Editorial Reviews. About the Author. J.D. Lenzen is the creator of the highly acclaimed download a Kindle Kindle eBooks Kindle Unlimited Prime Reading Best Sellers & More Kindle Book Deals Free Reading Apps Kindle Singles Newsstand . Decorative Fusion Knots eBook: J. D. Lenzen, Barry Mault: nbafinals.info: Kindle Store. Read "Decorative Fusion Knots A Step-by Step Illustrated Guide to Unique and Unusual Ornamental Knots" by J. D. Lenzen available from.

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Decorative Fusion Knots Ebook

Click here. cover image of Decorative Fusion Knots. Read A Sample. Decorative Fusion Knots. A Step-by-Step Illustrated Guide to Unique and Unusual Ornamental Knots. by J. D. Lenzen Author · Barry Mault Author of introduction, etc . ebook. Decorative Fusion Knots. Pages·· MB· Downloads. by. JD of Tying It All Together. Green Candy Press. Decorative. FUSioN. KNotS Decorative . download the eBook Decorative Fusion Knots, A Step-by-Step Illustrated Guide to Unique and Unusual Ornamental Knots by J. D. Lenzen online from Australia's.

He spent his mid-twenties living and working in the redwoods of the San Mateo Mountains, where he developed a fascination with rope ties and knots. Following years of reading, research and practice, he established the art of fusion knotting. JD has since created over instructional videos demonstrating his techniques that are available on his YouTube channel, Tying It All Together youtube. He lives and works in San Francisco, California. Decorative Fusion Knots by J. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher, except by a reviewer, who may quote brief passages in a review where appropriate credit is given; nor may any part of this book be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means— electronic, photocopying, recording, or other— without specific written permission from the publisher. Massively distributed by P. These videos are impressive demonstrations of his knotting ability and provide astonishingly clear instructions on how to tie a variety of knots.

The fabricated from this intermingling is what he calls a fusion knot -- a new style of knot in a centuries-old culture. Decorative Fusion Knots is the fruits of ten years of research, perform, and construction. The knots inside of have been encouraged by way of historical past, nature, mythology, and extra.

With easy-to-understand captions and transparent step by step pictures, readers can study at their very own speed, evaluate complete suggestions at a unmarried look and easily lay the publication flat at the desk and keep on with alongside as they tie.

Decorative Knots

Knot parts: historic Knot 1. Make a clockwise P with the ascending rope on best of the loop created. Figure-eight the left operating finish in the course of the again of the loop under. Insert the fitting operating in the course of the again of the loop under.

Your presence in my life brings me joy, comfort, and the freedom to create.

Decorative Fusion Knots

For these gifts I am forever grateful. They have helped us catch food, sail the seas, build empires, worship, remember and heal. Quietly supporting us through all our historic conquests and adventures, knots helped our ancestors tie their world together. The Incas of South America, for instance, may have used knots tied along strings as an early form of writing— communicating narratives of the Incan Empire through knots rather than ink and paper.

They also used knots as accounting tools, generating and keeping records similar to those kept by modern day bookkeepers and census takers. More popularly, the Celts used stylized representations of knots to express a variety of natural and spiritual concepts. Seen on ancient structures and in modern motifs, these decorative knots conveyed the relationships between man and woman, hunter and prey, earth, spirit and the universe.

Still other Celtic knots are believed to have represented protection from evil spirits, and were placed on battle shields or near people who were sick.

Asian cultures, primarily Chinese, produced decorative knots that took on the esthetic qualities of religious symbols, nature and money. The Double Coin Knot, for instance, is so named because it looks like two Chinese coins overlapping.

The majority of these decorative knots were meant to represent good luck, virtue, or prosperity. But others were created for more utilitarian purposes such as buttons for jackets and shirts. Much like the development of any art form, time and practice are the keys to new ideas and innovative developments.

[Ebook PDF] Paracord Fusion Ties - Volume 1: Straps, Slip Knots, Fall…

Mariners throughout history, with lots of time of their hands, began coxcombing, covering rails and wheels with decorative wraps and ties. These wraps and ties served the dual purpose of improving the grip on an otherwise slippery object, while at the same time increasing the beauty of the ship. As still more time passed, knots grew to become a semi-finite field of study. Knot books started presenting what had come before; with the most attention being paid to practical knots.

Caterpillar Sinnet.

Spiral Knot. Basket Weave Knot.

Eternity Knot. Longhorn Knot. Pipa Knot. Trilobite Knot.

Celtic Bar. Triple Goddess Knot. Ringbolt Hitch.

Spinal Sinnet. Single Genoese Bars. Djinn Bottle Knot.

Tea Cup Knot. Snowflake Knots. Celtic Tree of Life Knot. Slatt's Rescue Belt. Padlock Knot. Snake Knot. Bloody Knuckle Knot. Celtic Heart Knot. Diamond Ring Knot.


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