Feb 10, If there is a number in the name, then I will index according to the spelled out number This thread is ONLY an index to Twilight fanfiction stories that have been uploaded elsewhere on PTS. . Register or Login, pdf & epub. Fanfiction Addicts and Review Whores ~ by Hoodfabulous Bella Swan is a closet ROB ATTACK Twilight Story, So Called Friends, Fanfiction Stories, Fanfiction. Fanfic PDF: All That You Leave Behind by Purpledragonfly Publié le What will happen when Bella discovers that Edward is cheating on her? Rated M for.

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Twilight Fanfiction ~ Featured Fics Library. ~~~~~ . Bound and Dangerous by heartfortwilight · Bound and United by . Grass Is Always Greener by moosals. PDFs to my stories. Only complete stories. oOo PDF - A Bastard's Girl oOo PDF Grand Trilogy oOo PDF A Shattered Record oOo PDF Power Play oOo PDF. Posts about twilight fanfiction written by lorywendy. Tag Archives: twilight fanfiction. #Fanfiction Updates, PDFs, and Pulled Fics · 08 Saturday Mar

Fanfiction , lolo84 , twilight fanfiction. Really, it was a lost cause. Instead of having the constant reminder of a WIP that will prob never update again, it had to go. Sorry for those who were actually reading it, or waiting for it to update this past year, but I see the stats anyway. If divine intervention ever strikes, I promise to repost it. John Doe Chapter The issue is getting it down on paper. Idk what to say about it. For completed fics. Social Studies PDF. But no matter how things pan out, I promise to do my best to bring it to some sort of resolution as soon as I can. JD remains on hiatus because writers block for it is a bitch. IDK what happened. I will try my best not to let that happen, though.

Glover Goodreads Author. Amy Wiseman. Sadie Grubor Goodreads Author. Ella Jade Goodreads Author. Alexandra Richland Goodreads Author.

Sarah Latchaw Goodreads Author. Hannah Downing Goodreads Author. Emery Goodreads Author. Stephens Goodreads Author. Grey Goodreads Author. Barnaby Goodreads Author. Madeleine Beckett. Regis Goodreads Author. Tiffany Madison Goodreads Author. Shey Stahl Goodreads Author. Robin DeJarnett Goodreads Author. Nicki Elson Goodreads Author. Michael Schneider Goodreads Author. Mary Elizabeth Goodreads Author.

Lauren Hodge Goodreads Author. Saewod Tice Goodreads Author. Hargrave Goodreads Author. Francette Phal. Scott Goodreads Author. Jessica McQuinn Goodreads Author. Evelyn Deshane. Melody Hope Mason.

Wheeler Scott. Laura Stone Goodreads Author. Lily Velden. Olivia Duncan Craig Goodreads Author. Madeleine Urban. Kaye P. Hallows Goodreads Author. Ariel Tachna Goodreads Author. Kallysten Goodreads Author. Morgan Kearns Goodreads Author. Susan K. Jennifer M. Barry Goodreads Author. Patricia Leever Goodreads Author. Flagging a list will send it to the Goodreads Customer Care team for review. We take abuse seriously in our book lists.

Only flag lists that clearly need our attention. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg. We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or for being critical of a book. Beate books friends. Jeanne books friends. Sandra books friends. Paula 57 books 1 friend.

Hbeebti books friends. Rhonda books friends. Jun 29, I have a question; why are Lisa Sanchez's books being listed as P2P? I don't remember these books being fanfiction beforehand. What fanfiction did she write and file the serial numbers off of? Eleni wrote: They were always original fiction novels.

While I appreciate when readers add my books to lists, I'd like to point out that your list has multiple inaccuracies. For people who don't understand how listopias work people "vote" on a book or in this case "book" to add it to the list. I don't know anything about Behind Closed Doors. You'll have to ask the person who voted on it.

I think I've heard what is put on the list can be edited, but I have yet to figure out how to do so. When I do if it's possible I'll take care of the erroneously added stories. After independent corroboration. Which I now have on Jennifer's books. As I've had a P2P author whose story I read as fic say to my face that she's comfortable saying her story was never fan fiction you'll understand I no longer take the author's word on this matter. Although you're going to have to deal with the stigma of your choice in "publisher.

And everyone needs to understand no one person has control over what is added after a list is created. All of that said, if you're voting stories onto this list you need to be sure that it was, in fact, P2P.

I see at least one up there that I know is a suspicion and not a confirmed former fic. Your suspicions or voting on books by former fic authors that aren't P2P renders this list useless so please take care in what you add. Jul 03, Alicia wrote: The person who added Behind Closed Doors does not except messages so there is no way for me to contact her to ask why she added it. As for confirmation BCD wasn't a former fic, Sandra has read the book and reviewed it.

She should be able to confirm for you that it never was a fan fiction prior to publication. I have, and can confirm, that Behind Closed Doors wasn't originally a fanfic. I'm also a librarian and can edit this list if you provide the titles of the books that should be removed. Behind Closed Doors has been removed from this list as it wasn't Pulled to Publish fanfiction and should not have been added.

