Okular combines the excellent functionalities with the versatility of supporting different kind of documents, like PDF, Postscript, DjVu, CHM, XPS, ePub and others. Binary packages. The recommended way for end-user installations of Okular is. Current Okular Team. The current Okular team is formed by: Albert Astals Cid.

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Okular Pdf Reader

windows(tm) users. Okular is a multi-document viewer software for KDE Desktop Enviroment. It can open pdf, djvu, eps, ps, e-book, among others document formats. A PDF Reader that does just what is says. Read PDFs. Explore 25+ Windows apps like Okular, all suggested and ranked by the Foxit Reader is a free and light-weight multi-platform PDF document viewer. Its core. Okular is the multiplatform document viewer developed by the KDE community and based on Okular's annotation features include commenting on PDF documents, highlighting and "3 Alternatives to the Adobe PDF Reader on Linux ".

This should come as no surprise, as the last time Adobe Reader for Linux was updated came in May But until recently, you could at least download and install Reader on your Linux desktop machine. To that end, what options are available for Linux users? Fortunately, there are plenty. Of course, as there are so many documents with such an array of features and needs, not every PDF viewer is created equally. In fact, this particular app does a fine job of interacting with some of the basic PDF features such as encrypted files, text areas, and check boxes. Along with the list of advanced features above , the list of unsupported features includes: PDF Browser plugin Embedded Javascript Annotations. Even though embedded Javascript can add a layer of insecurity to the hosting platform Javascript in and of itself is well known to be insecure , its use is widespread. Finally, Evince was supposed to include annotation support starting with release 2. Okular does add a few more files to the supported list such as FictionBook, Plucker, and. The feature list also adds: Annotations can be stored in separate PDF document or in the original Highlighting and drawing lines.

Hope it helps. The more recent releases of Okular save the annotations directly into the PDF. Garrett Garrett 3 5.

3 Alternatives to the Adobe PDF Reader on Linux

To save the annotation in pdf, you should use "save as There doesn't seem to be any way to do so within Okular, but you can save Okular annotations back into pdf format with Xournal by "printing to a file": Ryne Everett Ryne Everett 1 4. Among all the solutions, this is the only one that worked with me.

In Okular, I printed the file as pdf and opened the new pdf file in Windows with Acrobat reader and I found the highlights and notes. I'm using Okular 0.

Okular - more than a reader - Download

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Scribus supports basic pdf editing like create PDF files, lists, add controls and other form features. With the help of Scribus, you can make animated and interactive pdf documents. Download from SourceForge 9. It comes with lots of interactive tools that help the user to make amazing image layers.

PDF Reader for Windows with Highlighting

Moreover, you can also import pdf file and edit it as a layer. Though you can only do the basic pdf editing. Evince Evince is more like Linux pdf viewer than a full-fledged pdf editor. It has many features including document indexing and printing, search tools, encrypted document viewing, and many more.

Download Foxit Reader You can use it for both Linux pdf editor and viewer. You can insert images, text forms field and more using this open source PDF editor. Download OpenOffice This Linux pdf editor is based on QT3. You can add text, images into pdf files, and also can delete any particular section of information.

For Geeks with Time !! OKULAR on Windows good PDF handler

It provides some basic tools for editing pdf documents like PDF split, merges, mixes, extract pages and rotates PDF files. If you just want basic editing features, you can use one of the free and open source pdf editors or be an advanced user, just grab a commercial version which offers featured rich editing capabilities.

Please feel free to suggest any open source pdf editor that you know and we will enlist that in the content soon.