became more and more interesting. View all 15 comments. Although the main issues this novel deals with have no direct relation to me, I still found myself forming a weird connection to it; my guess is it's because of how shitty parents can really be sometimes. It also kind of made me realize that I haven't got it too bad. Another reason why I might have liked this more than I normally would maaay just be because of this Bollywood movie I watched prior to my reading fest it's called 2 States and yes- shitty parents strike once again!

Even though about Well, Jessica Sorensen here feeds us just that, but doesn't forget to acknowledge the fact that sometimes, some people simply aren't lucky enough to have that something or someone save them before it's too late.

Call it overdone or whatever you want, but honestly, it feels good to read books like these once in awhile- especially when you have a bittersweet happy ending in store for you.

There is something about this story that makes it perfect for me, one of my favourites. I don't really know how to express it, it's simply that all this suffering and injustice clashes with an incredible beauty and creates a perfect mix that I don't wanna stop reading. Witnessing how these characters, especially Kayden and Callie, survive, learn and love is amazing.

Fortunately, Callie got there in time and Kayden was lucky to be taken to the hospital. But terrible desperate acts have consequences What started in book one is taken to a higher level here. We meet a completely devastated Kayden , full of self-loathing, but we also meet a stronger Callie in this book. They are the only ones who can save each other from their past But fear from telling the truth , from making it finally real is stopping them This is a story about two people who have been hurt so bad that they are afraid to feel anything or face their feelings.

Surviving a traumatic experience doesn't mean you are safe , doesn't mean you are alive. It's all about learning to love yourself, to feel worthy, to have hope and find your reason to live. It's all about redemption. O It was actually kind of bittersweet, cause I'm happy for Kayden and Callie, but I can't help feeling really sad for Luke, learning what happened to his sister was pretty shocking: And I'm looking forward to reading his book more than ever!

View all 36 comments. I was going back and forth trying to decide whether to give this book a 4 or 5. I've decided on 5 but really thinking it as: Kayden is charged for battery and realizes that the only way to get out of it is for Callie to tell what had happened.

Instead of making her do that I was going back and forth trying to decide whether to give this book a 4 or 5. Instead of making her do that, he is determined to protect her which means leaving her and letting her go. Callie knows what he is going through and wants to be there for him. To do this, she would have to dig up her past and share to everyone what had happened on her 12th birthday. She would much rather that than losing Kayden. With their friends help, Callie tries to make a plan to show Kayden the life they all want and deserve.

She just hopes that it is enough for them to be together. They learn to move on from their dark pasts and heal together. Their love is even deeper from their understanding the hardships that both of them have been through. This quote is one that I remember sowing how much they love each other: Seth is still very funny and I'm happy that he is also overcoming his past. I know that the third book is about Luke which is good since he is still a mystery after these two books.

I was touched and was able to relate and understand these characters despite never going through anything remotely as difficult as that. Sorensen is obviously a very good writer who is able to write a great second book. I'm going to read the third book but I am definitely going to have to get used to it being about different people.

View 2 comments. Jan 01, Paula rated it liked it Shelves: The cliffhanger left me stunned. I was reeling from shock. And I was literally choked up. Jessica Sorenson delivers another emotional story that left me satisfied… but with mixed feelings.

The Redemption of Callie and Kayden picks up where book one left off. Kayden is in the hospital after his abusive father stabbed him. Kayden is trying to recover from the trauma but feels overwhelmed and shuts out everyone, even Callie. She wants to help Kayden but feels helpless. Finding out Kayden is a cutter makes her fear for his life, yet she is too timid to confront him on it. While Callie struggles with finding a way to re-establish a connection with Kayden, he is slowly drowning in pain and despair.

The way his mother treats him is cold and leaves him feeling hopeless that his life will never change. The strong bond that ties Kayden and Callie together begins to unravel as they grow apart. Kayden must find a way to release the darkness inside his head so he can move on with his life. There are so many questions that floated through my mind once I started this story Can Callie and Kayden rekindle the connection they had for each other? How do you overcome the darkness left after your father stabs you?

Is there hope for a better life? Does Callie finally tell her family about the rape? Will there be character growth with these characters? Jessica Sorenson does not leave us hanging. We get answers. They are wonderful together. It was nice to see Callie and Kayden finally open up to each other and unload their heavy secrets. With each other, they find comfort and understanding. It will take time for them heal from it all, but now they realize that silence is no longer an option.

Eventually, the fragile connection they had at the beginning of the book becomes emotionally stronger. Callie and Kayden have lived with so much pain and suffering in their lives that they are broken emotionally and that makes it really hard for them to be normal teenagers in love — which means they have a long road of healing ahead of them. Jessica Sorrenson does not let up in this installment.

This story is MUCH darker than the first book. There is A LOT of angst. Both characters have so much inner turmoil and it was intense. Confusion, sadness, heartbreak, guilt, anger… All war within these characters heads.