Can you remove that from this list, too? Alicia, would you like me to remove Jennifer DeLucy's books as well, since it seems you have confirmed that they were not, in fact, P2P? Sandra wrote: They'll both definitely appreciate that! I'm questioning this book as well - not reminiscent of any fanfic I've read. Wasn't Twilight though, methinks. I'll leave it. These aren't all pulled to publish. The author's, however, had written fan fiction before. Maybe that is what this list should be titled? Detroitangel wrote: Maybe we should only have P2P fanfics on this list, then?

It is confusing and misrepresenting. I'd like to know which were P2P;I find this a great idea to help fanfic reader manuever around what they may have already read. Not authors who previously wrote fanfics but published original stories. The list is in the process of being cleaned up, but please only vote for books that you are absolutely sure were previously posted online as fanfiction stories. I just added a book.

Order of the Seers, formerly a Twilight fanfic from LittleWings2. Author announced that she will send the PDF of the fanfic to anyone who asks for it. I cleaned up some books last night and took care of some of the others in question. I'm not changing anything about the list.

I have been painfully clear about what is to be added in the description. It is what it's supposed to be, but some people don't pay attention before they vote.

Especially if someone did something silly and "published" with one of those fandom "publishers.

Please, don't go book removal crazy because someone has their panties in a twist. If there is no proof, then fine just reading it isn't proof against. But like I said there are some authors that think that because they rewrote some things or added words that it's no longer fan fiction I've been in these arguments before. And I'm going to be really cranky well, more cranky if books that are clearly P2P start disappearing from the list because someone wants to make that claim and take it into their own hands.

The standard for removal is no definitive proof that it was previously fan fiction. Thank you. On the 3 that were removed, I had no definite proof that they were former fanfic. As you may know, I belong to a group where we keep track of those, and we have done extensive research into the suspicious ones.

I think that books which were not former fanfics ought to be removed, if they were added erroneously. Anyone can post a comment in the Goodreads Librarian group for Listopia and make that request. Just got this: End Island by xlavendermoonx - Secretly investigating an unsolved disappearance, best-selling author Bella Swan moves to a secluded island where she gets caught up in the mysteries of the case and the 1 suspect, Edward Cullen.

Grey - Secretly investigating an unsolved disappearance, best-selling author Maddy Fitch moves to a secluded island off the coast of Maine where she gets caught up in the mysteries of the case and the 1 suspect, elusive and sexy Adam Ward. I touched one finger to the sore spot on my forehead, and another finger to the point of the CD case, connecting the cause with the effect, as if somehow, maybe that would help me make sense of things.

But Jake was scrambling out from under the tree and I quickly leant over and shoved my birthday presents under the sofa, out of sight. I couldn't think about them now, about what this might mean. I still had a broken ceiling and a room full dead foliage to deal with.

At last the tree was gone. The living room had been cleaned and tidied. My Dad took his broken ceiling surprisingly well and had agreed to let Jake come back the next day with Sam to repair the hole. Dinner had been cooked and eaten and while Charlie took a trip to the bathroom before settling down to watch a basketball game, I grabbed the things from under the sofa and, not looking at them, hurried to my room.

I was still kind of numb as I sat in my rocking chair staring at the things lined up on my bed. My heart and my mind were starting to disagree about what to do with this little discovery.

They debated between themselves for a while but my mind won. So with my heart safely in lock-down, I took a deep breath and began to think, not feel. The items had obviously been hidden in the cavity between my bedroom floor and the living room ceiling, but why?

I leant forward and tentatively touched the corner of the photo. After a moment and a couple of attempts I picked it up. It was the two of us, standing by the fireplace. And it hurt to look at him. He was so beautiful, more so than memories could capture. But his face was so serious, his eyes flat. This was the night before he left me. The numbness started to fade and I felt my chest tighten, my heart was rattling the chains, trying to get out.

I put the photo down quickly, turning it face down, unable to look at him any longer. I reached for the long, narrow box and opened it. Two plane tickets to Florida, one for each of us, to visit my mother. I wondered what Renee would have thought of him as I closed the lid and put the box back on the bed. I picked up the CD next, tilting it, letting the light from the lamp catch rainbows on its silver surface. But I didn't put it on to play.

I didn't know what hearing it would do to me so I put it back on the bed, too. Its melody was burned into my soul anyway. I realised then that one of the photos was still missing. The one of him in the kitchen, smiling. It had disappeared along with everything else two months ago, and I wondered where it was now, and what that meant. I continued to stare, but I still didn't have any answers. Maybe he just hadn't had time to get rid of them that day He had superhuman speed.

He could have stashed them in his car in no more than a few seconds. Or just shoved them in the pockets of his coat. When he'd been so insistent that he'd never bother me again, that it would be like he'd never existed, why would he leave something of himself behind?

Was it because he hoped one day I'd find them? I chewed on my lip, considering, and for the first time in two months I actually encouraged myself to think about him, hoping I'd find the answer in a memory somewhere. Conversations ran through my head. Declarations of love, laughter, jokes, concerns, silly arguments.

A conversation in the school cafeteria. He'd struggled as he'd spoken, as though he found the thought difficult. I care the most, because if I can do it It all fell into place. I groaned as I slid from the rocking chair and sank to the floor, resting my head on the edge of the bed while I hugged myself and a new pain ripped through me.

