Who do I acknowledge first and how do I acknowledge the millions of cricket supporters who have stood by me throughout my career? My simple answer is to . viii PLAYING IT MY WAY. Number One. Staying at the Top. World Cup The Quest for the th Hundred. My Last. Most cricket lovers will approach Sachin Tendulkar's Playing It My Way expecting a book of revelations, hoping to gain insights into the life, game, and persona.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Sachin Tendulkar made his Test debut in Pakistan at the Playing It My Way: My Autobiography by [Tendulkar, Sachin]. playing it my way pdf, playing it my way in hindi, playing it my way book, playing it my way review, playing it my way price, playing it my way book review, playing. Get This Link to read/download book >>> Playing It My Way This is cricket icon, Sachin Tendulkar's life story in his own words - his journey from.

Are you the a die hard fan of Sachin Tendulkar. Are you eager to read his book. Now his Auto Biography book is. Sachin had wrote many thing about his and his carrier. This is the limited edition of free book available for free download and this is the official announcement too. Click on the below link to download his book.

The only time I saw him live in a stadium finds a mention in his book as well, which was a pleasant surprise! His child like enthusiasm for the game was plain to see on that day and throughout his career. This same enthusiasm is reflected right through the book as well. I enjoyed all of the anecdotes shared, most of which weren't public knowledge. This is a must read for a Sachin fan.

Even if you're not a fan of him or the game, it's still worth picking up to get an idea of literally the blood, sweat and tears that made up a legendary career. Life really begins now for you sir, wish you all the best! Paperback Verified download.

It is actually pretty ordinary. I did not get anything substantially new that I have not read elsewhere, which is not saying much anyway. There are anecdotes right through the book. Some of which I enjoyed. Some of his early days in 80s made a good reading. Two things that I became more aware of were He got injured badly right through his career and that bothered him and he struggled with it.

Rather unfortunate or may be he was constantly pushing his body. That infamous declaration by Rahul which left him stranded is another example. Rahul should not have declared I did not know that Rahul delayed declaration in sydney test few months ago which may have robbed us of our first series win in aus but Sachin was livid even after 24 hours!!! SRT just could not let it go that Rahul tried to send a tough message to Pak that India means business However bad that call was from Rahul.

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I just found that strange. Sachin loves his s and s. For some one with whom he has scored maximum runs with , lack of warmth towards Rahul is conspicuous.

He has good words for his knocks but nothing more. Probably Rahul himself was reserved. Coming to cricket itself I was surprised as to how so many of his shots were played even before ball was delivered. It was surprising to learn the amount of pre-meditation and out-smarting that goes on!!. This guy lived , breathed cricket - an ultimate Cricket Huccha.

One person found this helpful. The book starts very well and it's refreshing to learn about some early days of one of the best sportsmen universally.

However, the books becomes monotonous over the next few chapters with the theme pretty much revolving around individual matches and tours and their scorelines. There isn't much buildup to stories in any of the chapters so the lessons if that was the intent didn't come across strong and interesting.

The book does get better towards the end dealing with the final few years of his career.

There are fewer stats and more story and depth around here. It was good to see some explanation from the man about his mental state and his journey towards "the decision".

You do feel sad once the book is over so it kind of scores some points there. I would definitely recommend this to all followers of cricket.

Playing It My Way: Sachin Tendulkar’s Autobiography available for free download in PDF format

Especially Tendulkar critics should give this one a chance. You may just become a little less harsh towards the man. As a Die hard Sachin fan, I had expected a lot from this book.

There are a lot of things which met with the expectations and some which did not.

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Now - Sachin has been in the media and public limelight since his early career and a lot has been said, written and broadcast with regards to him. Most of what this book does is go through all of the memorable moments all over again and brings up a lot of nostalgia, but does not give us a lot of information about Sachin as a person and his views.

What me as a reader expected was a more behind the scenes information which is lacking the expectations which I had. Some things which I was hoping for in the book: Even if Sachin was not involved or linked to anything, there would have been discussions in dressing room, practice sessions, etc.

This book gives us an insight into Sachin as a person and his remarkable journey so far. The explanation in this book is ve Synopsis Why do our students regularly comm Chetan Bhagat Novel Series pdf free download.

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Powered by Blogger. He even cried when his father told him he was retiring. Sachin describes in his book how his wife had told their son not to rise to criticism of his father from school friends. Indian players had a gun pulled on them in a London tube train Not an incident involving Sachin directly but he reveals in his book how Navjot Singh Sidhu and Sourav Ganguly got in to a confrontation on a tube train in London hard to believe it could happen to such mild-mannered men … which ended with a gun being pulled on them.

It started in when a painful wrist injury required a cortisone injection. I would learn to play with soft hands without damaging things in our living room.

Before the limos Just as the helmet and pads became a part of me while batting, so the kitbag became an extension of me on the bus.