Batul The Great Part 4 Bengali Comics By Narayan Debnath E-book PDF Batul The Great/Bantul The Great (বাঁটুল দি গ্রেট)-This is one of the most popular. He is the creator of the popular Bengali comic strips of Handa Bhonda(), Batul The Great () and Nonte Phonte(). He holds the record of longest. Posts about Batul The Great written by Bengalifreebook.

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Batul The Great Ebook

Here is the ultimate site for reading and downloading bangla ebooks for free. Enjoy the flavour of Batul The Great By Narayan Debnath (All Parts Exclusively ). Ebook Pdf, Book Worms, Boi, Reading . download Bengali Movie BATUL THE GREAT - HANDA BHONDA SERIES (VOL - 9) VCD. Batul, Bantul, Batul the Great, or Bantul the Great is a popular Download free ebook pdf of Batul The Great by Narayan Debnath from HERE.

People may not read a book but they will never say no to a comic book. Human beings receive information through words and images. A comic book is hence a more efficient way to tell a tale. Bengali magazines have contributed a lot to its literature in the last hundred years or so. Later, the young-adult targeted magazines regularly featured comic strips from indigenous and foreign creators. The magazines in this way shaped the imagination of many generations. These Bengali comics were not only full of clean humour but also were great way of knowing the world. The comics became magical — it taught you all the knowledge of a book in the most enjoyable way. People who read comics also became more imaginative and had more emotional quotient. Here are some very loved comics from the bygone days. How many do you remember?

How many times Bhonda had been in trouble for the mischievous Handa? The Handa-Bhonda duo is always up to something.

Batul the great by Narayan debnath | Bangla book pdf - Free bangla ebook download, Bangla book pdf

Although most of the time they are caught red-handed but in the end they did give us a good time. Thanks to Narayan Debnath and Shuktara, again. Gablu You cannot not love Gablu.

We all fondly remember Gablu, his little brown dog and his mother punishing him for eating all the cookies. Nonte Fonte Poor Nonte Fonte!


Kelto da is always cooking up something. But Narayan Debnath made sure the good always wins and we get a wonderful story. There was a time when the Anandamela magazine would feature two pages of Tintin and all would eagerly wait for it.

Tintin and his gang consisted of his white dog Kuttus Snowy , the great Captain Haddock and the hard on hearing Professor Calculus. Later Tintin came out as full comics and needless to say, a Tintin comic is a treasure to keep forever. He had gained some experience working at Shuktara. However his family profession was that of goldsmiths. Previously he had illustrated the Bengali version of Helen of Troy and many more classics.

But without any learning, it was serious challenge for the artist to create his own story and character. To dedicate his attention and practice to comic making only, Narayan Debnath had to give up his other illustration jobs.

Three years down the line, Narayan Debnath was returning home to Shibpur in Howrah. He had boarded a tram from College Street.

As the tram meandered in its own pace, the artist mused over his day. In , India was still a young country and only few Indians made headlines that were international feats. However Manohar Aich was a master of his own and wherever he went, whatever he did, he made his country proud. Universe title, the most coveted show for bodybuilders at that time.

He was referred around the world as the Pocket Hercules and his strong muscular body inspired lakhs of bodybuilders as well as common people. Narayan Debnath was thinking of this amazing person who was also his friend, when the idea struck him.

HADA BHODA SOMOGRO: Hada Bhoda Somogro in Bengali

Why not create a character based on the celebrity? He is very strong and powerfully built but he is your boy next door. A typical Bengali, he relishes fish and sweets.

Debnath added delicate humour. Batul is shown to devour a full whale for lunch, showing both his simpleton nature yet his specialty. He is a hero who is helping people and saving lives. He puts his strength to good use. He beats up bank dacoits and the criminals are afraid of him. There used to be more characteristics of a super fit guy than any extraordinary powers.

Batul the great pdf

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