And slowly, my mind put out a toe to test the water, and then it unlocked my heart and let it out. My heart started to pound and my breaths were sharp and shallow.

Tears spilled onto my cheeks and ran down my face.

I began to shake, almost too scared to believe. This new truth was a fragile, delicate thing. I had to embrace it slowly, gently, in case it broke and shattered and I was left with the emptiness again. I'd been so long in the dark, I was squinting now against the light. I hugged my new truth, letting it grow and strengthen. Letting it fill me up, I checked it for flaws and impossibilities, but could find none.

And now, the truth became solid and real and sure as I remembered new things, things I'd been too distracted to see before. The flicker in his eyes as he'd pulled away. I'd been so distraught I hadn't understood it at the time but I understood now. It was the moment his heart had broken. But as I remembered that look, something new was growing along with the truth and it surprised me as it began to take hold.

Because now I realised that wherever he was, he wasn't dancing or singing or having a good time.

He would be in agony, and he'd brought it on himself. The anger became fury as I realised just exactly what he'd done And the fury needed to have its moment. I snatched up my hairbrush from the nightstand and threw it at the door, following it with my English book and then my left sneaker.

Pulled to Publish Fan Fiction (P2P Fanfic)

Charlie's voice and the sounds of his footsteps on the stairs just managed to save my right sneaker from the same fate as its mate.

I took a quick, deep breath and swallowed as I hurried to the door and opened it. Charlie was half way up the stairs. My anger had abated slightly, but not enough. I was practically growling as I prowled around the room. Stupid over-thinking vampire! We were in this together. It was already killing you, wasn't it? I stormed and raged, alternately sobbing and snarling and then slowly the anger started to fade and sorrow filled me.

Not the sorrow I'd felt for the last two months. This was new, it was all for him this time, not me, and now I was sobbing again. Because all this time I'd been suffering, he would have been suffering, too - and still would be. Without thinking at all about what I was doing or what I was going to say, I grabbed my cell phone, sat on the floor and dialed the number I never thought I'd ring again.

I knew he would pick up within two rings, he always did. Unless the phone was off and then it was four rings and voice mail. There'd be no message, just a beep. My hands were shaking, I was beyond nervous, beyond excited, and I wondered frantically what I was going to say.

I love you and I know you love me, please come home? Or maybe, hey Edward, want to explain my birthday presents under the floor? Okay, it was probably going to voicemail. He could be hunting. Should I leave a message? Maybe not, perhaps I should try again, wait until I could speak to him properly. Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Twilight. An unexpected discovery and Bella realises Edward lied when he left her.

She is determined to find him, but as she searches she finds there is more to Edward Cullen than she ever realised. In September Edward Cullen told me he didn't want me anymore. Then he left. And he took everything My heart, my soul. My future. He would leave me with no reminders But in December a Christmas tree pushed its way through the front door and everything changed.

Obviously, I was supposed to know what was going on. I didn't. And that must have been obvious too, because Jacob's face fell slightly. So, what's the story? Not that the wrong needed emphasising. It was everywhere. I didn't go to school now, I went to school without him. My room wasn't just my room anymore When I washed dishes I washed dishes without him flicking me with soapsuds. He wasn't everywhere. I can go No good. And Jacob looked so proud, I gave him a soft smile.

Jake grinned. What about these? And it wasn't good. I knew the truth. He'd find me But he didn't want me. He'd said so. I'd been a distraction. July 4th. A massive burst of red, white and blue, the biggest yet, erupted above our heads. Did you see that one? I grinned back, nodding. They had this amazing Tagged along? He made it sound so lonely. I looked at Edward and he shrugged as we all started walking again. Tonight's were great, but there was no light show or bridge or writing.

I swallowed and nodded quickly. Everyone has something. What was my big thing? Jacob frowned a little as he absorbed my news. I'll come and take it away. Charlie and I can It gets quiet around here just after New Years. It'll give me something to do. It was good. I ran my fingers over the sill.

He hadn't been able to erase everything. Maybe tomorrow night I'd close it. I hugged myself as the curtain blew around me. For completed fics. Social Studies PDF. But no matter how things pan out, I promise to do my best to bring it to some sort of resolution as soon as I can. JD remains on hiatus because writers block for it is a bitch. IDK what happened. I will try my best not to let that happen, though.

Adult Fanfiction , fanfiction. Briella perked up, all thoughts of her picture gone as she pushed the button and answered the phone. Red like your hair? Suddenly on high alert, Bella had to stop herself from lunging for the phone. Fandom4OK , Fanfic , fanfiction.

Pulled to Publish Fan Fiction (P2P Fanfic) ( books)

So, with that, just know my stories —despite the drama with the site — will be remaining on Fanfiction.

My blog. No matter how big and bad you think you are, if a child hands you a toy phone, you pick it up. No matter how damaged you think you are, when someone pure and beautiful offers you their love, you love them back.

And no matter how tough, when your mom asks you for a kiss, you give it. And you make it a good one. Back on FFn in complete format Clustered chapters:


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