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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. LJ | AFF | PDF all LJ links are now open to the public PDF links are unavailable at the A Flappy Bird Fanfiction (oneshot series) - ChanHun | KaiSoo Text ( oneshot | fandom adaptation of text [super junior]) - ChanHun. and you guys must not forget to join my new fanfiction community kinkyoosu where i post all my new fics. i will not post my fics here Super (Hero) (PG13; fluff/angst) Yoochun is a bored soldier, Junsu is a star. Tags: master fic list, pdf.

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Fanfiction Super Junior Pdf

pdf files are listed under their fic. Super Junior Fics Challenge Archive Donghae discovers HenHae fanfiction and develops the crazy idea that Henry is . pdf files are listed under their fic. (Collapse) . Collapse). Tags: #comedy, * oneshot, p: lee donghae/henry lau, ~super junior HenHae fanfiction. Also, this is. I'm reading fanfics since 4 years, wow time sure flies fast!! The very first fanfic I' ve read a lot of fanfics, mostly of Super Junior and Kyuhyunnie's.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: Some showed interest, others continued to eat their meals, and some were falling asleep in their cereal bowls. And I was wondering about out family dynamics. Donghae perked up at the word 'family'.

But when he fell, he fell hard and it only led to hurt. MiMin find out they have more in common than a sack of potatoes Hello Kitty and Kyuhyun will not stand for any of these shenanigans AKA In which Kyuhyun has abandonment issues. When these two men meet, they want to go to all lengths not to fall with the other, hurt the other, and even hurt themselves.

Ice Fortress [R] Warnings: Pre-story rape, Attempted suicide Why did he come to Korea? Angst Donghae has the power to rewind time and stop things from happening at all. He never put it to use Character death Hate can take someone so far. Fans follow their conversation.

Eunhae Fanfics

After a Concert [R] "You didn't have to ignore me the entire concert, you know. It always started out with the lead character looking at a pregnancy test in complete shock, seeing the big blue plus sign just staring back, tauntingly.

Stay [PG] Two years ago, Donghae left him for someone else. On the first day of the investigation, he ends up finding Lau straight away—only to find that Lau on the run from someone who wants his head. Sungmin is tired of their dilly-dallying around each other and decides to take matters into his own hand. His plan kind of almost blows up in his face when the group thinks he and Henry are dating. We're On a Plane [NC] He's heard of things like this happening on planes, he just never thought he'd experience it first hand.

He would just watch the two and feel slightly irritated. Then he'd go to his iPod and blast Ashlee Simpson, because Heechul thought it would be funny to remove all his music without him knowing and pop in only 'Boyfriend' and 'Boys. Dat Phone [PG] Donghae loses his phone. Adorable, fluffy chaos ensues. Of Muscles and Showers [PG] Because of Donghae's busy schedule and Henry's working out and preparing for the new album, the two have not been able to really hang out.

Now that they're rooming together in China, Donghae sees for the first time the results of the workouts Henry has been doing during their time apart. Tape Me [PG] Donghae finds a video camera with a blank memory card and decides to make very special memories. Pudding Cup [R] Donghae can't take watching Henry eat pudding.

Run [PG] 'Stop looking at me. Jongwoon just closes his eyes and gives up. He wants to give up. Vanilla Perfume [G] He reads it, feeling incredibly happy for this person, yet at the same time, guilty. Umbrella [PG] One-sided Junsu stopped walking, feeling the raindrops grow cold against his skin.


He suddenly felt alone. Translation [Vietnamese] by Asakura Ichirou. He was my fucking first love too, and look at where that's got me. Old, angry, and bitter. Now back in Korea, Yunho is helping his dad's company take off while Jaejoong works at a cafe to help pay off for his schooling. Jaejoong was only depressed and drinking his life away over a break-up He thought things would get better—Jae would find someone special and Yunho could go on with life with his wife and son.

At school, Yunho is a totally geeky guy, who is made fun of by just about everyone, including the guy he likes, Kim Jaejoong. At night, however, he helps run a dance club with his best friend, Yoochun. The banner itself scared him and he inspected the school area carefully before starting to dig in his handbag. Hate you, love you - PG, Angst, romance, chaptered.

When drag-queen Heechul and his sidekick Kyuhyun dig out Donghae's old affair with the school delinquent, Eunhyuk, nothing can rescue Donghae's dream of spending senior year in peace, booze, and boobs.

