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Chava Book App

छावा book. Read how can i read this book Online?????? 1 like · Evergreen Books In Marathi .. Download app for iOS Download app for Android . App Ad. Look inside this book. Read with Our Free App; Paperback This book reveals his life story and showcases him for the ruler that he was. Read Chhava (marathi) book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

Since I'm a die hard admirer of Mr. Shivaji Sawant and his creations, this one is also among my top favorites. I was looking for this book since long but could not get it. Recently, my husband gifted me this book and finished reading at the fastest speed I could manage. You just cant keep it down unfinished. The book depicts the life of Sambhaji Raje, the elder of Chatrapati Shivaji. The book is actually of his hardships during his small lifetime of 30 years. His life is filled with getting separated from those he loved, being stabbed in the back by those he trusted, being in Agra jail at a young age of 9, travelling from Mathura to Raigad along with strangers in a disguise, having a mental breakdown and going to Moghals, the pain of letting his second wife and sister getting caught by Moghals because of him, his own peopl plotting his death, he being blamed for his father's death, last but not the least, his painful torturous death. It is very well written such that it brings the story alive in your mind. I read the entire book as if its a movie going on in my head but could not imagine the movie towards the end.

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This app contains a collection of selected 15 marathi books from the very best of marathi literature. This is our second app in the series where we bring to you some of the finest work of marathi authors who were born before We plan to bring more and more marathi books to the mobile world.

This app contains the books as provided in the following list but it also contains some folk literature such as Ukhane, it also contains Marathi religious literature as well. Some of the books contained in this app are: Ram Ganesh Gadkari's Comedy writings under the pen name "Balakram" 2.

Select 12 books of Sane Guruji. Poetry of BB Borkar, 4.

Divakaranchyaa Natyachata 5. Gitayi by Vinoba 6.

Chava Novel

Geet Mahabharat 7. Pu La Deshpande's work 8. Various Ukhane including Janpad and Fugadya Ukhane and many more. All the books are to be downloaded only once and will remain on your device for reading purpose. It is also integrated with various social plugins which makes it simple to share the book with your friends.


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