Managerial economics geetika pdf Managerial Economics: Table of contents PART I: INTRODUCTION Chapter 1 Basic Concepts and Principles Chapter 2 Theory of Firm PART II. Managerial Economics (Second Edition): This new and updated edition of the book builds upon the content of the previous edition and. Managerial Economics by G Geetika, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Managerial Economics Geetika Pdf

Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Other Reading Managerial Economics, by Geetika, Piyali Ghosh, & Purba Roy Choudhury, 2nd. MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS BY GEETIKA EBOOK -: Managerial Economics: Table of contents PART I: INTRODUCTION Chapter 1 Basic. 1. MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS .. Geetika, Ghosh & Chaudhary () stated that The price control enables the profit making firms to maintain the price at a . UC. Davis. ().

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The indifference curves are downward sloping and convex to the origin.

Managerial Economics

This shows diminishing marginal rate of substitution of staff expenditure for discretionary profits. The curves are asymptotic in nature which implies that at any point of time and under any given circumstance the manager will choose positive amounts of both discretionary profits and staff expenditure.

Discretionary profit curve Assuming that the firm is producing an optimum level of output and the market environment is given, the discretionary profits curve is generated, shown in Fig 2. It gives the relationship between staff expenditure and discretionary profits.

MAnagerial Economics.lesson Plan

It can be seen from the figure that profit will be positive in the region between the points B and C. Beyond this if staff expenditure is increased due to increase in output, then a fall in the discretionary profits is noticed.

Staff expenditure of less than B and more than C is not feasible as it wouldn't satisfy the minimum profit constraint and would in turn threaten the job security of managers. Equilibrium of a firm in Williamson's Model To find the equilibrium in the model, Fig 1.

The equilibrium point is the point where the discretionary profit curve is tangent to the highest possible indifference curve of the manager, which is point E in Fig 3.

Theories of demand and Law of Supply.

Demand Forecasting. The theory of the firm. The Objectives and value of the Firm.

Managerial Economics Notes for MBA - Download 1st Sem Pdf Study Materials & Books

Constraints on the Operation of the Firm. Limitations of the Theory of the Firm. The Nature and Functions of Profits.

Business versus Economic Profit. Functions of Profit. Theories of Profit. The Basics of Demand, Supply and Equilibrium. Shifts in the Demand Curve and Equilibrium.

Shifts in the Supply Curve and Equilibrium. Behind the Market Demand Curve- the consumers tastes: Indifference curves. The Budget Line. Methods of Expressing Economic Relationships. Total, Average, and Marginal Relationships. Total, Average, and Marginal Cost concepts, and curves. Linkages between Cost, Revenue, and output through Optimization: Break even Analysis, PV Ratio, cost and learning curves.

Optimization Analysis.

Management Tools for Optimization: Benchmarking, Total Quality Management, Reengineering. Other Management Tools for Optimization. Internal Assessment: Managerial Economics.

Objectives and Value of the Firm. Class discussion and Quiz. TB-ch 6.


Theory of Firms Theory of the Firm. Class Discussion. Class discussion. Hand outs.

TB-ch 7 TB Ch7. Case study.

Williamson's model of managerial discretion

Case of a small fast food outlet. Marginal and total relationship Total. TB ch2. Reengineering Other tools of Optimization.


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