But Kayden is the one suffering the most in this book. I knew he was suffering a kind of pain that I could never imagine, but the angst was just too much. Too heavy. It overshadowed the storyline at times.

There were even times when I just put the book down to feel something other than all that angst. I really needed a hug when this story ended. I really enjoyed the scenes with Seth and Luke and Callie. Seth is awesome and a really good best friend to Callie. I do like that Callie finally found her backbone in this story. She showed a great amount of strength to help Kayden during his time of need. Oh, Luke.

I adore him. I have a strange and shivery feeling that the secret Luke is keeping will be extremely gut-wrenching. The Redemption of Callie and Kayden took me on one hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride that never let up. Not once. Their story will tug at your heartstrings repeatedly. This story may be dark and sad and painful, but the romance is sweet enough to make your heart smile. While there was some resolution in this story, there are definitely a lot of things that were not resolved.

View all 22 comments. How could the author be so crawl and finish the book at, what felt like, the middle of a chapter? I was even a little angry, not like me at all!!! It was so worth the wait, the anticipa "I can't do this without you. It was so worth the wait, the anticipation; it may even have made me love the book a whole lot more in the end. The story is told beautifully from the POV of both Callie and Kayden, some of the action is repeated from both perspectives which worked perfectly in my opinion.

The harrowing subject matter in both their cases is traumatic but dealt with so sensitively by the author. You feel their pain, their anguish, their helplessness I had absolutely no clue, but I was rooting for their happy ever after, their redemption, their justice In different ways their family, who are meant to be their protectors, have let them down in a big way. Callie's family are not the perpetrators but the signs are there Kayden's family, well all I can say is, there's evil in his house They both face desperate situations.

Broken does not even come close to explaining My heart hurt reading this book, even when the characters are happy together they have so much pain trapped inside, and there are elements in their lives that are so damaged, you wonder how they can EVER be truly happy? They both have to face their fears, release their stories, their secrets We see the characters grow and mature, individually and together, again the subtlety of the writing is amazing, nothing is over played View all 30 comments.

I don't know I feel kind of let down. After waiting almost two years to finally pick up this book up, I was expecting I don't know what it is with this author and always trying to milk a damn story. It can never be just two books. Everything ended but it ended in a weird place.

Things are still up in the air, which she obviously did on purpose so now she can write another two books about them. I don't feel like there needs to be another book on them, this book should have bee 3.

I don't feel like there needs to be another book on them, this book should have been enough. Honestly at this point I'm pretty annoyed with this author. There's not much to say about the story itself since not much happened. There was acceptance, love, a few funny moments and people trying to move on and yet there's still a big question mark over their life.

Here were my thoughts when I first found out about this book: February 11, Because honestly? First it was The Forever of Ella and Micha who's date got pushed to a ridiculous time and now this?!

I just I've literally been counting the days and been ranting non stop to anyone who would listen about this book. And now Please, just please tell me this is a mistake. View all 13 comments. Dec 14, Zizz rated it liked it.

She seems to have trouble following up amazing books though. But it wasn't all that either. Considering where we left off from the first book which was incredible btw , this sequel seemed so anti-climactic.

It felt like it just sputtered and never really had a life of its own. Things began to happen but no explosions at all considering what they were both dealing with. This moment here is truly a testament to Jessica's writing skills.

The external issues aren't resolved by any means.

The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden

But does it end here? The next book is not even about this couple? It's certainly not that rude cliffhanger we had to live with in The Coincidence but what kind of an ending was this? Dec 28, Mallory rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 5 comments. Dec 16, Mary Mckeever rated it it was amazing. Please hurry. I am not good in dealing with angst.

I need to know what is happening! Please also write a story about Luke and Seth? They each deserve to have their own stories. They are both such powerful characters! So good, but holy hell can we say cliff hanger! I hope Caleb's butt roasts and Kaydens dad gets what's coming to him! Being on book 3! View all 3 comments. Jan 23, Jennifer Trent rated it liked it. Come on, out with it! I will seriously lose interest in about a week and forget all about the Coincidence, which was on par with Twilight my fave ever , and then i wont remember for five years and that would suck.

But can she convince him they can make a fresh start together-or is she already too late? Jessica Sorensen. Jessica Sorensen - The Redemption of Callie and.. Matthew McGrath. Cam you post the next book in the series please. This is such a great series. Deanna Gutierrez. Thank you such BABE! And if at all possible could you pleasssssse post the next book in this series.

Luv ya BABE. Kim Bellamy.

Alex Storm. Thank you! I ended up downloading this one because I couldn't wait I'm looking forward to book 3 now!.

Lisa Uwiduhaye. Angela Holland. Anna Doe. Tina Esosa. Thanks so much for this.


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