Master Fic List - what? hi.

Meow, Woof! Other pairing: One day, two little kittens met two dogs and gained a chance to explore the world beyond their house. Married, with Kid - PG, fluff. It's gotta be aliens - PG, Attempted humour, crack and fluff, chaptered. When the other members find out that Eunhyuk have been turned into a kid overnight, they must seek the answer of how the should turn him back to normal. Cellmates - NC, smut, one-shot. Seducing a Vampire - NC, smut, Vampire! AU, one-shot. Pierce the Scar - NC, romance, angst, smut, kind of Incest, chaptered.

I love this story with all my heart! For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. Selfless - romance, angst, comfort, chaptered.

Kids will be kids - PG, maybe R, romance, chaptered.

Donghae is a troublemaker; an insolent rich kid with a stick up his ass. His father sends him to an all-boys boarding school to change his attitude. This story is amazing!!! What he found in an idyll forest was uncertainty, trust, and the most elusive emotion of all AU two-shot. No, really. Life Couldn't Get Better - R, gen, romance, angst, humour a little , bandfic, chaptered. God, at the request of Siwon, performs a Miracle on Super Junior in order to make them believe in Him.

It brings them together. This is the story of how they cope with the Miracle. Kyuhyun is an expensive whore. Zhou Mi is his customer. Zhou Mi gets fed up with his bitching and decides to teach him a lesson. Bliss - NC Side pairings: Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun are the two biggest stars of the motor sport scene, but there's a lot more between them than what meets the public eye. Assassin Cross of the Sunset - NC, chaptered. And uke! Like a lot! A bard and an assassin.

An assassin takes lives, while a bard celebrates lives. However, Kyuhyun is no ordinary assassin, and Zhou Mi is just about to find out.

Exotic Exploration - NC, one-shot. All her stories are amazing!!! Zhoumi is a teacher. Kyuhyun is a student. Look at the rating and warning. Now guess. Experiment - NC, toys, one-shot. Kyuhyun was surprised by Zhou Mi's findings when he went shopping earlier. Yesung never knew that he could be in love with someone, and be afraid of them at the same time as well. Awkward - G-PG, romance, one-shot. Yesung starts to act awkwardly around Kyuhyun, what happens when the magnae notices?

A very happy birthday - NC, one-shot. Liberty - G, AU, action, friendship, one-shot. Listen to you - PG, romance, fluff, High school! The story of blooming love in high school, involving jealousy, rivalry, secret admirer, and basketball. And Yesung is pretty much a loner. Night school - NC, rape.

Kyuhyun works the night shift on the street as a way to pass time and Yesung gives him an offer he can't refuse A troubled man who secludes himself as he's constantly haunted by the sounds of violence and abuse. He meets a oblivious yet kind person who simply won't or can't listen to his protests. Innocence - R, two-shot. Kyuhyun is forced to make a choice. Keep his innocence until he has decided that the time is right for him to lose it, or he can allow the service that his friends have hired for him, take his innocence away.

I love this series. Absolutely amazing!!!! The link is in the story.

Dear Captain Cho - NC, one-shot. Siwon's bulge in the fifth album photoshoot was obviously caused by a certain captain In the Fire - NC, smut, "weird! It was Kyuhyun's seventeenth birthday, a coming of age for all children.

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He turned into a panther for a brief time around midnight, but he would bear the traits and nature of the animal for the rest of his life. It meant full adulthood both as a panther and a human. It also meant the beginning of heat cycles for women.

Once upon a time - PG, AU, crossdressing, one-shot. Hey, grumpy! Donghae, one-shot. Donghae hates this doctor. Why does his Daddy like him so much? Innocence - PG, highschool! Kyu, highschool! Start with Sandbox Story. Fantastic series!!!

This story comes after Innocence. End of the high school years is near. How will the prom night go and what will await them in the college years? In sickness and in health - PG, college! Kyu, college! This story comes after The Prom night. Kyuhyun is the prodigal nuclear scientist tossed between countries in the race for nuclear development. AU heavily inspired by Athena: Goddess of War. Feels Good - NC, Victorian! AU, bit of non-con, one-shot. Starting From the End - PG???

A meaningless one night stand results in a life changing event for Kyuhyun and Siwon: Kyuhyun becomes pregnant. The two decide to keep silent about the matter until they figure out what to do seeing as they are still in college and do not see how they can ever share a future together much less care for a child together.